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Which TV Character's Closet Would You Steal? by Dvr Dame

by Dvr Dame, posted to TV, Movies & Music

Do you secretly wish you could swap closets with a TV character? Yeah me too!

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Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

Absolutely the best closet ever!

CatK: I want some of her clothing but not all of it. Not sure I could pull off some of those looks.

Claudia: I have curves--enough said!

Krista: I have to agree with Cathleen - much of it is gorgeous, but I couldn't pull off a lot of it. Carrie however, pulls off almost everything!

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Willamina Slater from Ugly Betty

She was a villain who knew how to dress.

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Jess Day from New Girl

A cute and stylish wardrobe that any girl would love

Jackie: I love her cute and quirky style so I think I'd have to pick Jess :)

Claudia: Love her style but I can't pull it off!

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Caroline Channing 2 Broke Girls

She might only have three outfits but they are fierce.

Erin: Agreed. Go Caroline.

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Serena van der from Woodsen Gossip Girls

Her outfits are plain cute.

CatK: In my younger years...

Jackie: I LOVE Blake Lively's style in I might have to pick her too, although I've never seen Gossip Girls I can't imagine how different the styles must be.

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Reagan Brinkley from Up All Night

I think she's a stylish mom.

Eden Godsoe: This is probably the only wardrobe I could actually get away with (since I am a 40+ year old mom with a career.)

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Eva Longoria, Actress: Desperate Housewives

Suggested by Beatriz Sandoval

Eva is always in style no matter where she is ! She's truly glamorous and fashionable.

Dvr Dame: Yes of course! I haven't been watching her show so she's been off my radar.

Claudia: She's a cutie but very petite. :)

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Sofia Vergara from Modern Family

Suggested by Beatriz Sandoval

Not only is she gorgeous but she's always dressed classy and elegant !

Dvr Dame: I think she looks good in anything.

Claudia: I agree..true Latina Diva

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Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

Suggested by Danielle Cohen

Spotted a New York fashionista with a killer shoe closet and understated elegance. This Upper East Side trouble maker always looks like she's ready to hit a runway with her classic style with a slight edge

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