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Naughty or Nice: Customer Service Hall of Shame by Claudia

by Claudia, posted to Style

This time of year is pretty critical for holiday shopping but what happens after the Holidays are over? What do you do with that "what were they thinking" gift and where will you find the time to take a trip to the mall when you only have 30 days after date of purchase to exchange/return the gift?

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NICE: Chase Visa

I've been a Chase customer for over 7 years and have been extremely satisfied with their credit card customer service. They always resolve my issues in a quick and efficient manner. Couldn't ask for better service especially when I come across any fraud related issues.

Beatriz Sandoval: Agree! I always get great customer service here.

Krista: Chase has the most amazing customer service ever. I cannot say enough about their banking, technology (app is awesome, take a pic of check to deposit) and customer service reps. I am a customer for life.

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NICE: Apple

Trained at Apple headquarters, the Genius Bar team has an extensive...more

When you have questions or need hands-on technical support for your Mac, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, or iPhone, you can get friendly, expert advice at the Genius Bar in any Apple Retail Store. I absolutely love this about Apple!

Eden Godsoe: I go back & forth on Apple. There stores are amazing but they are usually packed with people, most of whom are not looking to buy anything but are playing around with the iPads and other gadgets. Whenever I have gone into an Apple store needing to purchase something, it takes forever for someone to help me. The Apple people keep chatting with the window shoppers and don't seem to notice a "real" customer.

stylefake: @Eden I have the opposite experience. There are too many staff in my opinion. Like so many staff that it is almost comical in some stores.

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NICE: Trader Joe's

Suggested by Susan

While consistently busy, Trader Joes has fantastic customer service. Their shelves are constantly stocked and when a particular item seems sold out, a stock person is ready and willing to check the inventory in the back for the desired item. Their check out is fast, friendly and efficient and their pricing is very reasonable.

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The Return Policies Of Walmart, Target, Macys, Costco

See celebrity style trends, and read style tips, reviews and opinions...more

Suggested by Larissa

Need to return a gift? Read this list first.

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Overall, I've had bad customer service at this store. With each visit I find myself on a mad hunt to get a sale representative's help on finding a product. Then I get home and realize that I bought the wrong product! I'm also not a fan of their Geek Squad.

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NICE: Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond lets you return anything you bought, with or...more

This is one of my favorite stores! I always find something great and if for some reason the product breaks I know I can always change it out for a new one. Another great thing about this store are their coupons. You can use one coupon for EVERY item you purchase. A lot of people do not know this and only use one coupon on their entire purchase.

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NICE: MyHabit

Amazon's members-only offers up to 60 percent off top brands such as...more

I just signed up for MyHabit and am already in love with brands and products they offer, beautiful and simple interface and can you believe it,, FREE SHIPPING/RETURNS - you can't beat that, so long Gilt and Ideali!

Larissa: These guys are awesome - I had a customer service issue, they responded within two hours, refunded me my money and gave me an extra $10 credit for the inconvenience. Don't bother with Gilt, Ideeli etc - MyHabit has the best deals, selection and service.

Claudia: Great to know! Thanks

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NICE: Nordstrom

Nordstrom will generally take your purchase back without a receipt if...more

Will Nordstrom really take anything back? Unlike at most other stores, Nordstrom has a great return policy and likes to keep their customers satisfied. I've had nothing but GREAT experiences with this store. They are also the only store that will sell two different shoes sizes. (Must be 1.5 sizes difference btw feet)

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NICE: Costco

Costco Wholesale operates an international chain of membership...more

This chain has a generous return policy and provides free tech support for a lot of its electronics products. Also, it automatically extends the manufacturer’s original warranty on TVs and computers to two years from the date of purchase. Now that's a deal!

stylefake: I love Costco just for the hotdogs.

Claudia: Yes, they have great food there as well :)

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NICE/NAUGHTY: Victoria's Secret

If you keep your receipt Victoria's Secret will most likely give you a...more

I am 50/50 on this store. I haven't had any horrible experiences with it but I do not like the inconvenience of sending items back instead of exchanging it in an actual store.

Eden Godsoe: I am also not that impressed with their in-store customer service.

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NICE: Aldo Shoes

If you come across any problems just bring in your receipt and they...more

I bought a purse from them and the clip kept falling off. I took it back to exchange it out but they didn't have the same model. They gave me a full refund. No questions asked.

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They give fans three days to cancel their ticket order and get a...more

Live Nation also lets customers exchange seats for better ones that become available after a purchase.

Larissa: I had no idea I could exchange seats - how cool is that?! Thanks for the tip.

Claudia: No problem!!

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NICE: Microsoft

Consumers dissatisfied with a Microsoft software or hardware purchase...more

This was something I was not aware of but if I was a PC user I would definitely take this into consideration when purchasing any new software.

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It accepts returns or exchanges at any time for any reason, and makes...more

I love this return policy! I have to admit I do not shop here regularly but its great to keep in mind for my new winter jackets or sports gear.

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NAUGHTY: RadioShack

The company acknowledges that it sometimes charges different prices...more

Pretty sure I will not buy from them anytime soon.

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NAUGHTY: American Apparel

American Apparel has two different return policies. Online customers...more

I had a friend order a recent shirt from them online and they delivered it to her with HOLES! Yes I said holes. She couldn't even take it back to the store and exchange it out.

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Naughty: Marriott Hotels & Resorts

Discover Marriott with spacious hotel rooms and accommodations for...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

My most recent experience w/ Marriott was horrible. I reserved 4 rooms in San Diego 4 mos in advance. It was my sister & I travelling w/ 5 young children so I requested all on the same floor & that they be connecting. I called 1 mo in advance & they claimed they cannot guarantee that request. Sure enough we were given rooms on different floors.

Eden Godsoe: I should also add that beyond having booking policies that are not family friendly (not even safe - having kids in rooms on a different floor!), they were rude and dismissive about the need for families with young children to have connecting rooms or (at the very least) all be on the same floor.

the stylish housewife: wow! that is AWFUL. so sorry that happened to you! =(

stylefake: I threw up under the marriott coffee table in the lobby once. It was karma for their bad booking policy ;)

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Suggested by ShellyRuns and one of its sister sites,, are now my immediate go-tos for everything. I regularly order when I'm a day short of supplies - and they are at my door, no shipping, within 24 hrs. Emails to customer service have always been replied to in less that 5 min, and discounts always easy to apply. I've saved immeasurable time & money!

Eden Godsoe: I have heard great things about I think this review just pushed me over the edge - I need to start using them and too.

Larissa: I totally agree! I recently discovered (bought a voucher off a daily deal site) and had the same experience, their service is impeccable - answered my email with a couple hours, item arrived the next day for free, I'll definitely buy again.

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Nice: Patagonia

Suggested by Simone Slattery

They stand by their products and will either exchange the product or credit you years after you received or bought the product. My husband exchanged a 9 year old, ripped windbreaker for a new one.

Larissa: I had the same experience and love Patagonia, my two-year old jacket was unraveling at the seam and they let me exchange it.

Claudia: Thanks for the suggestion Simone..I'll def look into buying a jacket from here!

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NAUGHTY: Hewlett Packard

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

To be honest, I've had many faulty products from them. They make it nearly impossible to reach them for support even when your product is in warranty (try 30-45 minute wait times.) When you finally reach someone, they have no idea what they are doing. Their answer to everything is to power cycle the device. It doesn't work. I detest HP.

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Sony Stores

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

I recently bought a Vaio to replace my HP laptop (not even that old - only 2.5 years old but fell apart very quickly...don't get me started.) I had THE BEST experience at the Sony Style store in the Stanford Mall. They helped me find the right laptop, they actually had what I wanted in stock and (the best) for only $100 they configured everything including bringing all my old files over. They even make my Outlook folder structure the same. That would have taken me hours if not days.

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NAUGHTY: Verizon

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

Seriously the worst customer service I've ever had. They set up my account wrong and then it took about 2 months, 10 calls and maybe 20 hours of my time to rectify.

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Suggested by Eden Godsoe

Hertz double billed me for a speeding ticket - sent me a bill which I wrote a check for and then just added the charge to my credit card on record. I spent hours waiting for help on the phone and then the first agent just hung up on me when she couldn't figure it out.

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