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10 Reasons I Loved Going To An All-Girls School by Eden Godsoe

by Eden Godsoe, posted to Career & Money

I went to Bishop Strachan School, an all-girls school in Toronto, for 12 years. I loved it while I was there (most days) and now that I have a daughter of my own I truly realize what a special experience it was. Here are the top 10 reasons I loved

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Girls Are The Math & Science Superstars

With a classroom of only girls, a girl will be the best at math or science. Girls don't shy away from these subjects. It was cool to be the smart girl.

cynthia cross: This is such a biggie for me.

cynthia cross: I didn't go to an all-girls school and often felt I was pushed more towards literature, etc.

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5 Minute Morning Routine

No boys to impress = no need to shower, do hair, put on makeup. I frequently looked like this baby and quite frankly I didn't care.

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No Teacher Bias

Only girls' hands are in the air. There can be no bias in selecting boys to answer the question or be the team leader.

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Shameless Pig Outs During Lunchtime

It's the truth. And I probably shouldn't confine it to lunchtime.

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Girls Are The Jocks

Girls do not sit on the sidelines cheering or watching their boyfriends. Girls are the jocks, the team captains, the ones winning the awards at the sports banquet.

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No Wardrobe Meltdowns

Most girls schools have a strict uniform. I loved not having to think about what to wear. (PS - do NOT try searching girls private school uniform on Google!)

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Life-Long Bonds

I didn't appreciate the bonds I had created during my 12 years at an all-girls school until we had our 20th year reunion. It was amazing (this is a photo from it.) The class was so bonded and everyone got along. These women are very important to me.

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It's OK To Shout "Who Has An Extra Tampon"

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This reason was cited by many and although it sounds small it's really symbolic of something bigger. The all-girls school gives you the freedom to express yourself, whether it's borrowing a tampon or sharing your view on a Shakespeare love story.

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It Builds Confidence

I'm sure there are girls who went to coed schools who have plenty of confidence. I am sure there are girls who came out of an all-girls environment who lacked confidence. For me personally, an all-girls environment was a key element in building confidence.

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It's Like Braces

You may complain when you have them but in the long run you are so glad you did it.

Eden Godsoe: PS - full credit goes to Reddit user "eatsleepcardio" for this one

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23 Signs You Went To An All-Girls School

Because seeing a male was the most exciting thing that could happen.

Most of these things ring true for my 12 years of all-girls schooling.

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