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Subscription Shopping Sites: Beyond Wine & Cheese by Eden Godsoe

by Eden Godsoe, posted to Gifts

Subscription shopping is all the rage! Celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Project Runway winner Christian Siriano have partnered with MBA-types to brand shoe and accessory sites. Even the Olsen twins have a subscription shopping site for t-shirts. Check out this roundup list and do share anything... More »

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BABY & KIDS: Wittlebee

Wittlebee is a kids clothing club. We aim to keep parents well stocked...more

For $39 a month, Wittlebee ships you a box of mini staples (tees, leggings, socks, etc) for your child. Age ranges go from 0-6 months to 2-5 years old. I have not used Wittlebee & not sure it would work for my family - we get a lot of hand-me-downs & family members love giving my kids clothing for bdays, Christmas, etc. Curious if others have or would use this.

AngelaG: I tried this as well, they had a deal where you could get 2 months at half off. It's okay you can customize it further. Some folks I know love it. if I had to give a rating it would be about 3 1/2 stars. The clothes are hit or miss with me, I like some and don't really care for the others.

KaityP: If you want something that is customizable, FabKids is similar to Wittlebee but much more stylish and you get to pick the clothes yourself! You get a full outfit based on a style quiz that you can take with your kid. It's usually 49.95 but definitely worth it as the quality and styles are really great. The also have a deal going on right now where the first outfit is $25.00 if you use the code FIRST25.

Eden Godsoe: Thanks for all the info ladies. Curious about both of these - do either go beyond babies & toddlers to 5+ year olds boys & girls? Thx

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BABY & KIDS: Citrus Lane

Discover the baby products moms recommend most with a subscription to...more

Citrus Lane tailors each box for a different stage of motherhood from pregnancy to age 2. How fun for the mom to keep receiving boxes with useful & beautiful items. Gifts start at $75 for 3 months.

Scarlet: Great job with this list Eden. You sure did get the word out!

AngelaG: I have this service and absolutely love it, can't wait for it to come every month.

LeslieJ: I have gifted this at a friend's baby shower. She loved it. And took the guess work off my plate as to what to buy (I'm not a mom yet.)

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BABY & KIDS: The Little Book Club

The subscription book club that grows with your child. As your child...more

For children under 6 years old. Each box includes 3 books and/or related, educational activity (puzzle, workbook, etc.) The cost is $24.95/month or $300/year.

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BABY & KIDS: FabKids

Each month you’ll find new perfectly styled outfits—just for your...more

Similar to ShoeDazzle, you answer questions about your child to uncover their "style." For $50/month you get a complete child's outfit (e.g. top & bottom or dress & leggings) that fits her style. They currently only have girls size 2-8.

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BABY & KIDS: Umba Box

A unique subscription service delivering curated handmade products...more

Suggested by Larissa

Get monthly delivery full of handmade, artisan products like stationary, jewelry, bath products, or home accessories. Check out their Pinterest page for a better idea of what types of surprises you will receive:

Eden Godsoe: Thanks for sharing. This is a great addition. The Pinterest URL doesn't seem to work - maybe it got cut off?

Larissa: here's the correct URL, Pinterest also has been down all morning:

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BABY & KIDS: BumpBundle

Suggested by EatandSipintheCity

Introducing Baby Bump Bundle, LLC, offering handpicked pregnancy gifts for moms-to-be and newborn babies. We offer a subscription where you can get 3 of our BumpBundle gift boxes sent through your pregnancy- one for each trimester! We also offer one-off BumpBundle’s as well as a BabyBundle gift box.

Eden Godsoe: I clicked through but it looks like there might be some issues with the landing page. Are you up & running? Would love to move you up to my "main" list above. Thanks for the suggestion!

EatandSipintheCity: Yes Eden- we are up and running! I fixed the web link, sorry about that! We think you and the members here will love our BumpBundle and BabyBundle gift boxes.

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BABY & MOM: bluum

Product discovery made easy! Perfect for new and expecting moms. ...more

Suggested by Sebastian Reichelt

bluum sends a monthly box of little happies to your home. It's a gift that keeps giving, or simply delights your day. Plans start at $9/month.

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BABY & MOM: Mommébox

Mommébox is a curated box of beauty and lifestyle products for the...more

Mommebox costs $20 for one "season" box or $15 per box for four season.

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BEAUTY: BeautyMint

A new concept in personalized skin care.

Suggested by Juliette Nuccio

Beautymint is Jessica Simpson's beauty products club. Set to launch in October 2011. Each item will be $29.99.

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BEAUTY: Birchbox

Birchbox is designed to be a smart, streamlined, and fun way to try...more

For $10/mo (12 mo subscription) you get 4-5 deluxe samples delivered to your door every month. You can also give Birchbox as a gift. Anyone who knows me knows I am not very into make-up. Curious what other people's experience has been.

asc85: Birchbox is amazing, I am so happy that I found it!

Martha: Birchbox is a wonderful way to try new products without the hassle. They also have a fantastic blog with news, tips and videos.

Krista: I got a sample from Birchbox at a launch party in San Francisco and really liked it. I've read lots of good reviews on blogs, and I know that Jenn of does regular posts about her goodies. Seems inexpensive enough to try!

the stylish housewife: i LOVE birchbox! i have several reviews on my blog for those of you who want a peek into what birchbox is all about! thanks for the shout-out krista!

Stitch Fix: We get BirchBoxes in the office and love playing with them!

Scarlet: Love it sometimes and am disappointed at others. It is a great and affordable way to try new products!

AngelaG: This I have and love, their selection is always interesting!

LeslieJ: Love me some Birchbox. I look forward to it every month. Some months disappoint but most are great.

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BEAUTY: Julep Maven

Julep Maven is like Birchbox for nail polish addicts! Monthly boxes...more

Suggested by the stylish housewife

I am a nail polish addict and REALLY want to try this program out!!! Has anyone else joined? I'd love to hear about it!!!

Juliette: Thanks for sharing. I am going to sign up now! :)

Lacey Scheunemann: This program is wonderful! You get to take the fun quiz to get your profile, then each month you get an email w/ your preview. If you aren't into your profile that month you can choose another! So you really can't be disappointed! :) Then I have to acknowledge that Julep's polish is by far some of the best ever! I am hard on my hands and after wearing Lenore (their Christmas silver) for a week I only had a few chips on the end of one nail... not even really noticeable! And if you ever have any problems j

Lacey Scheunemann: Whoops - the polish name is Leighton, not Lenore... I was thinking of my Scenty warmer named Lenore! So Leighton is their Christmas silver! :)

Lacey Scheunemann: And now I see it looks like my comment was cut off: but if you have any problems just call their customer service team! Those ladies are wonderful! :) Ok I'm done now!! Go join! haha!

Missy Lowman: I love Julep! The company is great, the customer service is wonderful. If there are any problems, they fix things quickly and make it right. They listen to user feed back and have made the packaging better. Their nail polishes are hands down the best I have ever used. The colors are true, they take 2 coats at most, and last a long time. It's definitely worth it.

Jackie: Sounds very cool! You may have just sold me into trying this out Lacey :)

Krista: I'm definitely impressed by all of this talk about the quality - one of my biggest issues with polishes is that they chip away so easily. I like the idea of email previews (Lacey) - disappointment is never fun.

Scarlet: Again, it sounds like a must have!

AngelaG: Very cool service. I have this one too. They also send out extra gifts periodically. There is a code out there where you can try your first month for a penny by using the promo code "penny" and of course pick someone if you sign up that you can give credit to.

Lisa A Carrieroman: I'm a big fan!

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Karisma is a unique monthly subscription service for lip balm lovers...more

Suggested by Shanna Haydel

I just discovered it and love it as I am a lip balm addict, I don't like wearing a lot of makeup but I have to have my lip balm and this lip balm is tinted so it gives me that extra little pop of color!!

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BEAUTY: Hoseanna

Shop for Women's Legwear, health and beauty products by subscription...more

You select your must-have items and select an auto-ship frequency (usually monthly or every 2-3 months.) They ship you the items. I am not sure if there is a minimum or who pays for shipping. Has anyone used them?

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BEAUTY: Trinket Women

Women's essentials delivered monthly through your letterbox

You guessed it - a subscription shopping service for tampons delivered discretely each month. Sorry American and Canadian friends - Trinkets only delivers in the UK at present.

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BEAUTY: My Cotton Bunny

My Cotton Bunny is the monthly subscription service that bundles your...more

Suggested by Emberbutterfly

For $14/month you get a new supply of tampons along with a couple of treats like chocolates or a cami.

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BEAUTY: Juniper

WHATEVER your tampon preference, Juniper will deliver the brand you...more

And yet another subscription service for tampons and the like. They charge $28/month and throw in treats to pamper you during this time of the month.

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BEAUTY: HelloFlo

All your tampons and feminine supplies delivered right to your door in...more

Yes - it is another subscription service for feminine products aka tampons. They even have plans called Low Flo ($14/mo), Medium Flo ($16/mo) and Heavy Flo ($18/mo.)

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BEAUTY: The Organically Green Soap of the Month

From $6.50 a month, subscribe and get a beautifully handcrafted...more

Suggested by Mary

A niche player but subscription shopping nonetheless. Treat yourself to handcrafted organic all-natural soap every month for $6.50.

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A monthly bag full of fun, must-have picks curated by the POPSUGAR...more

Suggested by Julia Straus

This is brand new! For just $35/month, you get the best in fashion, beauty, fitness, home décor and more – shipped directly to your door. Brought to you by POPSUGAR.

aminassian: Thanks for the recommendation! Just subscribed and super excited about the Must Have bag curated by PopSugar editors!

Julia Straus: only a few days left to sign up for the July bag!

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CRAFTS: Kiwi Crate

Kids' hands-on activities - including arts, crafts, science -...more

Kiwi Crate is relatively new. For $19.95/mo, they mail you the materials & instructions for 1 craft. I like the idea of having crafts to do with my kids. Just got my first kit so will let you know how it goes!

Scarlet: Love this! Each box does exactly as you stated, "Spark creativity and curiosity" and is definitely lots of fun!

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 This is my favorite list! I find myself referencing back to it time and time again, whether it's for myself or it's to find gifts for my friends. I love that you continually update it with new listings. Thanks for the inspiration!


 Wow - this is quite a list. I know some of these may not exist in a year or so but I plan to gift a few for this Christmas.