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Valentine's Day Feast for the soul by Coryanne

by Coryanne, posted to Holidays

Feasting on aphrodisiac foods and cocktails for a "lovely" night in.

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The Love Letter — Housewife Bliss

Who doesn't adore a fabulous love letter?

A light note to lift your romantic spirits.

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Expert tips on preserving fresh cut flowers — Housewife Bliss

Keep those Valentine's Day blooms fresher for longer

Flowers and chocolate go hand in hand with Valentine's day...keep those fabulous flowers fresher, for longer with these tips.

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Recipe for Homemade Chocolate

Making the most of February with recipes, gardening and entertaining...more

Making chocolate is simple...and a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

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Get a room....

Naked dinner for 2 in a tent....? Or maybe just a cozy place to listen...more

Love the idea of leaving the table and finding a romantic place to spend the evening.

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Monkey Love Shot...need I say more?

Shots just got a romantic makeover.....

Creamy, sweet and fun to share....

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9 1/2 Weeks Chocolate Strawberry Martini

The perfect cocktail for lovers.

Sweet, potent and a real mood booster.

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Aphrodisiac Feast for the Soul — Housewife Bliss

Where food and emotion intertwine to produce a feast full of desire,...more

Everything you ever wanted to know about Aphrodisiacs.

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