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The Bachelor & The Bachelorette: Must Reads from Around the Web by Eden Godsoe

by Eden Godsoe, posted to TV, Movies & Music

It's fair to say I am obsessed with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette series. I've watched every show since the first Bachelor aired with Alex Michel. Here is my roundup of good reads, gossip and much more.

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Ellen Is On The Bachelor | You Tube

They've ignored her storyline all season, so today Ellen decided to...more

This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. You have to give it to Ellen - she has moments of incredible humor!

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The Bachelor: Why Smart Women Watch (and Love) It | Huffington Post

Confession time: I watched "The Bachelor" ... and I liked it. I've...more

I am pretty open about watching (and loving) The Bachelor. Heck I even created this whole list of related good reads. I suppose it is partly the train wreck aspect since I can't stand Ben and most of the female contestants. I think it also helps me relax with mindless brain candy after a full day at the office and parenting two young children.

Love this comparison from @Mr_AndrewHunt. Personally I am not a fan of Ben's whole look.

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Illicit Sex Tape of Courtney Robertson | The Examiner

An insider says the sex tape Courtney Robertson of "The Bachelor" 2012...more

I have a feeling more than a few of these Bachelor 2012 contestants have sex tapes or other dirty little secrets. How many are really looking for love on this show as opposed to getting exposure thinking it will catapult a career.

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Best Bachelor Tweets | Huffington Post

It's already been established that (some) smart women love "The...more

A roundup of the best #Bachelor tweets from the week of Feb 13th. Plenty of tweets on Ben's hair like this one from @MissLeslieG - Are we just gonna sit here and accept Ben's hair?

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Why Ben's the Worst 'Bachelor' | Buddy Media

I've seen a whole lotta Bachelors in my day. And Ben is the worst...more

I have to agree with this post on Ben being the worst Bachelor. Of course I can't stop watching!

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Courtney and Ben Skinny Dip | Daily Mail

She has already declared war against Emily on last week's episode of...more

Ben skinny dipped with much hated Courtney. Not sure that was a good idea...

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Newton-Bracewell Funeral Homes in Chico, California provides sensitive...more

Direct link to the Shawntal's family-run mortuary business. I kinda think it's cool that she loves her job and didn't go on The Bachelor (both times) to try to advance her modeling or acting career.

Amanda Davis: Hmmm, I, like the other girls trying to earn Ben's love, felt very negatively about the arrival of Shawntal this past ep. But you're right, it is cool that she is proud of her job, even though most would feel it is creepsters.

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'The Bachelor' Skiing In Bikinis | YouTube

Ben and the girls shut down a street and go skiing on a makeshift ski...more

I have no words for this episode. Seriously - skiing in bikinis? Watch the YouTube video for a good laugh or cry.

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Ashley Hebert Updates Her Favorite Ladies on 'The Bachelor 2012'

The Bachelor is back, and fans of the franchise are keeping close eyes...more

Ashley Hebert's favorites thus far: 1. Kacie 2. Rachel 3. Nicki

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I enjoy analyzing. It’s one of the things people may consider a...more

Jenna has to be the craziest contestant yet. She describes herself as a freelance writer and cites this blog. It has so little traffic it cannot be analyzed on Compete. And love her description of herself as someone who "enjoys analyzing." What does that mean? Does she think it makes her sound smart?

Amanda Davis: She is totally cray cray... you know when they use your breakdown in promos before the season starts, you probably aren't the most stable.

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The Bachelor 2012 Episode 1 Recap | LA Times

A recap of the first episode of the new season of ABC's "The...more

The girls are crazier than ever as this recap points out. Ben does a good job juggling the craziness but so far he's a little bland and lacks charisma.

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Five Signs Ali and Roberto Were Headed for Trouble | People Magazine

The pair enjoyed proclamations of love and a trip back to Bora Bora...more

People lists out 5 obvious signs that Ali and Roberto were not headed for happily ever after...including the fact that they postponed a wedding date indefinitely.

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Introducing the 25 Bachelorettes for Bachelor 2012 | ABC

The Bachelorettes have been announced! These women will compete for...more

See pictures of and read a little about the 25 bachelorettes who will try to win Ben's heard. They include this labor & delivery nurse from Port Coquitlam, Canada.

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The Bachelor: Where Are They Now? | TV Guide

Jake Pavelka in a picture as part of TV Guide's The Bachelor: Where...more

This 2011 round up of where all the former Bachelors have ended up is a little outdated since I know that Alex Michel was married in 2010. Nonetheless a fun read to see where your fave (or most hated) Bachelors ended up.

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JP Rosenbaum: Ashley's Haircut Left Me Speechless | US Magazine

The Bachelorette star dishes on his love's dramatic new cut and color

JP claims he was speechless by fiance's Ashley Hebert's short, dark do but then goes on to say he loves it. I'm not sure I'm a fan. What do you think?

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The Bachelor Facebook Page

The Bachelor - Millions of viewers shared the heartbreak of Ben...more

The Bachelor with Ben Flajnik doesn't air until Jan 2012 but you can stay up to date with the Facebook fanpage. If you click over to Wall posts from everyone, you'll see that lots of women have posted porn photos of themselves. Not so pretty...

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Evolve Winery: Much More Than Just Ben F. | Sonoma Valley Sun

Now that the hype and dramatic buildup surrounding Sonoma’s home...more

It's pretty tough to start a winery so we'll see if Evolve succeeds. As someone who is pretty into wines (at least I like to drink them!) I'd love to taste one of Ben's wines to see if he's the real deal.

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Ben’s Girls | RealitySteve

Reality television featuring commentary from Reality Steve on Bachelor...more

Reality Steve will use this post to reveal contestants and share photos and gossip on each of Ben's potential women.

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‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik Films His First Rose Ceremony & Four Of His Women Are Revealed

Meet Ben's young and beautiful first four women: pageant queen Erika...more

Get a sneak peak at 4 of the contestants including Erika the pageant queen.

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The Bachelor To Be Filmed in San Francisco All Week

It looks as if Ben Flajnik didn't have to leave his heart in San...more

Suggested by Krista

I heard Ben was spotted out and about at the Tipsy Pig amongst other places on Chestnut Street. Can't wait to watch the show and see my neighborhood!

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See what other women say & let me know what you think about Ben Flajnik being the next Bachelor. You can click on the link above to answer the poll.

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Ashley and JP Discuss Her Sister, His Kisses, Ben's Anger, Their Future, and Team Cupcake

Finally, someone asks the question JP Rosenbaum has been waiting for:...more

Great interview with the happy couple. I really like JP.

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Neil Lane Ring


Jeweler Neil Lane chats about the reality star's diamond-and-platinum...more

This is a beautiful ring and I truly hope the relationship lasts.

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Eight Worst Things About ‘The Bachelorette’ from The Daily Beast

Andy Dehnart on why the reality-TV perennial is terrible, from its...more

I actually like Chris Harrison but agree with some of the other things listed here. At the same time, it's one of the shows I most look forward to watching.

Bentleyfan: The Bentley Apologists love your must reads and especially post about LinkedIn

Bentleyfan: Eden, would love to hear what you think of our site dedicated to our favorite Bachelorette contestant:

Eden Godsoe: Bentleyfan - I just checked out your blog. Wow...a whole blog dedicated to Bentley. Do you know him or something? Anyway, check up top this list - I added your Bentley t-shirt.

Bentleyfan: Very cool Eden. Thanks. We only know him through watching the show, but we think he is fantastic.

See all 4 comments

80% of SkinnyScoop women say NO - people cannot find true love on shows like The Bachelorette. Good luck Ashley!

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Constantine Tzortzis' Family Restaurant - Giorgio's

Fine Italian, Greek and American Food...

Constantine bowed out of The Bachelorette but if you are in the Atlanta area, maybe you can get a glipse of him at his family's restaurant.

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The Bachelorette: Who is Constantine Tzortzis?


He is seriously the most gorgeous man I've ever seen in my life!!!! He...more

Many were shocked to see Constantine bow out of The Bachelorette when he was one of the final 3. I wasn't that surprised...more that he hadn't done it sooner. There didn't seem to be much passion.

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Ryan Is Rejected

Ryan Park was our Mr. Sunshine from the blooming of the first...more

I can't say that I am surprised that Ryan was booted by Ashley. I found him to be on the annoying side. And their date was really uncomfortable with zippo sexual attraction. Agree?

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Contestant Mickey McLean Leaves After Ashley Shares About Bentley

Go Mickey! I would have been mad too if I were one of the contestants and Ashley told me she had had really strong feelings for Bentley that she continued to pursue. She really is having a difficult time with this all.

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Photos of Ashley & JP: Proof JP was the Winner?

Reality television featuring commentary from Reality Steve on Bachelor...more

I am with Reality Steve on this - I think JP is going to win. Someone even snapped these photos of Ashley & JP together.

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Bentley T-Shirt


We made a T-Shirt to support this season’s most memorable contestant...more

Check out this whole blog about Bentley called Bentley Williams Apologists. You can even buy a Bentley t-shirt if you so desire.

Bentleyfan: Because a contestant that left the show three weeks ago continues to dominate every aspect of it

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Rumors in the Blogosphere: Is Ames Gay?


This blog claims that it gets a lot of hits from people googling "is ames gay." So it decided to respond to that question (the blog seems to indicate that all signals point to yes.) Just sharing the round up - not supporting the claim. What do you think?

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Ashley Made $30K Compared to $100K for Past Bachelors & Bachelorettes

Reality stars aren't always known for bringing home the bacon in terms...more

I'm surprised anyone would do this show for even $100K but $30K for all this grief and time...definitely not. I think she needs a new Business Manager if this is the case.

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Emily Maynard Interview Sparks Rumors of Reconciliation With Brad

Brad Womack and Emily Maynard may no longer be together but Emily’s...more

I didn't really get that read from this interview. I just think Emily is a southern lady who doesn't speak badly of people. She may still think Brad id wonderful but I don't see them getting back together.

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Bachelorette Fashion: Ashley Hebert off the shoulder, beaded dress & blue silk top

This blog follows Ashley's fashion choices and even tells you where you can buy some of her clothing and jewelry.

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Background on Host Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison Biography on

Chris Harrison has grown on me & this season he is much more than a host (really a therapist for Ashley!) Quick facts about Chris: he's from Oklahoma, married w/ 2 kids, attended university on a soccer scholarship.

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Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi Will Reunite On Bachelor Pad 2

Yesterday, it was announced that Jake Pavelka would be joining the...more

Jake was just scary and creepy when he was first on The Bachelorette and then The Bachelor. And Vienna has some issues herself. Are you on Team Jake or Team Vienna or Team Neither?

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Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Didn't Graduate from Dental School

Ashley Hebert, who debuts on ABC at 9 tonight as its new...more

She's on her second reality show and leverages every opportunity to show off her dancing skill...why would I not be surprised if Ashley never became a practicing dentist.

Debbie: who are you kidding....Bentley played you ONCE AGAIN !!!! If he would have played it further by saying he wanted to come back you would have been like Jillian with Ed & let him......he would have taken you to the end & not proposed & been the victor ! He didn't so don't think you were the "adios" person. You are a tad too dumb for this kind of show !! WOW

Eden Godsoe: Debbie - I agree with you. I think Ashley would have taken him back in a heartbeat. Sad but true.

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What is Muay Thai Boxing?

Muay Thai is a combat sport from Thailand that uses stand-up striking...more

Read more about Muay Thai boxing on Wikipedia. I am actually a fan of MMA but not sure why The Bachelorette thought it would make a good group date.

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Ames Takes a Hard Hit, Rushed to the Hospital

Poor Ames...He takes a really hard hit to his head on the next...more

I get that producers thought the Muay Thai boxing date would make for good TV but I'm not sure it did. Who wants to watch a bunch of guys who don't know what they are doing try to box, let alone have some of them get hurt. No thanks.

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Bentley Williams: LinkedIn Profile Shocker

I was shocked to dig into bad boy Bentley Williams' background and see he went to both BYU and NYU and even worked at Goldman Sachs. What possibly could have made him think being an a-hole on national TV was a good idea.

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Ashley Hebert On Facebook - Only 2,000 Likes

For a public figure, it's kinda sad that she only has 2,000 likes. She needs to get on her publicist. This is her 15 minutes of fame!

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The Bachelor / Bachelorette House On Market For $13MM

The Agoura home where episodes of the ABC reality shows "The Bachelor"...more

The house used for recent seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is on the market for a mere $12.9 million. That's a steal compared to Aaron Spelling's house which was on the market for $150 million (but sold for half that.)

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The First Bachelor Alex Michel Will Always Be My Fav

Alex was the first Bachelor perhaps best remembered for dumping Trista. Although Trista went on to gain fame, Alex moved forward with a "normal" life. He'll always be my fav (not to mention a good personal friend.)

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Trista & Ryan Together 7+ Years

Back in 2003, Season 1 Bachelorette Trista Rehn was a sweet little...more

They are a little too sappy for me. He writes her poetry and calls her bubba. She says things like "you are my everything." But kudos to them for being the only successful couple to emerge from The Bachelor / Bachelorette series.

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Poll: Who has made the best Bachelorette?

Question: Who has made the best Bachelorette?

If you can believe it, Ashley is the 7th Bachelorette. First came Trista, Meredith, Jennifer, DeAnna, Jillian and Ali. The trend is all were former Bachelor contestants. Who is your fav?

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Ashley Hebert Rose Tattoo Pictures

A bunch of former Bachelor contestants (aka losers) got rose tattoos. On their wrists no less. I am not anti-tattoo (I have one) but former Bachelor contestants getting roses on their wrists? Bad idea.

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Meet The 25 Contestants From Ashley Hebert’s Bachelorette Season

See photos and read short bios of all the 25 men cast for The Bachelorette 2011. This poor guy - a seemingly sincere butcher from New Jersey - didn't make it past the first cut.

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5 Things to Know About Bachelorette Ashley Hebert

The Maine native is brunette, trained as a dancer and already in love...more

Ashley doesn't give up much. What a shocker the she loves to dance. What a yawn that she adopted a puppy or dislikes seafood. Of interest is the fact that she and other former Bachelor contestants got rose tattoos. Really?!

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