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Favorite Organizing Products and Decluttering Tips by Eden Godsoe

by Eden Godsoe, posted to Home

I can be a little OCD around the house when it comes to keeping things organized and uncluttered. I even offer up my "de-junking" services for free to friends and relatives. Here are my fav organizing products and tips so you can get your home (and

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Mason Jars

I love the look (and functionality) of old fashion mason jars to store just about anything - pasta, craft stuff, art supplies, buttons, coins, you name it!

Stephanie: The mason jar is the ultimate in old fashioned simplicity. I use them for everything! They will always be beauty to me. I love the black labels in the picture.

MillValleyMom: Even better than the mason jars is the use of the chalkboard labels!

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Magnetic Primer + Spice Jars = Spice Organization

I've been looking for a better way to organize my spices & found it on this blog. She found magnetic primer at Home Depot and combined that with magnetic spice jars from Bed Bath and Beyond. Beautiful!

Dianne: You can but two sizes of magnetic boards at IKEA and containers by the dozen pkg. - even with different colored lids of your choice - at Cost Plus World Market.

Krista: Dianne, so good to know! I love this idea for more than spices too. Would love to find a creative way to implement in my apartment.

Meg C: I have the magnetic tins from IKEA, and I love them! They were very affordable.

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Herbs and Garden Tools

If you don't have a garden or shed for this stuff, you can put up a curtain rod and hang your herbs and gardening tools in recycled paint cans.

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Store Sheets In Their Own Pillow Cases


Love the simplicity and organization of this idea from this blogger.

Stephanie: Now that I have seen this, I feel stupid for never having thought of it! The linen closet it getting an overhaul this week.

Tina: simple, no cost and very clever; love things that re-use what you've already got

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Wine Rack As Towel Holder

Love the idea of using beautiful wine racks for other purposes like holding towels.

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Kolo Photo Boxes

Pretty colors, sturdy, well-made and perfect sizes for all types of photos and keepsakes.

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Semikolon Magazine Boxes

These stylish magazine boxes come in lots of beautiful colors. Use to store magazines or anything else from papers to kids artwork to stationary to craft items.

Stephanie: Each of my children have one of these to stuff their daily school papers and pieces of art work. Slides onto our large IKEA book shelf and out of the way. Getting into the habit of putting it there has helped eliminate a lot of lost items.

Kelli Stack Sibbitt: I learned another great use idea for these on Pinterest. I now use the magazine storage boxes to hold my plastic wrap, aluminum foil, etc. They usually hold about 6 boxes of wrap. I store it under my sink and it frees an entire kitchen drawer.

Eden Godsoe: Kelli - What a great idea to use these for plastic wraps & other kitchen needs. Had not thought of that. May need to buy some for that!

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Organized Command Center

I love this area! I have seen the photo on several different blogs and...more

Suggested by Krista

Perfectly suited for pre-back to school cleaning. The command center is so cute (and functional!)

Robin Grigsby: Here's a place to check out. Click Here!

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Daily System

Clever and versatile, our modular Daily System is the ultimate...more

Love this Pottery Barn organization item. So great to keep organized around the kitchen, home office, anywhere. A Pottery Barn insider told me it's their #1 organization item.

Stephanie: While so many of us are turning to our smart phones to organize, I think this large visual is still a must have for a family. (especially one with younger children)

Krista: This is the ultimate.

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Indice Bookends

These are great to help organize files, magazines, books and more. Love the different colors and heights. Made of powder-coated steel.

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Remote Caddy

Use a nice basket or other container to collect up all your remotes. A simple but effective idea from Martha Stewart (of course!)

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Keys, Sunglasses and Phones Organized

We currently have one big bowl where keys, sunglasses and other small things get tossed. I saw this idea on Better Homes & Gardens and must try.

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Anywheres Mini Magnetic Boards

Turn any surface into an instant magnetic board with our fun and...more

Suggested by MillValleyMom

My kids' art projects can finally reside in their rightful home - on our stainless steel refrigerator!

Eden Godsoe: These look very cool. Thanks for sharing MillValleyMom!

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Curtain Rods To Hang Artwork

This blog has some great ideas on how to hang (and thus organize) artwork including children's artwork. One idea was curtain rods or you can buy some cute products from Land of Nod and elsewhere.

Stephanie: This is really clever.

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Aluminum Ticket Holder

A clean, modern way to hang kids' art, calendars, pictures!

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Land of Nod Modular Storage Bins

Shop The Land of Nod for high quality children's home furnishings. Our...more

Buy a bunch of these bins in different sizes and colors. You can label them for the different toys that belong in each one. Great quality and can be used beyond toys as well.

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Revolving Bookcase from PB Teens

Create a rotating display of your favorite things with this unique,...more

I am going to have to get one of these for one or both of my kids. It looks great and saves space.

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Garden Hanging Baskets for Toys & Books

Unique idea from Centsational Girl blog to use garden hanging baskets mounted low in a kid’s room to corral toys and books. As she recommends - be sure to secure to your wall studs!

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Stacked Pottery Barn Cubbies

I like the idea of buying 4 of these cubbies (each comes with 6 compartments) and stacking them to create an organization system that looks beautiful. I can imagine doing this in a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, you name it!

jess: this looks perfect for all my office supplies

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Organized Files


There is no silver bullet to organized files though this blog post walks through some basics. Some of my pointers include buying all the same manila folders, using consistent labels and throwing away as much as possible (go digital!)

MillValleyMom: My favorite organizing secret is my super fast scanner! Everything gets scanned in my house - magazine articles, receipts, business cards, photos...

MillValleyMom: btw, it's the Fujitsu ScanSnap that I love!

Kristin: I agree with MillValleyMom, the ScanSnap is amazing and so worth the investment. I love mine and have no paper files.

Robin Grigsby: Get tips emailed to you!! Click Here!

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Pendaflex EasyView File Folders

Durable, See-Through File Folders for easy storage and retrieval of...more

Suggested by Lori Krolik

Sometimes your files get buried on your desk and the see-through feature lets you know what is inside even if you can't see the label.

Eden Godsoe: I love these. I feel the need now to create another whole guide on keeping the home/small office organized and functional (products, filing systems, etc.)

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Gift Wrap Organizer

Give your wrapping supplies a home with our Gift Wrap Organizer....more

Suggested by Larissa

This square image doesn't do this organizer any justice - but click the link to see how cool this gift wrapper organizer is -- it neatly stores and makes it easier to find all your different wraps, tissue, and ribbons.

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Pottery Barn Galvanized Metal Pails

Hard at work for decades on farms across the country, galvanized steel...more

Skip the overworked desk or makeup organizers. How cute do pencils, pens, rulers and scissors look in these Pottery Barn pails. Or how about tooth brushes, mascara, combs and makeup brushes.

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Little Black Dress Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Everyone should have an LBD in their closet - even one for their...more

Suggested by Alexandra J Sharwood

I bought this a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. You can see all your jewelry at once. I always had everything tucked away so wore the same thing everyday. This way I get much more use of my jewelry!

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Jewelry Holder Frame

Saw this and some other wonderful ideas on a Pinterest Pinboard. I so need to figure out where to hang all my jewelry. Now if I can just find someone crafty to make it for me!

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Hanging Cutlery Trays for Jewelry

The photo doesn't do this idea justice. This blogger used cutlery trays to display necklaces and other jewelry. Beautiful!

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Display Baubles on a Closet Rod

Suggested by Alana Brooks

An easy an inexpensive way to a) store your necklaces and bracelets and b) add a little sparkle to your room!

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Magnetic Makeup Board


I found this idea on a blog called Laura Thoughts and loved it. I don't even have much make-up but love the idea of having it all organized. And it makes such a nice visual too.

Stephanie: I like the idea of applying this idea to the inside of my bathroom vanity cabinet door.

Krista: This is a really smart idea! Great for me since I have less than 8 make-up items total. Very cool!

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Bathroom Vanity Organized Using Spice Racks

How simple and great is this idea? Use standard kitchen organization tools like spice racks to get your bathroom vanity in order. Love it!

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Bamboo Bath Accessories

Intricately pieced, eco-friendly bamboo glows with a warm, natural...more

I love a matching (but not too cutesy) bathroom set like this bamboo one from Crate & Barrel.

hihorosie: love bamboo

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Medicine Cabinet Organized With Bins And Labels


Check out this organized medicine cabinet from blogger Delightful Order. You can buy the labels from her site. I am doing this when I have time! I can imagine organizing some general junk shelves this way too (e.g. batteries, light bulbs, etc.

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Lands' End Canvas Bags

We have a bunch of these and organize by sport or activity. One bag is swimming, one is soccer, etc. Keep them all in one closet for easy access. You can even monogram them as such.

Fawnda Camarillo: Big sturdy canvas bags are great to throw onto the bike rack to go grocery shopping!

Stephanie: Definitely use my bags a lot. And yes, they are great for grocery shopping, not like those flimsy earth friendly ones. (its not earth friendly if I have to keep throwing them because they break!)

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Shoe Wall!

Suggested by Alana Brooks

Because decor can be functional and shoes are too pretty to hide in a closet!

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Rakku Shoe Wheel

Not everyone has a huge walk-in closet with space for all our shoes so how cool is this shoe wheel?! Rakku has a few other beautifully designed and functional products for shoe and other storage needs.

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Carabiner Clip to Organize Hair Ties

Suggested by Kristin

This is an easy way to keep little girls hair bands in order. Simple on and off and easy to circle around to get to the color you want.

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The Style and Go Hair Care Valet

Revolutionizing the hair styling experience everywhere, The Style and...more

Suggested by Marcy

This is the winning organziational product from Kelly Ripa's Homemade Millionaire. Organizes all your bulky appliances and messy cords into a wall mounted cabinet with a built in power source. Gets all that clutter off your counter tops and frees up valuable drawer and cabnet space. It will change your life!

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Handbag Organization via Shower Curtain Rod and Rings

I have done this for my purses in my old closet and plan to implement in my new(ish) home. You can buy a shower rod and shower curtain rings anywhere including Amazon.

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OXO Bins For The Pantry

I hate having half used bags of sugar or mismatching boxes of cereal, pretzels, etc. So I bought matching OXO bins and then stack them together.

Tina: I live in the middle of no where and every Fall I get mice, plastic/metal containers are a MUST, and they keep things neat too. Xtra bonus

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Tips For An Organized Fridge And Kitchen

Rather than rewrite this all, you can read this post from blogger Pennies & Blessings on how to get your kitchen and fridge in shape.

Fawnda Camarillo: I like that idea of the bins for the fridge shelves.

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Organizing Measuring Cups and Spoons


Hooks inside a cabinet door to hang measuring cups and spoons.

Suggested by Brittany Dixon

Measuring cups and spoons are spread throughout my kitchen drawers, this is a great way to keep them organized so that they are easily accesible!

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Backpack Rack

Jokari Backpack Rack- Single Pack...

Once you have more than one child or backpack, get one of these to stay organized and keep things off the floor or surfaces.

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Garage Cabinet Combo Unit

Garage Cabinet Combo Unit, Blue. Only $2,842.00. Buy it and Save at...more

Suggested by Catherine Wood Hill

Ok, I know it's "only" $2800 but I NEED some organization in my garage.

Eden Godsoe: I want this for our downstairs storage area / laundry room. And $2,800 is actually cheaper than getting custom closets.

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Boxes, Hooks and Baskets in the Mud Room

Suggested by Jennifer Wright

This small mudroom space maximizes storage for coats and hats and hides clutter (hats, mitts, bathingsuits, sunscreen) in the baskets.

Eden Godsoe: Jen - email me the URL or the image so I can add to this item. Sounds cool but a visual would be awesome!

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Sliding Storage System on the Garage Ceiling

Suggested by Brittany Dixon

Saw this on Pinterest. Considering the garage is always the first place to put unwanted junk, this is a great system to keep things out of the way!

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Kaleido Trays

Clara von Zweigbergk’s projects are usually first crafted from...more

Suggested by CatK

These would work well for serving food, organizing jewelry and sorting junk drawers.

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Fully customizable drawer organizer for the home (kitchen, office,...more

Suggested by Kevin

Fully customizable to fit any size drawer, any utensil/item. Stylish colors add fun to my drawers!

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Coin Sorter

Motorized Electric Coin Sorter. Brookstone's motorized coin banks...more

This may sound strange but I hate change. I particularly hate pennies. I know let my kids gather up change and then deposit rolls of 50 pennies or whatnot to their bank account. They learn about money and I get ride of clutter (aka change.)

Larissa: I've always wanted one of these!

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Battery Storage

Suggested by Larissa

I can't believe this isn't on your list, it's a must for organization junkies.

Eden Godsoe: I originally had this on my list and got mocked by people. Will be moving this back up. Sometimes it's the small things that make me happy!

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Cord Zipper

I hate seeing cords all over the place, be it computer cords, cable cords or anything else. Invest in a few cable cord zippers.

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Label Maker

PT1010 is a handheld Electronic Labeler with rubber grip.

It sounds nerdy but a good label maker makes for great organization. Don't go too crazy and label everything. It's nice to have matching labels on bins, storage shelves, filing systems, etc.

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Label Maker!

Suggested by mommy22sf

Put labels closets, busy spaces where kids roam and store their things, kids desks, everywhere. From socks, to pencils, to spaces for soccer gear, swimming and backpacks. Labels keep the whole family organized.

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iRobot / Roomba Vacuuming Robot

Cleans routinely, so you don't have to. 500 Series robots offer the...more

My husband gave this to me for a Christmas gift and I couldn't have been happier. I LOVE my iRobot. You turn it on and it moves over carpets, rugs, hardwood and more to pick up all the dust and whatever else is there.

Fawnda Camarillo: <3 iRobot

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Organize Your Home & Life CD

This 80-minute audio CD from SkinnyScooper Lori Krolik takes you on a tour of your home, room-by-room, and offers ideas as well as tips and activities to help organize your home, reduce stress, and make daily life easier.

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Find out where your nearest Goodwill (or similar) dropoff is located and try to make monthly runs. I love the feeling of dropping off a bunch of stuff at Goodwill - it declutters my home and it's a good cause.

Catherine Wood: I am the anti "horder". When in doubt, donate!

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After the success to my "Favorite Organizing Products and Decluttering Tips" list, I thought I would dive deeper into kitchen organization. Kitchens can get cluttered and disorganized like no other room.

What should I add to this list?

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