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Trader Joe's on a Diet by Claudia

by Claudia, posted to Food & Drink

Jump start your new year with Trader Joe's on your side. Here's your go-to guide to staying on track for a healthy 2012.

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Trader Joe's Frozen Quinoa Duo with Vegetable Melange


Thinking of adding Quinoa to your diet but unsure how to cook it or...more

I just discovered this in the freezer aisle and am HOOKED! It's perfectly seasoned and great as a side or stand alone dish - I promise you'll love it!

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Or as I like to say "Facon"'s Fake Bacon but oh so good! Worth a try if you are going the healthy/vegetarian route.

Claudia: This taste really good in a sandwich with egg whites and a little avocado.

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This one is a no-brainer..Spinach is filled with antioxidants, helps fight against cancer, is a great source of fiber and the list goes on. Be creative and mix it with your eggs in the morning, make it a side dish with mushrooms, or toss it in a salad.

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Aria Vanilla Protein (for women)

Love Love Love this protein powder! It great in the summer time when you want to make a fruit shake or smoothie. Also goes well after a big workout! Just add fruit, milk or orange juice. Also, if you like a creamier, thicker shake add in the "Fage Greek Yogurt". Taste really good in shakes!

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Stuffed Mushroom Caps


Stuffed with Spinach and Cheese

Just bought these the other day and loved them. They have a lot of flavor and are low in calories (if your watching your calorie intake).

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Healthy Eating On-The-Go by Claudia Roldan

Like most of us, we all have a busy lifestyle and not much time to...more

Another list I've compiled on keeping with your diet plan while living a busy life.

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Latin Style Black Bean Soup

Black bean soup has a excellent source of fiber. Great for a quick...more

Pair with some tortillas and guacamole and you have yourself a nice meal

Beatriz Sandoval: Yumm.. now im hungry!

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Steel Cut Oats

Taste great with sliced ripe bananas (let them melt) and cinnamon...more

Looking for a new healthy breakfast??? This one is healthy and has a little crunch to it since its not your ordinary oatmeal! Add fresh fruit, raisins, honey to boost the flavor. Very filling and full of nutrients!

Eden Godsoe: Love this stuff especially with some blueberries or strawberries on top.

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Fage Greek Yogurt

Fage Greek Yogurt

This yogurt comes in various flavors. Honey, Strawberry, Straw/Banana, Blueberry and Acai. Very healthy for you and also full of protein. Great for after a workout and keeps you pretty full!

Claudia: You can also go the healthier route and get the plain yogurt and add in fruit instead with some honey

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Reduced Guilt: Mac & Cheese

If you like Mac & Cheese search no more. This is a 270 Cal meal...more

I recently tried out and LOVE it. I've never been a big fan of the original mac & cheese. I tend to go for the mac & cheese with breadcrumbs and more "gourmet" cheeses. But this one is guilt free so you really can't go wrong :)

Larissa: Love these too - they're actually better than the original, the cheese flavor is sharper and it's not as greasy.

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California Veggie Burgers

California Veggie burgers have a lot of flavor and different...more

Also another great item to keep in the freezer. I have many days where I don't bring lunch. Instead of spending $$ eating out this is a great meal idea that you can have with sweet potato spears or make into an actual burger.

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MorningStar Farms® Veggie Sausage Patties

Need a hearty breakfast? Try these morning star sausage patties.

I just bought these at traders joe's and love eating them with a side of egg whites. It keeps you full and satisfied. I wouldn't recommend the "tj's" brand of these patties. Definitely go with the morning star and heat in oven for crispy flavor.

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Food labeling and what you should know about GMOs and MSG {infographic} | This Mama Cooks! On a Diet™

An infographic about food labeling, GMOs and MSG

A great infographic on how understand a food label. It's a great sheet cheat!

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Sweet Potato Spears at Trader Joe's

Sweet Potato Spears that are clean and precut

These are the perfect snack similar to carrots but you can also toss them in a mini-oven to get that crispy taste. A great side dish for your lunch/dinner or even a snack. Very simple and not much planning involved.

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Egg Whites In A Carton

Trader Joe's and State Bros. sell pasteurized egg whites in 16-oz....more

This is a fast and easy way to get your protein in during that morning rush. I recently bought to make at work in the microwave and it taste great. Just add your personal condiments and you are set!

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The Best of Trader Joe's

Here is a list of some of the best, (and sometimes healthy) and tasty...more

Not all healthy but still delicious! Be sure to check out some of my favorites at Trader Joe's.

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Hard Boiled Peeled Eggs at Trader Joe's

No time to make hard boiled eggs? Then just buy them in the egg...more

I have found these to be super convenient when you need that extra snack. They work great with salad and there is no need to peel. It's all done for you! Also great before/after working out to keep you satisfied while giving you some needed protein.

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Frozen Organic Brown Rice


Trader Joe's has a great pre-cooked brown rice available frozen in...more

Suggested by Larissa

I always stock up on these when I'm cutting back on carbs - they're convenient and don't taste so bad.

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