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5 Fab Finger Food Ideas for a Bridal or Baby Shower by Cynthia, The Daily Basics

by Cynthia, The Daily Basics, posted to Weddings & Events

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Gorgonzola Cheese Cups with Pear

These fun crispy cheese cups are the perfect way to show off a fresh...more

Suggested by Krista

Another delightful finger food/appetizer idea!

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Grilled Zucchini Roll Recipe with Herbed Goat Cheese & Kalamata Olives

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Suggested by Krista

These would be a hit!

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Tea Sandwich Shower Food


Shower Tea Sandwiches...more

From Martha Stewart - how could you go wrong?

Eden Godsoe: I love tea sandwiches at any party. Though I always eat too many!

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Real Food in Finger Food

Thai and Caribbean Chicken Skewers -...more

There is nothing worse than going to a shower and leaving hungry. These are yummy and will fill your guests up!

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Finger Foods

Find ideas for food, drinks, and decorations for bridal wedding shower...more

Wedding Bridal Shower Ideas: Food Recipes, Decorations, and More Entertaining Tips

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Mini Portions

Baby and Wedding Showers are so much better with a great dessert idea....more

Part of the enjoyment of food is how it is served - how cute is this?

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Check out our Red Velvet Holiday Bridal Shower Cupcake and discover...more

Especially Red Velvet cupcakes via

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