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Recommendations to Create a Pinkalicious Princess Party by Eden Godsoe

by Eden Godsoe, posted to Weddings & Events

If your daughter is like mine, she will beg for a pink princess party at some point between ages 3 to 6. So why not embrace the opportunity to go overboard and create a truly special birthday for your daughter.

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This set of Your Princess’ Birthday Invitation: Personal Stationery...more

Every party starts with the invitation. has a number of princess invites but I loved the simplicity of this one.

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Special Dress For The Birthday Princess

This beautiful two tone dress has a bright pink crushed velvet bodice...more

The birthday girl needs to wear something special. My daughter picked out this Sleeping Beauty dress for her 4th birthday.

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Outfit For The Rebel Princess

Suggested by Krista

So cute - a princess with a little touch of trend: cheetah! Found on Totsy. Great for the birthday girl's sister or a guest. Or even the birthday girl!

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Tiaras and Other Dress-up Items

As each girl enters, you can give them a tiara, a wand, beads and other dress-up items to go with their pink dresses.

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Princess Shoes To Try On

Set up a stool or chair where the girls can sit to try on some princess shoes. This 3-pack from Amazon is only $10. It also makes a great gift for a princess loving girl.

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Disney Princess Jumpy House

Every princess needs a castle in her kingdom!  The Disney Princess...more

Even little princesses can't resist a jumpy house!

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Princess And The Pea Game

Play a real game of princess and the pea by stacking some mattresses, pillows and blankets that the girls can lie on to see if they feel a pea. This book was one of my favs as a girl and is now one of my daughter's favs.

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Disney Princess CD

Music for your royal Celebration! Disney Princess Ultimate Song...more

My daughter already loves this CD and plays it constantly on her pink CD player (a great present if your daughter is into such things.)

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Plates, Cups and Other Decorations

There are lots of options for princess plates, cups and other decorations. I preferred ones that were more generic princess rather than Disney princess.

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Pinkalicious Party Supplies

Use Pinkalicious themed party supplies to decorate and set the party...more

Suggested by Party All Ready

There are lots of Pinkalicious themed party supplies that will help make the party feel special and match the Pinkalicious theme.

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Crown Cookie Cutter

You can use a cookie cutter like this one to make sandwiches, pizza or any food item a little more fun.

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Princess Cupcakes

I'm a fan of cupcakes over cakes for birthday parties - so much easier to divvy up. If you are in San Francisco, try Kara's Cupcakes - so yummy and they even deliver!

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Tiara Pinata

10" x 10"

Instead of party bags, get a pink tiara pinata and stuff it with princess items as well as candy. A fun and easy way to end the party.

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Princess Goody Bags

Suggested by Larissa

Filled with a tiara, princess-related book, pink candy, jewelry, beads.

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A Pink Dress For Mom

Mango Women's Straight-cut Dress

Get into the spirit with a pink dress of your own. I love the shape of this dress. It's something you could wear on lots of other occassions.

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No Need To Go Overboard: Pink Ponies Case Study

In 2010 john st. took on its toughest challenge yet. Make Chelsea...more

This is a hilarious video from an ad agency that mocks how crazy today's birthday parties have gotten. Watch it for a good laugh!

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