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My Style by Claudia

by Claudia, posted to Style

My Style

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'Classic Q - Percy' Crossbody Bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs

Rich, lightly textured leather fashions a gently gathered crossbody...more

Simple and perfect for everyday use. I just received this as a birthday gift!

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Most Flattering Jeans

Since I'm pretty short and curvy I think this works best but I do find myself in skinny jeans on those occasional days.

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The Best Custom Jean: INDI

Favorite Brand of Jeans

Order custom clothing online that is tailored to fit your body. Design...more

They are custom! Can't go wrong with that :)

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Bag I Covet

Seems simply enough for me

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Bag I Carry

Cross-bodies seem to be the best for me. Hands are free and since they are smaller in size I'm not loading up things in my purse that will weigh me down.

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Sunglasses I Wear

It has to be the right "oversized" fit though!

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My Signature Color

Anything slimming is my friend :)

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Great Fitting Jean

Closet Staple I Can't Live Without

Jeans can make or break an outfit. Love them!

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Colorful Scarf

Go-To Statement Accessory

I'm always cold so scarves have been my go-to accessory most days- even during the summer when I'm indoors haha

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Department Store of Choice

I love Nordstrom! Great customer service and quality clothing. I seem to always find what I'm looking for here or at Nordstrom Rack.

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Wedge Boot

Favorite Type of Shoe

At this point, this is all my feet can handle. Love heels but this wedge offers support and style :)

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