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Here Come the 2012 Festivals and Fairs in the San Francisco Bay Area!! by Clau Guzman

by Clau Guzman, posted to Weddings & Events

What to do thsi Spring and Summer in the San Francisco Bay Area? Free even better!

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Maker Faire, San Mateo May 19 and 20

Join your fellow Makers at the Maker Faire! Like a science fair, the...more

Suggested by Glenn Smith

Where tech feebs of all ages gather to gawk and get inspired.

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Yes, I know, August seems just sooo far away from today, BUT look at...more

Golden Gate Park, THREE days of live music, Food, and DRINK!

Claudia: I've always wanted to go to this, maybe this year!

Krista: Me too - it's on my SF bucket list.

Clau Guzman: It's so expensive though :o/

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FREE - April 28, 2012 - Petaluma Butter and Egg Days

FREE - Saturday, April 28, 2012 Butter & Egg Days Petaluma CA

There will be a parade! Need I say more?? Plus it can be fun for he whole family and you get to get out of the busy city.

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The 29th Annual San Francisco International Beer Festival

I heard it was sold out, but I bet you can find tickets on or I got my in for the festival and I can't wait for this one :)

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FREE - April 19, 2012 An Excursion to Frisco: Illustrations of SF’s Golden Age | Mama Art Cafe

“An Excursion to Frisco” is a solo showcase of new drawings and...more

Support Local Artist!!

FREE- Northern California Largest Food Truck Festival -- April 14th,...more

Tacos and Mexican Lucha Libre!

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April 8, 2012 - Union Street Spring Celebration and Easter Parade

FREE - Sunday, April 8, 2012 The 21st Annual Union Street Spring...more

Because Spring is Here!

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April 5-8, 2012 Learn to TANGO!!! Festival and USA Championship San...more

Sounds Sexy

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April 5 - 7, 2012 Three nights of world-class performances, dancing...more

This one goes for my Friend Claudia Roldan! Salsa away girl!

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FREE - April 1st, 2012 Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair


FREE - Saturday March 31 & Sunday April 1 SF County Fair Building...more

Flowers and Books! and FREE :)

Claudia: I am in need of new books, sounds like a fun event

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Steven Restivo Event Services, LLC - Events

These Guys have a whole list of events in the SF Bay Area! for all...more

A list withing a list, Love it!

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March 31st - 13th Annual WHISKIES OF THE WORLD EXPO

Saturday March 31st - In San Francisco

Celebration of Whiskies around the world.

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Wine and San Francisco, do I need to say more?

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The Sunday Artisan Cheese Tasting and Marketplace is now sold out. ...more

March 23th-25th Anything with cheese is Worthy! Cheese-Worthy!

CatK: Sounds sad it is sold out. Will check out the bacon and bubbles event since I like both of those things.

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September 21 - 23 : 55th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival - 2012


Jazz in Monterey Ca. I bet it will be fun.

Suggested by Carmen

Seems like a fun festival!

Krista: I used to live in Monterey, this is an awesome event. HIGHLY recommend!

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