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Top Products and Tips for Busy Women and Working Moms by Eden Godsoe

by Eden Godsoe, posted to Career & Money

I sometimes refer to myself as one of the most efficient people in the world (somewhat tongue in cheek!) Here are my go-to products and tips to help you become super efficient and able to multitask with the best of them.

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Trust Yourself


Suggested by Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick

Trust yourself and never put your self last. Make sure you're paying attention to how you're feeling. If you're not on top, you need to adjust.

Eden Godsoe: Haleh - Thank you for the addition. I made it the #1 tip because it is so-so true.

Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick: Thanks Eden. Now the hard part . . . actually doing it.

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Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

It's easier said than done but you've got to learn to let go and realize you can't do everything. For example, I haven't written a thank you card for kids' birthday presents in years. In this SkinnyScoop poll, 75% of moms are not offended by that.

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Organize Everything The Night Before

Pack lunches, pick out clothes, have your bag or briefcase ready and take care of any other organization the night before. Enjoy breakfast and time with your family the next morning rather than rushing around.

Lori Krolik: Also check your calendar as a reminder for the items you or your kids might need for the next day, notes for a meeting, your son's soccer cleats, a book you need to return to a friend, etc.

Suggested by Michelle Monroe Morton

How to work from home! You need to have a system for dealing with every day tasks such as laundry, cooking, kids, etc. What is a system? A system allows you to accomplish the task at hand. Without a plan those tasks become unfinished. I use a combi...

Jackie: This looks like an interesting application. Do you prefer the mobile or web version better?

Michelle Monroe: Hi Jackie~ I just use the web version ~ I am not very tech savy with my phone yet! but I do plan on learning!

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Learn How To Delegate

I was very effective at delegating to my team on the work front and now apply that skill on the home front. Each family member should have clear (age appropriate) responsibilities and be held accountable to those.

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Ask HIM For Help!

For some Mom "Me" Moments, asking HIM for help should be as easy as...more

Suggested by Gina Pomponio

Without sounding like a nag, ask your man for help around the house.

Gina: What a great idea!

Eden Godsoe: So true Gina. Thanks for sharing your blog post.

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Don't Cut Corners On Childcare

Put time into finding a great person, effort in keeping them on and spend what you can. A great nanny or au pair is worth her weight in gold (actually, she's worth much more.)

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Use Your Neighbors

Suggested by Sue Fliess

Use your neighbors. I mean that in the nicest way possible. Go in with neighbors on bulk shopping, i.e., take turns doing the Costco run. You need mayonnaise, but of course you don’t need 4 jars. Split the 2 gallons of orange juice or 48 rolls of toi...

Eden Godsoe: Sue - Great addition. How did I forget this one?! Maybe because I need to do more of it. I love the idea of going in with neighbors on some services too - get discounted window cleaning or gardening if you bring more of your neighbors to the table.

Kevin: It works with childcare too! I have a good friend and neighbor that swaps (in an ad hoc fashion) childcare with me so we can get little things done. Also - how do we live without carpooling? Sports practices can make you feel like a chauffeur, so share the driving!

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Load Up Your iPhone With These Useful Apps

I could not live without my iPhone. Here are some of my favorite apps for busy women and moms.

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Use Skype To Stay In Touch

Skype is a great (free) way to stay in touch when you travel for work or when you have relatives who live far away. I also use it for work calls. Use the video functionality or not (I'm not always video ready.) I love the conference function too.

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Keep Your Home Organized With These Great Products

I can be a little OCD around the house when it comes to keeping things organized and uncluttered. A little time organizing upfront makes you much more efficient long term. Everything has it's place and there is no clutter.

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Amazon Mom

Amazon Mom members receive up to a year of free Amazon Prime shipping...more

Suggested by Catherine Wood Hill

I get everything delivered from diapers to anti-aging creams and coffee beans. They come on schedule with free delivery so I don't have to worry about it!!

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Use Google Calendar For Scheduling The Family

Google has great (and free) online tools like Google Calendar which I use regularly for my work. They can also be used to keep your family scheduled.

Lori Krolik: Love the color coding feature and the ability to subscribe to my kids school calendar and sports schedules. I no longer spend endless hours entering school holidays, PTA meetings, conferences, etc.

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VolunteerSpot's free online sign up sheets save time and make it easy...more

Suggested by Karen Bantuveris

Because teachers need our help and 'reply-all' email is so 1995!

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Make Use Of Time In Your Car

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time in the car. Make use of that time by having a good wireless headset, pre-programmed radio stations or books on tape, cosmetics, etc. It goes w/out saying but don't do this all while driving!

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Take Advantage Of Online Banking

I check my account balances, make transfers, and all sorts of other things through their site. It is superior to the online portals of other financial institutions I have used.

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Card Gnome

Making the people you love feel special. Personalize your own real...more

Suggested by Laura Loeffler

Where else can you shop for a card, personalize the message and customize to your heart's desire and have the end result, a real paper greeting card, sent to your recipient?! - That's where! Check it out!

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Designate Days

Pick specific days of the week to grocery shop (or have groceries delivered!), clean the house, take care of chores, etc. Stick to your schedule and forget about these responsibilities the rest of the week.

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Get A Personal Shopper

I have minimal time and less fashion sense so I am an obvious candidate for a personal shopper. Seriously though, they will save you time AND money by finding good deals &/or getting you clothes you will wear. Try Bloomingdale's At Your Service.

GardenGal: Macy's also has free Personal Shopper's.

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Try Some Of These Time-Saving Kitchen Tips From BabyZone

Great tips like putting like utensils in the same section of the silverware tray in the dishwasher, leaving extra garbage bags at the bottom of garbage cans for easy replacement & getting kids to help out.

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Suggested by colbyc

Save time shopping for household items with The free 1 day shipping is very reliable. This is a sister site to (for baby needs) and (for pet needs.)

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Use A Grocery Delivery Service

Shop Safeway online for groceries, find out about our grocery stores,...more

Why spend hours going to the grocery store when you can get groceries delivered to your home. You can even create grocery lists for things you buy every week. Safeway charges $5-10 for delivery depending on time. Definitely worth it.

Catherine Wood: Huge time saver, especially since they will remember your previous orders!

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Buy And Cook In Bulk

When possible, buy groceries and drugstore items in bulk to save trips to the store. Prepare one big casserole and freeze or save some for future meals.

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Stock Up On Presents

I have a stock of presents for birthday parties my kids go to or for adult events we attend so I don't have to run out last minute and buy something. Things for girls, for boys, for housewarmings, etc.

Jackie: My mom does this...I need to try to get in the habit because I am such a last minute shopper and it never turns out well...

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Make Time For Romance

Whether you have been married for 10+ years or are looking for the right man, be sure to schedule time for romance and dates. I have a standing Saturday night babysitter so my husband & I can have time together. It keeps me sane.

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Do As Much As You Can Online

I can't imagine actually calling a restaurant to make a reservation. OpenTable makes it so easy. I also buy most presents online, usually Amazon if for kids.

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There are just not enough hours in the day, and I am always looking...more

Love this list of sites that help us busy moms & working women save time!

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Women make decisions. SkinnyScoop makes decision-making fun and...more

I may be biased but I do think SkinnyScoop is a great resource for the busy woman. You access the collective wisdom of other women who have been there, done that so you can save time on researching a product purchase or dwelling on a decision.

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Just Say "No"

I've gotten better and better at saying no - to social engagements, to further volunteering, etc. If you have a full plate, it's not fair to you nor the other person/group to take on more. At some point, you need to be selfish with your time.

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