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The Ultimate Trader Joe's Snack List by Claudia

by Claudia, posted to Food & Drink

The Best of Trader Joe's snacks for all season and occasions. You'll find both healthy and not so healthy treats good for all ages!

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Omega Trail Mix

If you are looking for a variety of nuts this is a great snack. Perfect size that fits in your purse!

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Chocolate Chip Brownie & Oat Bars

A great sweet snack to bring on any trip. It was a hit on our last road trip :)

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Candied Walnuts

I used to buy candied walnuts from Trader Joe’s until I started...more

If you feel up for it you can also make your own at home. Check out the blog post with instructions. These walnuts are great so salads, oatmeal or to add into your greek yogurt.

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Roasted Plantain Chips

Roasted Plantain Chips

Bring some Latin flavor into your life! These roasted plantain chips are a great snack and best of all they are not deep fried like the normal plantain chips you get at a restaurant. Taste great with bean dip, guacamole and as is.

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Chocolate Cat Cookies

Yes, these are for people and they are low fat. A great snack to keep on hand.

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Snapea Crisps

A healthier alternative to potato chips

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Charmingly Chewy Cookies

Chewy plump cookies made with No preservatives, color or artificial flavors.

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Baked Lentil Chips


Join me as I make my first forays into gluten free eating!

The next best thing to Pita Chips!

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Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Slims

The actual pretzels are slimmer. Perfect for anytime. Not recommended for road trips in the summer. Chocolate will melt!

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Chocolate Chip Dunkers

As if the chewy chocolate chip cookies weren't enough!

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Baked Onion Rings


A sweet onion flavor without the grease but with the crunch

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Cocoa Almond Spread

yummy for my tummy..bought it at Trader Joes

Basically Nutella with almonds instead of hazelnuts. Insanely good, don't say I didn't warn you.

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Roasted Seaweed Snack

Natural anti-inflammatory, vegan friendly and gluten free snack. If you like sushi you'll like this.

Eden Godsoe: I want to try these.

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Pita Chips

You really can't go wrong with pita chips. There are so many flavors and don't get me started on all the hummus variations. Yum!

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Reduced Guilt Skinny Fries

trader joes reduced guilt skinny fries (65 pieces/110 cals)

So yummy and guilt free. The perfect crunch!

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Toasted Coconut Cookie Things

I'm hearing people rave about these!

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Pistachio Nutmeats

Pistachios are packed with protein, fiber and unsaturated fats, making them a healthy snack.

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Movie Theater Popcorn

A healthier alternative to the buttered popcorn you'll buy at the theater.

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Marcona Almonds

Hard to find these little gems anywhere else

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Spicy Spinach Pizza

If you are looking for a low fat food but still want some bread this is a great meal/snack. The pizza does not contain any cheese, just cooked spinach on top. You can eat it as is, heated up or even add (tomatoes, cheese, chicken etc) on it to make it a bigger meal!

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