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Keeping Up With Kim K's Wedding (and Divorce!) by Claudia

by Claudia, posted to Just for Fun

From the enormous ring to the crystal encrusted invites and last minute dress fitting, we're keeping up with the latest and greatest coverage of the Kardashian wedding..and now her DIVORCE!

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Kim Kardashian's Ex Wants Engagement Ring Back

Kris Humphries wants his engagement bling back.

According to Radar Online, the 27-year-old basketball player wants Kim Kardashian to return the engagement ring he gave her -- a 20-karat diamond which reportedly cost 2 million dollars.

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More Evidence That Kim Kardashian's Divorce Was Planned

If Kim Kardashian wanted us to learn anything about her these past few...more

Not excited to go home to her new husband? What kind of marriage was this?

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5 Reasons Kim Kardashian Matters to Parents | Cute Monster

As a father with a young daughter, I can't help being concerned about...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

A list of 5 reasons why Kim K matters to parents - in a cautionary way!

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Kardashian Christmas Card 2011

It was clearly a black tie affair, with her siblings also skipping...more

Kim wears sleek tuxedo on family's black tie card. A very serious christmas card for the family this year.

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Kim Kardashian: Headed To Haiti For Charity Work

As the end of the year draws near, Kim Kardashian is stepping back...more

Hopefully this brings out some better behavior from Kim in the future.

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Kris Humphries on Divorce: ‘You’ve Got to Move Forward’

Kris Humphries first public appearance on Good Morning America. See...more

Humphries declined to say whether he is still in love with Kim.

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Kim Kardashian 'Doesn't Want a Battle' with Kris Humphries

His annulment filing was "upsetting" but she wants to "move on," says...more

Kim thought it would be too difficult to prove the grounds for an annulment in court...

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Kim Kardashian divorce: 'I dumped Kris Humphries because of my intuition'

During her first television interview since announcing her split on...more

If we all made decisions just off our intuition where would we all be? Be sure to check out these photos. Has all the emotional eating gone to her ass?

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Kim Kardashian: Divorced Kris Humphries After Watching Reality Show Footage

After watching scenes of 'Kourtney & Kim Take New York,' Kim...more

She had to watch footage of her husband to realize what type of man she was? That says a lot!

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Boycott The Kardashians

Facebook page

Doesn't the title say enough?? They already have 8,006 likes.

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Haters Launch Petition to Take the Kardashians Off Television

What do and Occupy Wall Street have in common with some...more

Suggested by Jackie

Will be interesting to follow this protest and see what the end result is..

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Top Ten Things You Can Learn from the Kim/Kris Divorce | Single For A Reason

Suggested by Ashley Riegle

Hilarious and necessary.

Krista: This is hilarious! I love love love it.

Claudia: Love this! Thanks for the suggestion!

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Drained reality star emerges from Kris Humphries' Minnesota home

Kim and Kris spent around two hours holding crunch talks to get...more

Of course Kim plays the part that she is miserable. This is what happens to you when you wear too much look horrible as your natural self! I'm almost certain Kim is not wearing makeup to create a more dramatic appearance.

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Kris Humphries Works Out His Pain In The Gym

He visits the gym twice in one day.

Kris Jenner insist that her daughter needs to grieve over her recent decision. "She needs to do what she's doing now and cry and figure it out,' Jenner, 56, told Extra during an interview with Maria Menounos at The Grove shopping mall in Hollywood.

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Khloe Kardashian Loved 'SNL' Kardashian Divorce Spoof Sketch

Give the Kardashians credit for one thing: at least they can laugh at...more

Suggested by Jackie

*SNL skit included* - Too funny!

Claudia: Haha HILARIOUS!!!

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Kim Kardashian divorce: Kris Jenner says daughter will not return $2m diamond

NBA star Kris Humphries was hoping to get the 20.5 carat diamond back...more

Kris Jenner is too involved in her daughter's decision making. She should not be talking on behalf of Kim,

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Kim Kardashian -- Conflicted Over Divorce

Kim Kardashian left for Minnesota last night to see Kris Humphries ......more

Second thoughts Mrs. Humphries??? This wouldn't surprise me if she decides to call off the divorce!

Jackie: Oh my about ridiculous!

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Kim Kardashian To Donate Value Of Wedding Gifts To Dream Foundation

Kim Kardashian is re-gifting her wedding presents, so to speak. The...more

Suggested by Jackie

Glad to hear something good coming from this ridiculous wedding/divorce.

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Kim Kardashian Wedding: E! Reveals The Truth Behind The Scenes

NEW YORK — Kim Kardashian's lightning-quick marriage shouldn't have...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

Love this quote from this Huffington Post article: "Chevy manufactures cars out of their assembly line," he said. "The Kardashians manufacture stories like these. This is what they do. This is their product."

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Kim & Kris 'Talked About Divorce' Before the Filing

"It's too much to have a TV show and be so public," adds the source

Suggested by Krista

More details on the split, via

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