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Direct Sales: Real Ways for Women to Earn Money by Eden Godsoe

by Eden Godsoe, posted to Career & Money

It all started with Avon back in the 1930s. Soon housewives everywhere were having Tupperware parties or selling Mary Kay cosmetics to friends. While those companies are still around, a new crop of direct sales companies have sprung up to give wome

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BEAUTY: Perfectly Posh

Perfectly Posh proudly offers Purely Pampering Products. We carefully...more

Suggested by Stacy Tracy

Paraffin, paraben and sulfate free! Fun pampering products that people love!

Stacy Tracy: I love this company!! Contact me for more info! or

Stacy Tracy: I love this company!! Contact me for more info! or

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JEWELRY: Stella & Dot

Stella and Dot is a San Francisco based social selling company that...more

S&D is an amazing company run by an exceptional woman. Every year I seem to get invited to 5-10 parties hosted by friends. It's always a fun time and their jewelry is beautiful.

Susan Drucker: Yes! I could not agree more. Stella and Dot is a truly amazing company that is changing the direct selling industry with a fresh approach and incredible, editor addored, celebrity- coveted product. I am a Director and Founding Leader with Stella and Dot. Please visit to learn more about us - Susan Drucker Hunsaker 650.455.0026

cynthia cross: I've been to a few Stella & Dot parties and always leave them with something. Such beautiful jewelry.

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JEWELRY: lia sophia

For more than 30 years, lia sophia offers women across the nation an...more

I am less familiar with lia sophia and their jewelry direct sales business. Would love to hear other people's experience with them.

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JEWELRY: Origami Owl

Origami Owl launched nation-wide in January 2012 and is one of the...more

Suggested by Amy Hope

Origami Owl launched nation-wide in January 2012 and is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies out there, with an amazing compensation plan. The company was founded by 14 year-old Isabella in the fall of 2010. This is an affordable unique jewelry line sold by independent designers. Every Living Locket tells a story, what's yours? Check it out!

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JEWELRY: Jade & Jasper

Jade & Jasper's mission is to delight you with our unique and quality...more

Similar to Stella & Dot though I had not heard of them until someone added them to this list. Would love to hear what people think.

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HOME & BEAUTY: Scentsy

Scented fragrance wax for electric wickless candles and layers body...more

Scentsy offers direct sales / home party opportunities where women (mostly at least!) can sell home products like candles or cleaning supplies and beauty products like lotions or perfumes to their friends and customers.

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BEAUTY: Arbonne

Arbonne International Swiss Skincare and Wellness products - All pure,...more

Suggested by micheline

Arbonne is an amazing company to work for. Great products and an lucrative compensation plan. Contact me - I'm so happy to answer questions: 925-872-7938

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Suggested by Crystal Ervin

Our June Special is %30 off everything and Tax free

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Shop Online with your AVON Representative or learn more about AVON's...more

Avon started it all and are still huge in the US and abroad. Has anyone been to an Avon party lately?

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BEAUTY: Mary Kay

A trusted global name in skin care, makeup & body care. The latest...more

You've got to admire Mary Kay, the woman who built Mary Kay cosmetics and whose brand is now synonymous with pink Cadillacs. I can't say that I've ever bought Mary Kay cosmetics or know anyone who works for them. Anyone have feedback?

Davina James: I have used Mary Kay for years, since high school, the skin care has kept me looking young, people never guess how old I really am!

Mandi Rupp: New to Mary kay skin care. I fell in love right away! So I became a consultant. My skin is fabulous now.

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FASHION: fibi & clo

Founded in Summer 2009, fibi & clo shoes and accessories continue to...more

fibi & clo is all about shoes with some jewelry as well. They sell via in-home shoe parties or you can buy from their website. Their shoes look to be in the $50+ range and they seem to specialize in flats and sandals.

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FASHION: Carlisle Collection

Carlisle's luxurious designs are carefully crafted for the...more

I have only been to one Carlisle event. It was hosted by a friend of a friend in a hotel suite. There was a lot of clothing & accessories available but it didn't feel intimate & I didn't end up buying anything. Curious of other women's experience.

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On October 1st, 2011 Miche converted to a 100% direct sales business...more

Suggested by Karyn Cooks

Miche means never having to switch purses again! Start with a Base Bag - choose 1 of 4 sizes/shapes - then add any stylish exterior Shell to change the look in 3 seconds or less. Every woman I've shared Miche with says, "Why didn't I think of that?"

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JEWELRY: Mialisia Jewelry

View Mialisia Jewelry and learn how to join as a Designer with...more

Suggested by

Mialisia Jewelry is launching July 2013 and expects to shatter growth records with its outstanding, PATENT-PENDING jewelry concept which provides women with stylish, on-trend jewelry pieces that are interchangeable and customizable!

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FASHION: Thirty-One

Whether you're looking for style, organization, the perfect giftable...more

Thirty-One is a faith-based company named after Proverbs 31. They sell bags, picnic blankets, baskets, etc.

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FASHION: Gigi Hill Bags

It all began when two moms met on a soccer field and decided that...more

Women can become stylist and host parties to showcase and sell different types of Gigi Hill designed bags to their friends. UPDATE: It looks like Gigi Hill has been shut down.

Brittany DeMayo: I have been to and hosted my own gigi hill partys. It is always a blast. It usually consists of friends/family just having a good time, eating good food and looking at amazing bags! I highly recommend thease bags to everyone! They are truely amazing and beautiful. The expierence of the parties is always a good one, it really helps getting to see touch and even try all of the different bags. There is so many to choose from, in so many patterns and sizes. The website does not do thease bags justice!

Eden Godsoe: Brittany - Thank you for sharing that. Very helpful. Are you a Gigi Hill rep or do people just host parties as one-offs? If you are a Gigi Hill rep, it would be great for you to create a whole list around your favorite pieces or even how to host a successful party.

Leslie Bunis Ohl: I am a Gigi Hill stylist in the Buffalo, New York area. I've been with the company for over 2 years and can't say enough about the products and the women that I have come to know as "friends" from all over the country! I have had the pleasure of personally meeting Monica and Gabrielle, the owners, on more than one occasion. They are fun and mom's just like us! A Gigi Hill party is so great because the products really speak for themselves! They are of the highest quality workmanship and barely a return due

Shannan Slovon: Hi Eden, Where are you? I am sure we can get you an invitation to a Gigi Hill party to see the products first-hand. Here's my "short" list of favorites: Audrey carry-all, Rita -wallet(this is the product that convinced me to join), Helen - tote, Gia-crossbody or wristlet, Lana - business card holder and the Martha (Hostess Only) hanging toiletry bag.

Dawn Deise Hudson: Gigi Hill is a great company full of totes, accessories and handbags for the busy mom on the go or stylish business women. As a mom of two children my Audrey bag is my go to carry-all, I use it for my diaper bag instead of a regular diaper bag. The great thing is it doesn't look like one and I can use it for other things. Then my next favorites to have are my Rita wallet, the Katherine tote bag that reverses and my Helen for the beach, pool or park.

cynthia cross: I haven't been to a Gigi Hill party but it sounds fun. I think I've bought all the jewelry I need from the Stella & Dot parties that went around my circle of friends. But could always use another purse :)

Shannan Slovon: Hi Cynthia, Would love to connect you with a Stylist in your area so you can see the bags in person and perhaps have a party of you own. This month we are loving our hostesses TWICE as much with Double Hostess Rewards. Feel free to email me at (note the spelling).

Eden Godsoe: It looks like this may have been shut down...

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FOOD: PamperedChef

With the Pampered Chef, you can start your own business planning...more

Pampered Chef is great for the foodies. Women do in-home cooking shows, guests see & try products, prepare & sample recipes, and learn food preparation techniques. Then they buy the kitchen tools.

Jody Willi: I was a Pampered Chef consultant for several years (I started during my 2nd pregnancy). I just loved it. You control your hours & it was easy work. It was just a little bit of time that I was away from home, having conversations.... with adults!!! I was just "doing my job" (which didn't even seem like a job) & just being myself. Then, to top it off, I got paid to do it!! Not only did I get free stuff, I was able to build my kitchen tools along with a HUGE recipe database (these alone make it worth it

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FOOD: Tealightful


It was November of 2000, I was five months pregnant with my second...more

Suggested by Jessica Marshall Carpinelli

Tealightful is a wonderful, unique direct sales company that offers loose-leaf teas, scones, food mixes, and tea accessories. You can see an online catalog on my website...

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FOOD: Dove Chocolates


Eat Chocolate. Make Friends. Make $$.

Who knew...Dove Chocolates started a direct selling business where women can host chocolate parties & sell to their friends.

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BOOKS: Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books creates carefully crafted children’s books,...more

Barefoot Books began with two mothers who wanted their children to have books and is now a worldwide community. Women can earn money by selling children's books to their friends, communities, even schools.

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RESOURCE: Direct Selling 411

Exploring direct selling? You’ve come to the right place! Find out...more

Direct Selling 411 is a very comprehensive resource for anyone considering getting into direct selling. It includes company information, tax advice, Q&A and much more.

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JEWELRY: Live The Bling

Paparazzi is fun, fashionable and only $5. With $5 jewelry and...more

Suggested by Paula Niday Long

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 Whoa! Great resource.

Sandra Gagnon:

 Don't forget Pink Zebra! It's one of the fastest growing companies in Direct Sales! or

Crystal Ervin:

 Jade and Jasper Jewelry lauched in December 2012 and is expanding in all areas. Jade and Jasper offer well priced quality fashion jewelry that embodies the enduring characteristics of our namesake gems: Beautiful, Artistic and Diverse in color and form.,