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Clever Uses for Mason Jars by Eden Godsoe

by Eden Godsoe, posted to Home

I have had a long-time love affair with mason jars. I must have at least 30-40 of them around our house being used for all sorts of things. Just the other day my 4 year old daughter asked if she could have her own mason jars to organize things in h

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String Dispenser

42 Things

Love this idea to store ribbons, string, etc.

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Kids Arts & Crafts

We have a bunch of mason jars to hold pencils, crayons, erasers, buttons and other things my kids use for arts & crafts. Add some chalkboard labels and you are styling.

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Mason Jar Cocktails


Six in the Suburbs - @SixInTheSuburbs

I remember drinking cocktails from mason jars way back in college. We did it then because it was economical. I do it now because it looks cool. Love this idea from blogger Six in the Suburbs where she pre-made certain cocktails. No bartender necessary!

Shannon Anderson: I also have a massive jar collection and love this idea!

Erin-MommyontheSpot: Or keep some pre-made in your fridge for emergencies . . . or what I like to call Tuesday night.

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Herbed Spring Quinoa Salad (in a Mason Jar)

Suggested by Claudia

The perfect summer meal to take anywhere on the go.

Eden Godsoe: I feel like we need a whole other list of food recipes using mason jars!

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Toiletries Holders

Liz Marie Blog - @lizmariegalvan

We keep q-tips, cotton balls and other toiletries in mason jars. Mind you they are just on a bathroom shelf versus this cool DIY project from Liz Marie.

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Overnight, No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal

The Yummy Life - @TheYummyLife

What a great idea - pre-made, individual-sized oatmeal in a mason jar. Click over to The Yummy Life for different flavor options and "how to's."

Malika Bourne: I strated putting yougurt and oatmeal in the jar at night.Wow! Breakfast is ready to serve. Love It!

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Mason Jar Candle Holders

Budget Wise Home - @BudgetWiseHome

I've used mason jars as candle holders before - it works wonderfully. I would recommend getting different sized mason jars and candles to make it even more beautiful. Full credit to Budget Wise Home for this photo (mine didn't look quite so nice!)

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Snow Globes

Apartment Therapy

I *might* try this project with the kids. The photo isn't doing the project justice and it really is quite simple.

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Parfaits & Other Sweet Desserts

Sprinkled with Flour - @sprinkledwflour

How about this idea from blogger Sprinkled with Flour?! My kids (and husband) will be in heaven.

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Mason Jar Vases

Budget Wise Home - @BudgetWiseHome

You can choose to decorate your mason jar (like Budget Wise Home did in this photo) or just use it as is for a vase.

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Photo Display


Sugar, Spice and Nice

Mason jars in lieu of picture frames - love the idea. You can put two pictures in and use on a table so both sides of the table get a good view.

Erin-MommyontheSpot: Totally going to try this!!

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Mason Jar Terrariums

Jen Pearson Designs - @jenpearsondsgn

I can barely keep a plant alive but maybe my green thumbed brother (who has a whole room at his house dedicated to his 30+ orchids) could make this happen.

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Gift Box Alternative


Chateau and Bungalow - @chateaubungalow

No need to wrap up goodies or other presents. Just put them in a mason jar and secure some pretty material on top.

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Mason Jar Salads


Use Mason jars to pre-assemble salads that will keep for days. You can click over to this blog for ideas on Asian, Seafood, Caesar and more.

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Soap Dispenser

Our Lovely Bungalow

A project I will probably not get to but love this idea from Our Lovely Bungalow

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Mason Jar Pumpkins

Petite Lemon

This blog (Petite Lemon) has a few Halloween-related craft ideas for mason jars. These mason jar pumpkins are my favorite.

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One Person Dessert or Treat

I Am Baker

Suggested by Claudia

The need can be anything from a new baby to a hospital stay to the loss of a loved one. The gift makes life easier for the recipient and they have a beautiful mason jar for keeps.

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Related Link: 50+ Mason Jar Decor Ideas

Suggested by Krista

I came across this post today and had to add it to your list. This lady has profiled some really fun DIY decor ideas!

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