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Food Lover's Guide to San Francisco by Claudia

by Claudia, posted to Food & Drink

Looking for a new restaurant or wine bar? Follow me on my new "foodie" adventures around the Bay Area. Feel free to make new suggestions. Once I've visited the place I'll add it onto my list.

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Alexander's Steakhouse


Alexander's Steakhouse is a reinterpretation an American restaurant...more

Very friendly environment. If you plan on going-all-out..this is the place for you!

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Redwood Creek Grill

best chicken salad and BLT sandwich

Suggested by Rosario Fernandez

price is low and the servings are enough for two people. Fantastic french fries.

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Il pollo restaurant


Suggested by Rosario Fernandez

great prices and great food

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Burma Superstar!

Home of original Samusa Soup, Rainbow Salad, and Burma Cooler! Awarded...more

Suggested by Krista

This place is to die for. The wait is long but they let you wander the neighborhood and will call your cell when your table is ready. The vegetarian Samusa soup and Tea Leaf Salad have been featured on the Food Network & are must try dishes. Also loved the sesame chicken and coconut rice. Yum!

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Don Pisto's

Don Pisto's is a Mexican Street Food sylish restaurant in the Heart of...more

Loved this place! They have great food. I highly recommend the mussels with chorizo, very tasty. They are known for the "hamburguesa" but I wasn't a fan of it. I'd stick with the shrimp or fish tacos. Went here on a friday night and the wait was about an hour. They take reservation for 6 or more. I'm definitely going back to this place!

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Moshi Moshi

Hidden gem of a place. There are two rooms, one brightly lit and...more

Great food, great ambiance and great people. Fun place to go with a group of friends or on a date.

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Hahn's Hibachi

Hahn's Hibachi is the San Francisco Bay Area's premier Korean BBQ...more

I tried the Beboppin' Bibimbop and really enjoyed this meal. The portions are pretty big so come hungry or split with a friend :)

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This place has a lot of great food items on their menu. Beef Sliders, Mac n' Cheese, Brussel Sprouts etc. They also have a good selection of wine. Great place to go for a date or just to go out with a group of friends. They have a lounge area for parties.

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Serving breakfast on North Beach's Washington Square Park since Mama...more

One word: Delicious! I loved the food here and would HIGHLY recommend coming here. You will not be disappointed with the food other than the long line. Be sure you aren't hungry on your way over there. You will most likely have to wait about 1 hour or more.

Krista: On my SF bucketlist! I can't believed I've lived in the city for over a year and haven't made it here yet.

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DIVINO Restaurant serves delicious, authentic Italian cuisine in...more

Loved this place! Tried their "Sedanini", that had homemade sausage in a cream sauce and the Bistecca dish. This is my new fav Italian place close to home.

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Gracias Madre - Organic Mexican Cuisine

Finally, Gracias Madre celebrates the richness of Mexican culture and...more

I ordered the sweet potato quessadilla, the tacos, the quacamole and had the sangria. All were really delicious meals and the sangria was better than Cha Cha Cha's. I'd recommend this place for beginner Vegans. It was my first time trying it.

Jackie: I went here this weekend and it was really good

Jackie: We got the cauliflower baked appetizer - it was yummy. Then I ordered the butternut squash tamal "mojado" and I also ordered a mojito. The mojito was really sweet but still good and the dinner was delicious.

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Ottimista Enoteca-Café

Ottimista Enoteca-Cafe is a wine bar in the Italian tradition located...more

I came here with a friend on a Friday night and loved the atmosphere and food. It's small and intimate and the crowd can be a little older but there's nothing wrong with that :) Had the pizza, arancini, and of course wine!

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Luna Park

Luna Park strives to bring its guests delicious, creative food and a...more

I used a Yelp coupon to go here and had a great time. The french toast, chilaquiles, egg sandwich and fresh fruit were amazing! I'm def going back to this place. They also have bottomless mimosas if you're in the mood for a morning/afternoon drink.

Claudia: Love this place!

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Cafe Meuse Wine Bar

Cafe Meuse Wine Bar - Open 7 days a week at 5pm - Description: Happy...more

Loved the music here! They played a nice mix of salsa and merengue which I was not expecting. I initially came here for the wifi but it was VERY slow. Service was also a bit slow but with the right crowd you'll have a fun time.

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Limon Restaurant

Limon is located in the heart of the Mission, a multicultural...more

This is one of my favorite places to enjoy with the family. I come from a bolivian background and some of the dishes are similar to those of Limon. I love the empanadas and the lomo saltado here.

Larissa: OOh, I love lomo saltado and haven't tried it here. Where else do you go for good lomo, any good places down here?

Rosario: great suggestion, I saw on the "Eye on the Bay"

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Ben Tre

Vietnamese Homestyle Cuisine. Making it their mission to make healthy,...more

I've gone here for lunch and loved their food. I would highly recommend checking out the "Bun Cha Gio Thit". They have decent sized portions that you can save for another meal. There is outside patio seating for a nice sunny day in South City.

Jackie: So yummy! Good Pho too!

Jackie: AND they are very nice and fast here.

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Palio d'Asti

Celebrating 21 Years of Italian Regional Cuisine….. & the Bounty of...more

Suggested by Jackie

When I worked in the financial district this was a favorite place to go to happy hour with the team. For every 2 drinks you get a free pizza! [Monday - Friday before 7p.m.] Good drinks, yummy pizza, and nice venue for groups.

Claudia: I've been meaning to go here for a while...good to hear about the happy hour!

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Barbacco Eno Trattoria

barbacco eno trattoria - Reservations are welcome, just keep in mind...more

I love their arrancinis! Takes me back to living in Italy. They have a great wine collection and a tasteful menu. Definitely taste their 'nduja if you love salame.

Larissa: Love their olive oil cake with cherry dessert, iPad wine menus and communal tables - good call!!

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Esperpento is a SF tapas restaurant located in the Mission on 22nd St...more

Suggested by Jackie

The food is delicious, the service is great, and they have AWESOME sangria!

Claudia: Love this place! They have really good sangria and tapas all at a reasonable price.

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El Farolito Taqueria- Mission District, San Francisco

El Farolito Taqueria, San Francisco, South San Francisco, Oakland,...more

Love the quesadillas and burritos. Definitely worth the wait and they are not expensive. If you're in the mood for good tacos then La Taqueria is the place to go.

Jackie: YES!! I love this place! Burritos are delicious here! I am craving Mexican food so bad looking at this list :)

Indi: Good to know - I always end up at Pancho Villa, which I don't love... :(

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Q Restaurant

Funky american comfort food, at a SF richmond neighborhood restaurant,...more

Suggested by Jackie

This food is very yummy, the atmosphere is awesome and the decor is very funky/chic...big fan of this place! It gets crowded on the weekends though so keep that in mind if you want to take a date here ;)

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Nick's Crispy Tacos

Suggested by Jackie

This is another place in SF that I like to go to get some yummy "La Taqueria inspired" tacos. And they are definitely a bit cheaper - especially on Taco Tuesday. They have yummy elotes too ;)

Claudia: If you're looking for a quick meal with friends this is a fun place to go to. Their tacos taste almost similar La Taqueira in the Mission

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La Taqueria

Suggested by Jackie

The tacos are delicious! That is pretty much all I have tried as far as food and they are great! The horchata and agua fresca are also delicious..fresh strawberries in the fresca drink :) Pretty pricey for tacos but a nice treat once in awhile.

Claudia: I would probably only go with their tacos, I tried the burrito and it wasn't that good.

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Golden Boy Pizza Home Page

Golden Boy Pizza - Where it is Hip to be Square!

Suggested by Jackie

Best pizza!! This has got to be a favorite of mine in the city..the line can go forever too. But it is worth the wait...especially after leaving the bars ;)

Claudia: Love this pizza! Best pizza I've had in city!

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Spanish Tapas located in Russian Hill

Great place to enjoy some sangria and tapas. They have a variety to choose from. If you go in a bigger group be sure to try the paella.

Larissa: Great paella, tapas and cozy, laid back atmosphere.

Krista: I walk by this all the time - need to make it a point to eat here!

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Mitchell's Ice Cream

Mitchell's Ice Cream. Best ice cream in San Francisco.

Enough said: BEST HOMEMADE ICE CREAM! I've been coming here since I was 5 years old. They have been in business for over 50 yrs. Rain or shine there is usually a line but worth the wait.

Jackie: Best ice cream in the city! And super friendly service :)

Claudia: Cookies and Creme and Grasshopper pie are my favs!

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Mediterranean Cuisine and wine bar located in Nob Hill.

I went there for the first time over the summer and fell in love with their food. The appetizer selection is great and be sure to check out the desserts (especially w/the cheese-totally worth it!)

Annette: They also have weekend brunch with unlimited mimosas...

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Il Pollaio

The name says it all: Chicken! They have the best roasted chicken & french fries. Everything is homemade here. It doesn't look like much from outside but the prices are great and the food is delicious. A great place to gather with friends and family.

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Viva Pizza

Suggested by Jackie

There are so many great Italian restaurants in the city but this one is pretty delicious.

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Tartine Bakery & Cafe


Tartine Bakery & Cafe in San Francisco has a great mix of different...more

Tartine Bakery & Cafe is my favorite bakery in San Francisco. Be prepared for long lines but it's worth it. I usually always get the butter croissant. I give it 4 stars!

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Scala's Bistro

Located just a block from Union Square, Scala's Bistro is adjacent to...more

I go here every year around the holiday season. It has become a family tradition and we all enjoy their food each year. If you're planning a day out in the city by union square this is a great choice.

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Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe

Located in the heart of North Beach, this cafe has great food and the...more

My mom has been visiting this place for over 20 years and continues to enjoy those delicious cappuccinos. It's a great place for a quick meal when visiting North Beach.

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Velvet Cantina

Velvet Cantina. Traditional Mexican and Latin Inspired Cuisine....more

Suggested by Jackie

Definitely one of my favorite restaurants! The food is really good and they have fresh fruit margaritas - delicious! The music and atmosphere are also very fun. It is a bar later in the night but a very fun and trendy place.

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Pass: Paradise Pizza and Pasta


Paradise Pizza and Pasta is a neighborhood family owned Italian food...more

The owner is very friendly and it seems to get a lot of locals but I was not impressed with the food. Both the pasta and the pizza were bland. The pizza crust was good but needed some flavor to make it a great pizza. I won't be returning to this place. I heard Spiazzo (just down the street) is a better Italian restaurant to try out.

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Best upscale gourmet burger restaurants in the Bay, if not the only...more

Suggested by Beatriz Sandoval

Not only is it a restaurant but it's an experience ! I love the ANKA’S ANGUS SLIDER from this restaurant and everything else. The decoration is a modern Hollywood style.. I love it!

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Farina Restaurant

Suggested by Rosario Fernandez

Because it's fantastic and it's in a great location.

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