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Favorite Fitness DVDs by Stephanie Karpinske, RD

by Stephanie Karpinske, RD, posted to Health & Fitness

When I can't get outside to exercise (and since I don't belong to a gym), I end up doing a lot of fitness DVDs at home. I work out 5-6 days/week so I need a good variety and a mix of workouts to prevent boredom and keep my body from getting used to the same exercises. This a list of some of my favor... More »

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Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed & Shred

I own most of Jillian DVDs so I almost didn’t get this one because I was worried it would have the same moves as the previous workouts. But I was surprised to see that it had lots of new moves that work the whole body. The first workout is challenging but the second one is very challenging so this is definitely not for beginners.

Claudia: I've tried her workouts and they are intense!

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Personal Training With Jackie: 30 Day Fast Start

I really like this DVD because the workout goes by super fast. Why? Because you’re counting through the whole thing. This is a pyramid-style strength-training workout where you start with 1 rep of an exercise set, then 2 reps, then 3, etc until you’re doing 10 reps. Jackie said she uses this method to help her clients break through plateaus.

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Bob Harper: Pure Burn Super Strength

This workout is extremely difficult so is best for people who work out a lot and love a challenge. It’s over an hour long so when time is short (or I just can’t take it anymore!), I'll just do half of the DVD. Even half is still a great workout!

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Kathy Smith: Lift Weights to Lose Weight

I typically avoid DVDs that focus on specific body parts but I like this one because the segments are short and intense so I can use them in addition to a cardio DVD. You get two 20-minute workouts: 1 for upper body and 1 for lower body.The moves seem easy at first but I always feel it the next day, especially if I use heavier weights.

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The Biggest Loser: The Workout - Boot Camp (2008)

This DVD is hosted by Bob Harper and has three workouts/levels which include a mix of cardio and strength training. I usually do all three levels for a 55-minute workout. It's definitely less intense than Bob Harper’s own (non-Biggest Loser) DVDs so is good for people who want a more moderate workout.

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Exhale: Core Fusion Cardio - Pure Intensity (2011)

This DVD includes five 10-minute segments. At first I thought it was too easy. But when using the proper form they describe, you will definitely feel it, especially the abs section. If you’re in shape, this isn’t much of a cardio workout but it will improve strength and balance.

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Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred (2008)

You get three workouts in this DVD and each workout features 3 minutes strength training, 2 minutes cardio and 1 minute of abs. There are 3 levels of difficulty so if I don’t feel like working out, I’ll do level 1. When I feel really energetic, I’ll do both Levels 1 and 2, or 2 and 3.

Claudia: This is a great one :)

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Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30

You get 4 workouts and each one uses the 3-2-1 system that Jillian also uses in her 30-Day Shred DVD. But I find these workouts are more difficult than 30-Day Shred. I usually do 2 out of the 4 workouts, which makes for about a 1 hr workout.

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P90X Home Fitness Workout DVD Program

Turn to the P90X Extreme Home Fitness system, a bundle of 12...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

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