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Valentine Day Delights by Coryanne

by Coryanne, posted to Holidays

Ideas and inspirations to add that certain magic to your Valentine's Day celebration.

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Monkey Love Shot

Sweet, fruity and with a hint of chocolate.

Shots are not just for raging parties...this one is perfect for lovers.

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9 1/2 weeks in a cocktail

Chocolate, strawberry and whipped cream...what more can a romantic...more

Sweet, tempting and rather moorish, this is a great Valentine's Day cocktail.

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Romantic dinning destinations

Mix pillow talk and dinner this Valentine's Day.

Add a dash of intrigue to your celebration by moving dinner out of the dinning room and into the living room.

Claudia: This is a cute idea, now just getting that valentine!

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Finger Foods

Fondue with your Valentine.....a great way to make dinner an event to...more

Leave the cutlery in the drawer this Valentine's Day.

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Chocolate & Red Chile Cocktail

Spice things up with this "hot" cocktail, perfect for lovers on...more

The heat of the chilli and the smooth aroma of the Chocolate vodka blend really well together.

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