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Big Name Brands That Spam by Eden Godsoe

by Eden Godsoe, posted to Career & Money

It's not just those sketchy viagra sellers or home loan companies anymore. Nowadays it seems like big name companies are using spammers in a desperate attempt to find more customers. Here are some of the brands I continue to get spam from. Please add to this list and maybe we can make a differenc... More »

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I find it ironic or really bad marketing that Symantec (the security solutions company behind Norton) would spam. Don't they protect against that?!

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Who even knew they were still in business? Apparently not doing that well if they need to spam every day.

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Dish Network

I get email spam from DISH every day. They use various email spam companies so no matter how many times I block them the emails keep coming.

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I'm surprised/disappointed that a big, established brand like MetLife would use spam email companies to try to get new customers. Isn't the Snoopy blimp enough?!

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No matter how many times I report as spam or remove a spam email, Vistaprints seems to find another spam company or address to get me.

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Christian Mingle

Not very Christian of them to be spamming me every day. I am not single nor am I religious. Stop it!

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University of Phoenix

Yet another that seems to find new spam companies every week to send me new messages. No thank you!

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First PREMIER Bank

Any bank that would spam is not a bank I would ever trust with my money. Please stop First PREMIER Bank!

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Please spamming me. I've been married for 12 years!

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One of the many dating sites that seems to use the same email companies to spam me. I am not single, I am not Jewish. Disappointing since I have heard generally good things about JDate (a few friends have even gotten married via the site!)

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I guess all the online dating companies use the same spam companies. I can't stop these dang emails from coming. I have never used an online dating site so no idea how any have my email. Not happy.

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I didn't even know this company still existed but clearly they started using some spam company that has my email address. 0% chance I will ever buy anything from Fingerhut.

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I don't know if this is Proactiv or one of their distributors that is spamming. Either way it's not good for their brand.

Eden Godsoe: Update: kudos to Proactiv for being so proactive (pun intended) on fixing this issue. They contacted me right away and the spam has since stopped. Thank you!

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Suggested by FavePages Team

I never signed up for their mailing list, but they keep sending me emails 2-3 times a week even though I've unsubscribed repeatedly, sooooo annoyed!

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