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Products and Tips for Packing Eco Friendly Lunches for Kids by Eden Godsoe

by Eden Godsoe, posted to Home

On average a school-age child using a disposable lunch generates 67 pounds of waste per school year. That equates to 18,760 pounds of lunch waste for just one average-size elementary school. My friends would not describe me as a "tree hugger" but those numbers frighten me. More and more schools an... More »

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Lunch Bags (or a Whole Lunch Kit) from Kids Konserve

One stylish and convenient lunch kit to meet all of your lunch needs!...more

Ditch the brown paper bag and get your child a lunch box or bag. Kids Konserve has a great selection of reusable lunch sacks as well as a bunch of other great items. Or you can just go with the Spiderman or Ballet lunchbag from Target...

Scarlet: Again the fun and whimsical patterns delight my kids and they love to use them!

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Canteens and Sippycups from Klean Canteen

Buy juice or milk in bulk and then send your child off with beverages in reusable canteens or sippycups like these ones from Klean Canteen. I also like Sigg.

Scarlet: Great item!

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Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags from Lunchskins

Think outside the (plastic) bag! These high-quality lunchskins are...more

Lunchskins was founded by 2 moms and I've been a fan for a long time. Their sandwich and snack containers are eco-friendly but also cute and stylish. Great stocking stuffer!

Scarlet: Great brand to reference!

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Stainless Steel Containers from Kids Konserve

An alternative to plastic snack baggies, this set of 3 recyclable...more

Tupperware is better than plastic baggies but these stainless steel containers are even better for things like fruit or nuts. You can use them for kids lunch or when on the go in the car.

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Insulated Food Jar from Kids Konserve

The 12-ounce unit's corrosion-resistant stainless-steel construction...more

Suggested by CatK

If you want to send kids to school with soup, mac & cheese or other things that need to stay hot, this is a great purchase.

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Vaccum Lunch Jars

Thanks to SkinnyScoop maven Helen W for recommending these. Great for keeping hot things hot and cold things cold in a kids lunch or other times.

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Real Silverware like Spencer Utensils

You may not even need utensils but if you do (for puddings, soup or hot meals) be sure to use real silverware rather than plastic throw away utensils. You may loose the odd fork or knife so you may not want to use your good stuff.

Scarlet: Since they look attractive, the kids love them!

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Cloth Napkins from Fabkins

Cloth napkins are a fun and easy way to go green (and save money) every day including kids lunches. Fabkins has a great selection of 100% organic cloth napkins for kids. You can even personalize them.

Scarlet: I love all things monogrammed or in this case, detailed with icons!

cynthia cross: I like these. Gotta get some for my kiddos.

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Sweat-Free Ice Pack from Kids Konserve

Keep your lunch and drinks colder longer with this sweat-free...more

Suggested by CatK

This is great for keeping lunches cold. You can buy it together with other Kids Konserve lunch things or buy it solo.

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Buy in Bulk

Buy snack items like granola, pretzels, nuts & dried fruit in bulk to minimize plastic bags (and to save money.) You can then use a reusable container for lunches or travel snacks.

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Pack Organic and Seasonal

It goes without saying that you should look for organic fruit and veges that are locally grown if possible.

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Two Words: Bento Boxes

Mix it up using some of Wendolonia's bento box ideas. This woman is genius when it comes to making food fun. Her blog also has a number of healthy snack and lunch ideas for preschools to older kids.

Ruta: Also highly recommend Laptop Lunches, a bento style lunch box that is durable and in lots of fun colors. Ours have lasted through four years of daily school use and still in great condition.

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Reusable is Cheaper! did a great analysis of the cost of a disposable lunch vs a waste-free lunch. The net result is $247 savings per school year per child. I'll take it!

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Don't Go Overboard - Do What You Can

Do what you can to cut back on waste and be more eco friendly. Every little bit counts.

Pia: Love It!!! @PCH Staging

Jennifer Wright: Love this list!

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