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Good Reads on Female Entrepreneurs and Women in the Workforce by Eden Godsoe

by Eden Godsoe, posted to Career & Money

Roundup of articles, posts, research papers and data on women and entrepreneurship with a heavy bent towards technology and VCs. Also sprinkled in some general stats on women purchase power and other stats.

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Venture Capitalists Don't Respect Female Entrepreneurs | Business Insider

Though the study is still in its preliminary stages and more results...more

This reminds me of the business case study of Heidi / "Henry" Roizen. When the CEO was presented as a she (Heidi - the real CEO), people thought her a bitch. When the name was switched to Henry, he was the kind of leader everyone wanted to work for.

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Silicon Valley Discriminates Against Women, Even If They're Better | PBS

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa discovers that the famed...more

Nothing too surprising in this article - as a Silicon Valley female entrepreneur myself I'm well aware of what the authors writes about. What I find interesting is all the comments - most from hostile men who just don't get it.

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Confidence Woman | Time

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg is on a mission to change the balance...more

Yet another one focused on Sheryl Sandberg and her new "Lean In" book and organization. She truly is an impressive woman. This is a good read with lots of interesting stats.

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In this corner there's Sheryl Sandberg. In this corner there's Anne-Marie Slaughter | PandoDaily

My advice to women is frankly not to listen too much to any advice....more

I am a big fan of Sarah Lacy of PandoDaily and this article really resonated with me. The bottom line - women should stop comparing and judging. Each one of us can define what "having it all" means and stop questioning each others' work-life choices.

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Sheryl Sandberg Presents: Deeply Troubling Stats About Women | Business Insider

Why do women ;limit their ambitions and sabotage their own careers?

Full of interesting stats on women in the workforce, how we view ourselves vis-a-vis men, and much more.

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Women Executives Make Venture-Backed Companies More Successful | WSJ

New data suggest investors should seek out female-led companies.

Good article that outlines facts and data rather than speculating on why women make good leaders or improve team dynamics.

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Investing in Women: Infographic

Investing in Women: Infographic focus on venture capital

Interesting infographic covering female entrepreneurs, VCs and capital flows.

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41 Female Founders Every Entrepreneur Should Know

The success of prominent female leaders such as Facebook‘s Sheryl...more

Congrats to all the women on this list, including my friend Anne Raimondi of One Jackson.

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Being a Momtrepreneur Is Hard. So Is Everything Else in the World. Let's Move On | PandoDaily

Regular readers know how much I hate the whole "Woe is me, I'm a woman...more

I love this article from Sarah Lacy. I agree that women can have it all - you just need to realistically define what "all" means. Sure it's tough but why shouldn't it be?

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Why Women Still Can't Have It All | The Atlantic

It's time to stop fooling ourselves, says a woman who left a position...more

This article is really making the rounds among my girlfriends - both working and stay-at-home moms. Most of what she writes resonates but I still like believing we can have it all!

Shannon Anderson: This was such an honest article that it is hard to not to relate to several pieces of it. There is nothing wrong with trying to have it all, but we should also make sure that we are ok that it just may not happen.

CatK: Shannon - good point. And I also think that "balance" and "having it all" means different things to different people. To one woman it might mean working 20 hours per week so she can cook homemade meals and never miss a baseball practice. To another woman it might mean making it to the C-level at a company while still having a loving husband and children she spends quality time with.

CatK: PS - for now I have chosen the less work / more family time route and I do think I have it all.

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Nurturing a Baby and a Start-Up Business | The New York Times

Some women are combining the dual challenges of motherhood and...more

Good read on balancing starting a company with having kids (something I know all too well!) Includes quotes from women I admire including Aileen Lee and Jessica Herrin.

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Sorry, Young Man, You're Not the Most Important Demographic in Tech | The Atlantic

Despite companies' hamfisted, male-focused marketing efforts,...more

While not directly related to women and technology, speaks to the fact that women are now the biggest consumers of technology and that we are the early adopters who drive new Internet, mobile & tech businesses. So more of us should start companies and get funding!

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Kleiner Perkins Sued By Partner Ellen Pao, Alleging Sexual Harassment, Gender Discrimination | TechCrunch

Kleiner Perkins Caulfield and Byers, one of the most storied and...more

There has been plenty of coverage of Ellen Pao's lawsuit. I actually find the comments in this TechCrunch more interesting (and sometimes very aggressive and disturbing) to read than the actual article.

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The Future Of Humankind Is Dependent On Technovation Girls | Forbes

Venture capitalist Ben Horowitz believes in the importance of women in...more

Kudos to Ben Horowitz on this talk. He stresses that girls innovate differently then boys and they also educate others which boys don't do. Our world is rapidly changing due to technology and we need girls/women to be part of that change...literally for the good of the world.

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Women at Work: Can Startups Level the Playing Field? | Mashable

The infographic below, based on compiled research from the University...more

Interesting infographic on women's positions within start-ups, VCs, funding, etc.

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Thoughts on how to live

I love to write especially on topics like self-development, what it is...more

Suggested by Blake Landau

Hope my challenges help other women going through the same thing

Eden Godsoe: Blake - thx for sharing your blog. I'm going to read through some posts and spotlight one on my list.

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Why Women Continue to Lag Behind Men In The Startup Community | Forbes

Interviews reveal five common themes contributing to the fewer number...more

A good quick read on contributing factors to the small percentage of female entrepreneurs, especially in the field of technology.

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These Charts About Women In Leadership Prove How Far The U.S. Is Behind The Rest Of The World | Business...

Even as European Union considers implementing quotas to increase the...more

I can't say that I'm that surprised that the US is far behind Europe and even South America. Disappointed yes...surprised no.

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Why Aren’t There More Female Entrepreneurs? | Both Sides of the Table


I'm often asked the question about why there aren't more women who are...more

Thoughtful article by Mark Suster. Perhaps even more interesting are the comments from both men and women as well as Mark's responses to those.

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Oh Hai Sexism: Why Aren't There More Women In Technology? | Storify

So Shanley Kane, self-described "very nice girl, DPS princess,...more

This Storify article from Charles Author is a must read. He tracked the tweets of a young woman and the guys who run Geeklist, Geeklist should be ashamed of themselves. The men played to every bad, sexist stereotype possible. They shared in a public forum what many women know goes on privately.

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6 Lessons the Girl Scouts Can Teach Entrepreneurs | The Next Women

When you sign up for a box of Thin Mints or Samoas, do you realize...more

I was a Brownie (Canadian equivalent of younger Girl Scouts) for a few years. Back in those days I would load up my wagon with cookies and go door-to-door selling them.

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Why Women Make Better Leaders | Forbes

When you type "Why are women __" into Google search, the first term...more

Good article that outlines the many strengths women have as leaders, be it of a country, a large company or a startup. Those include communication, empathy and perspective.

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The Plain Numbers About Women In Tech | Pleasure & Pain

I’m not much for the “women in tech” stuff — preferring to...more

Great analysis behind female partners at large VCs. The numbers are not good...

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Why Women Rule The Internet | TechCrunch

This guest post is written by Aileen Lee, Partner at Kleiner Perkins...more

This is a very good read from Aileen Lee, a top venture capitalist. It is strong with opinion but includes the facts and stats to back it up.

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Cultural Constraints on Women Leaders | New York Times

A new study argues that women are often held back by cultures that...more

This is a powerful read on tight versus loose societies and the impact they have on female leaders. Of particular note is that while some women have gotten to the top of businesses, women have not (as yet) created paradigm-shifting companies like Google, Apple or Facebook. SkinnyScoop will change that!

Dina: Time to look closely at these issues

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Why Women Are To Blame For The "Pink Ghetto" Of Entrepreneurs | Forbes

Well-intentioned women, with the mission of driving more and more...more

I am so sick of hearing that women shouldn't start companies that focus on retail, fashion, beauty, parenting. If there is a big opportunity (and all of those markets are huge) and a woman has knowledge and passion for that space, isn't that a good thing?!

Penelope Poet: I'm with you Eden!

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Handbags vs. Hard Drives: Women in Entrepreneurship | The Daily Muse

Our tech columnist was irritated at female entrepreneurs—until she...more

This post argues that it's not all a bad thing that female entrepreneurs are launching so-called "soft" businesses in online ecommerce rather than hard core tech companies. Rent the Runway, Stella & Dot and others are great examples. Not to mention that plenty of male entrepreneurs are making businesses of female-focused ecommerce opportunities.

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Challenge To Investment Community: Go Beyond Pattern Matching | Women 2.0

Silicon Valley and the tech community is built on hope. As an...more

Insightful article from angel investor and entrepreneur Christina Brodbeck that talks about how investors tend to use pattern recognition and invest in what they are familiar with. With most investors being male, this can hurt female entrepreneurs.

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Why Your Next Board Member Should Be A Woman | TechCrunch

While women comprise 51% of the population, they make up only 15.7% of...more

Another good read from Aileen Lee on why companies should have diverse boards. This is not about diversity as a buzz word or a PC thing to do; it's about what women bring to boards and leadership teams.

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Why Many Women Entrepreneurs Secretly Decide to Play Small | Soulful Affluence

Although I know that they exist, I’ve yet to meet a woman...more

Kudos to Yvonne Bynoe for a thoughtful article on how women don't dream big enough. I meet so many cocky, young men with zippo experience who aren't afraid to boast about how their businesses will change the world. Yet so few women - even those that are accomplished and experienced - promote themselves or their startups like that.

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Obstacles Faced By Women Entrepreneurs | Fox Business


Any entrepreneur faces challenges when getting started with his or her...more

I read this post as I thought it would be insightful. I was wrong. Some of the reasons the female writer says women entrepreneurs fail - we take things too personally, we try to do it all, we don't have plans and we can't articulate our business well. Who exactly did she interview for this article. Certainly not the female entrepreneurs I know!

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Why Women Have To Work Harder To Do Startups | VentureBeat

Startups are not too hard for women. Women just have to work way...more

A thoughtful article from Julia Hu in response to Penelope Trunk's article that claimed women aren’t cut out for entrepreneurship because they are too distracted by childbearing and the desire for "a good house, good clothes and a cushion for emergencies.”

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The Top 30 Stats You Need To Know When Marketing To Women | The Next Web

Women are earning, spending, and influencing spending at a greater...more

Roundup of key stats including: women control 85% of consumer purchases and 91% of women say advertisers don't speak to them.

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Working Women: Still Struggling | The Economist

Women have made huge progress in the workplace, but still get lower...more

Short read with some infographics on women in CEO positions, the wage gap, etc.

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5 Tips From Female Entrepreneurs | SG Entrepreneurs

Suggested by terence

Great list of tips from female entrepreneurs.

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The New Girls Network: Building A Bigger Pie For High-Growth Women-Led Companies | Women 2.0

There are incredible things happening in the startup world for women...more

This is a nice roundup of the various resources, media platforms, investment firms and accelerator programs that help female entrepreneurs. Interesting to note the article was written by a man.

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Woman Work: Holding Contradictory Ideas in her Mind | Blake Landau

A sane woman must have an ability to hold two contradictory ideas in...more

Suggested by Blake Landau

I speak the true experience of women/girls today

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