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Chapel's Style Picks: A Little Girl's Guide to Fashion by Eden Godsoe

by Eden Godsoe, posted to Style

My daughter is one stylish little girl. Since the age of 2 she has been very specific about what she wears, how her hair should be styled and what colors go well together. She does not get this from her mother so I am constantly amused and impresse

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Side Braid with Antique Pin

A look her nanny is able to create. That's a brooch that is fastens in her side braid.

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Capri Leggings in Glow-in-the-Dark Tux Stripe

The name says it all: They're the pair she'll wear every day, and...more

Chapel loves leggings and these ones are awesome. They are capri length so great for summer and even better - that stripe down the side glows in the dark. I wish they had them in more colors.

SkinnyFaves: these are awesome!

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I want an eyelet dress just like this! And only $25 from Gap Kids.

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Skinny Colored Jeans

Chapel is loving her skinny purple jeans from GAP.

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Aviator Sunglasses

Be the King of Rock with Rock Star Sunglasses! The rock star aviator...more

I got a pair of aviator sunglasses so of course Chapel wanted a pair. Less than $5 on Amazon and hers look better than mine!

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Edgy T-Shirts

This one is from Jackson Hole (known for very tough skiing.) It has a black diamond on it and says "I'm Difficult." More than a few of my adult friends want one!

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UGG Boots

The kids' Classic provides all the same features and benefits as the...more

Pink of course and worn with just about anything from leggings to skirts to dresses.

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Hair Ribbons

Chapel loves using real ribbons as hair bands.

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Cadet Corduroy Jacket

There's more at including Petites and Tall sizes, kids slim...more

I seriously want one of these!

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Bright Nail Polish

Her new school does not allow nail polish. Chapel told me she would "get expelled" if she went to school with it on.

Malika Bourne: the brighter teh nail polish the better for 21/2 and8 year old

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Levi's Jacket Jean

Chapel throws her Levi's jean jacket over anything - summer dresses, t-shirts and leggings, etc.

Malika Bourne: M grand duaghter loves her jean jacket and layers is with t-'s for a fun look.

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The Sporty Look with Pigtails

Recently Chapel has gotten into ponytails and braids along with her O'Neil surf top. So wish I could pull off this look!

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Jelly Sandals

Old Navy perforated jelly sandals

Chapel just had to have these jelly sandals and at less than $10 how could I refuse?

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A girl has got to look stylish even when she is lounging around watching TV! This particular robe is from Petit Lem but seems to have been discontinued. Amazon has a nice selection for little girls.

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Charm Bracelet

Sparkling rainbow heart dangles look fabulous with charms! With a...more

Chapel has a real silver charm bracelet (a great present FYI as her grandparents give her a new charm each birthday and Xmas) but that only gets worn on special occasions. She wears cheaper charm bracelets all the time. You can get good ones on Amazon or at The Gap.

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Black & White / Mod Look

We went through a very pink phase but Chapel is now into other colors including black & white. Love this mod look she pulled together. The dress is from Gap Kids.

Krista: This might be my favorite look so far...girlfriend is rockin it!

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American Apparel Tricot Leggings

I love these American Apparel leggings. Chapel has 2 pairs and I ended up getting 2 pairs for myself. Yet another style pick that my 4 year old daughter drove.

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Colors Hair Extensionis

Chapel claims these are "real hair" but they are obviously synthetic colored hair that can be attached with any beret. I'm not really a fan but they make her very happy.

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Ponchos and Capes

Chapel loves her poncho - a grey version of this poncho that costs only $14 from Target. She is also super excited to wear a cape as part of her private school uniform when she starts Kindergarten in the Fall of 2012.

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Audrey Hepburn

It is only April but Chapel already knows what she will be for Halloween this year - Audrey Hepburn. No more cheap princess costumes for my little girl. I found this mini Audrey Hepburn dress on Etsy.

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Pink "Real" Cowboy Boots

Glove urethane upper and shaft, Metal Toe Rand, Glove urethane shaft...more

I found this cowboy boots on Amazon for $40. Chapel wears them all the time and they are still in good shape nearly 1 year later.

Malika Bourne: My grand daughters love their boots even with a skirt.

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Mixing Prints

A typical outfit pulled together by Chapel for preschool. A stripped top + flower-print skits + pink cowboy boots = perfection.

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Hello Kitty Knee High Socks

These were first purchased to go with the pink cowboy boots so Hello Kitty peaks out the top. Chapel now wears these with skirts and dresses in lieu of stockings. I have to admit - they are pretty cute but no one over 10 should probably wear them.

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Polka Dots

This red pokka dot dress is a favorite. Anything polka dot is stylish according to Chapel.

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Hello Kitty Bikini

I have mixed feelings about my little girl wearing a bikini but Chapel has her heart set on a Hello Kitty bikini for her 5th birthday.

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Flapper Girl Look

This was the costume for Halloween 2011 and an outfit she still likes to put on. I heard the flapper look is back so Chapel was ahead of the trend.

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Chapel is far more into her straw fedora than any of the colorful sun hats we bought her. Add some sunglasses is she glammed up for the sun.

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Mexicali Prints

I bought this dress at the Cabo airport after a girls trip (translation: a little hungover and in need of presents for my kids.) She pairs it with sparkly red Mary Janes and a fashion statement is made!

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