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Recommended Books for Advanced Boy Readers Aged 5-8 by Eden Godsoe

by Eden Godsoe, posted to Books

My son started reading at an early age (he didn't get it from me so I take no credit.) He was reading full chapter books before Kindergarten. While there are plenty of chapter books for boys, I needed the content to be appropriate for a young boy while the book still challenged him. Here are my f... More »

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Chronicles of Narnia

Narnia . . . where a dragon awakens . . . where stars walk the earth ....more

My son just started reading this at 7.5 years old so definitely think its for the 7+ age set.

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Encyclopedia Brown Series

My husband read these as a boy and so introduced them to my son when my son was about 4 years old. First they read them together and now my son reads them alone. I love that they incorporate critical thinking - you need to try to solve the case.

Darya: Although I have read them with my kids and am AMAZED how simplistic the mystery is:)

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Magic Tree House Series

Get ready for a world of adventure with the first four titles in the...more

I don't even know how many books are in the Magic Tree House series (more than 30 I believe) but enough to keep a young reader engaged for a long time. My son has powered through 20+ of them and still goes back to the earlier ones to re-read once in a while.

Scarlet: Agree. Love the entire series!

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Dragons of Blueland Series

Suggested by Erin

A young boy recounts his father's adventures on an island where animals are endowed with human traits. There are several books in the series and they are great.

Annabel: All 3 of my kids love(d) this series. You can buy it as one book with 3 stories in it, and we love giving that as a bday gift for 4-6 year olds.

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The Spiderwick Chronicles

My sister turned me onto the Spiderwick Chronicles and they were a big hit. My son (then just about to turn 6) whizzed through the series and absolutely loved them.

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Harry Potter Series

Fabulous Box Set Containing Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone,...more

JK Rowling is a genius. The first books in the Harry Potter series are appropriate for a 5 year old yet still a fun read for an adult. The language challenged my son but in a good way.

Scarlet: It speaks for itself!

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Secret Agent Jack Stalwart Series

In this action-packed new series, nine-year old secret agent Jack...more

Our son started reading these at about 6 but got more interested at about 7 years old. They are fairly easy reads - I would compare them to the Magic Tree House series.

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The 39 Clues Series

Suggested by Erin

Might be better for slightly older readers, but won’t disappoint. A wealthy matriarch scatters cryptic clues to a mysterious fortune around the globe and a brother / sister team try to find all the clues. It does have some scenes where the children are nearly killed by their competitors and many of the competitors are not fair, nice or moral people, so these books are for the high end of this age group. Great series though.

Eden Godsoe: This sounds great. Harry Potter has scenes where kids aren't nice and a child even dies in one of the books, so this should play well to children who are already reading that content.

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Captain Underpants Collection

Who would think a book called Captain Underpants would make a top list but it is more than worth. The humor is pretty silly with references to farts and toilet time but my son (and actually now my daughter) love this series.

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I originally thought the content in this book would be too mature for my kindergarten-aged son but someone gave him the book and he loved it. He continues to go back and re-read sections of it.

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The Five Ancestors Series

If your son is at all into ninjas, then he will love this series. We just got the first three in the series and my son is loving them.

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Sea Ranch Serenity : Cleared for Takeoff - The Triporati Blog

Posted by Darya Mead

Suggested by Darya Mead

The Little Prince -- it is a bit esoteric and philosophical, but great to read with your 5-7yo and then rent the movie from the 70's. I wrote about our experience reading this on a weekend getaway

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Warriors Series

Although Amazon recommends this series for 10 & up, my 6 year old is loving it. It's about clans of cats. Sounds strange but both my nephew and now my son can't get enough.

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"Fudge" Series by Judy Blume

Suggested by Erin

Any of the “Fudge” Series by Judy Blume (Superfudge, Fudge-a-mania, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing). Great stories from the 1970’s that I read as a kid. Entertaining for both of my kids.

Eden Godsoe: How could I have forgotten about Judy Blume?! Absolutely getting these for our son who is entering 1st grade soon.

Scarlet: Huge Judy Blume fan - AYTGIMM, OKASTG, T4THGR!

sapitaj: One warning, though. In one of the Fudge books, there is a big discussion about the existence of Santa. Could be a bummer for younger readers.

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A Series of Unfortunate Events

This series has 13 books in it. Every parent I talk to raves about it.

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The Hardy Boys Series

Grownups will remember Frank and Joe Hardy and their ability to solve...more

My husband, my father and my brother all read The Hardy Boys. I recently saw the series on a friend's son's bookshelves and knew I had to add to this list. It will be fun for my husband to re-read these with our son.

Scarlet: And their BFF, Nancy Drew!

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Usborne Illustrated Stories from Dickens

The classics may be a little advanced and wordy for a 5-7 year old reader but Usborne does a great job condensing things so they are just right for that age group. This particular book has the Dickens classics but Usborne has others focused on Greek Mythology, Shakespeare and Grimms fairytales.

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Encyclopedia & Reference Books

Looking at the technology all around us-and then explaining how it...more

If you have gone through chapter books and are looking for something different that is appropriate for young children, why not buy some encyclopedias and other reference books. There are some great ones to choose from including DK Publishing, Smithsonian and Usborne. My son can get lost in these for hours.

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More Recommendations: Great Kid Books

A site to help parents find great books for the children, ages 4 - 14,...more

Suggested by Mary Ann Scheuer

Come check out my wide range of recommendations. You can search by ages or interests. If you like what you see, subscribe using email or an RSS feed.

Eden Godsoe: Mary Ann - Thank you for sharing!

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