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LEGO Lovers List of Gift Ideas by Eden Godsoe

by Eden Godsoe, posted to Gifts

Everyone know one - that boy who is obsessed with LEGOs, that girl who can build LEGO structures like nobody's business, that adult who uses her children's LEGOs more than they do. Given that I know all three (my son is obsessed, my daughter kicks butt at building, and I am that adult), I've pulled... More »

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Belkin LEGO Case

The LEGO iPhone case is designed to protect the buttons on the sides...more

For LEGO lovers old enough to have a smart phone. This one is for the iPhone 5 but you can find them for the iPhone 4 and other smart phones as well.

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LEGO Alarm Clock Radio

Kids of all ages love their LEGO bricks! Now you can have great new...more

Amazon offers a few different LEGO alarm clocks but this one gets the best reviews and has the most functionality.

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LEGO Games

Grow, swap and scare your way to victory in this fast, fun and...more

There are a number of LEGO games to pick from. We have this basic one but there are also Star Wars or Harry Potter ones. My son first played it at a friend's house and loved it so much we gave to him for Christmas last year.

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LEGO Notebook

Write, Draw, Build. Yes, its made from a real LEGO® plate! Royal Blue...more

I found this on Etsy and you know that I will be buying at least one for my son. Thank you MissCourageous for the great creation!

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LEGO Storage Brick

Our X-Large LEGO® Storage Brick makes a huge impression when it comes...more

Container Store has these in XL, M and S. They hold a lot of LEGO and can stack onto one another like normal LEGO. Very cool!

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I LEGO N.Y. is an imaginative look at life in New York City...more

A look at life in New York City constructed entirely out of LEGOs. How cool is that?

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Classic 2x4 studded red LEGO brick design. Measures 6" (16cm) tall, 3"...more

Both my son and daughter love LEGO and they love to save up their allowances to buy more...this seems like the perfect gift!

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LEGO Watch

Plastic Case Soccor, Removable watch head. Easy-to-read dial....more

My son received one of these watches for his 6th birthday and loves it. You can pick from a number of themes and colors.

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LEGO Drinking Bottle

This playful bottle is a "must-have" gift for the LEGO lover on your...more

Comes in a bunch of different colors.

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LEGO Designer Tool Set

Includes Brick Separator and Lego Ruler for easier designing of lego...more

Separating those little LEGO pieces can be tricky, so a separator tool is a great idea. I haven't played with the LEGO ruler yet but it sounds interesting.

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Silver LEGO Cufflinks

Fine silver cufflinks cast onto real Lego bricks perfect for the groom...more

For the grown up man who is still a LEGO lover...

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LEGO Bracelet

Stretch bracelet measures approx. 7 Yes, those are real altered LEGO®...more

Another great find made by Miss Courageous and found on Etsy. My daughter would love this. I like that it combines her tomboy side with her princess girl side.

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The LEGO Book

Reveal, explore, and celebrate the fascinating LEGO® story in The...more

My son has this book and loves studying all the pieces they showcase. This book isn't about how to build but more like a LEGO encyclopedia...which is pretty darn cool!

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The LEGO Ideas Book

Now with The LEGO Ideas Book, you can take what you already have and...more

This book is full of ideas for using your LEGOs to build different structures and things.

Larissa: Do you have the Lego Brickmaster books? Is this one better, can't decide which to buy.

Eden Godsoe: We have them ALL. My son constantly has his nose in them. I don't think you can go wrong with any of these books. In fact I had to replace my sons LEGO Star Wars Encyclopedia book because he looked at it so much it got worn through.

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A Trip To A LEGO Store

There's always a new and exciting event happening at the LEGO Store...more

Imagine your child's delight when they find out they can go to the LEGO store, grab a big basket and pick out LEGOs they want to add to their collection.

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LEGO Workstation and Storage Unit

Organize your Lego's by color, size, set. Build and display creations...more

I will be buying this or something similar this Christmas. Amazon has a great selection of official LEGO storage units or you can find other organization systems that will work with you house.

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LEGO Sort And Store

The perfect container for sorting and storing LEGO pieces, and a great...more

Suggested by Larissa

Like a coin sorter but for Legos - perfect for organizing your pieces.

Penelope Poet: My son and I discovered these at the Container Store yesterday! The heads click onto the larger lego shaped storage boxes too. My one grip about this is the price. $19.99 for a plastic lego head? Ah well. Such is the cost of novelty.

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LEGO Building Plates

Whether you're constructing an ocean scene or just like the color...more

If you are like my LEGO loving family, you are always in need of more platforms to construct those cities, building, planets...whatever your creation may be. I plan to buy my son 4 or more of these as stocking stuffers.

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LEGO Deluxe Brick Box

Includes 2 minifigures, special pieces include wheels, windows, and...more

We have plenty of special kits (Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc) but sometimes you just need the basic pieces. And I love that this box has a brick separator tool.

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LEGO Minifigure USB Flash Drive


Great stocking stuffer for LEGO lovers.

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