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Vegan & Vegetarian Fennel Recipes by Fabulous Fennel

by Fabulous Fennel, posted to Food & Drink

Fennel is a vegetable (I know, right?) and a superb addition to Vegan and Vegetarian dishes. We are going meatless for Fennel Friday this week - Get your VeggieVore eating hat on! Tweet us your fennel recipes using hashtag #fennelfriday anytime!

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Fennel with Mint Salad


Lots of free vegan recipes for kids and parents and information on how...more

Great fresh salad

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Braised Fennel

Vegetarian recipe for a side dish of fennel braised with orange juice,...more

Elegant and simple

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Fennel and Tomato Soup

Fennel and tomato pair nicely for an Italian-style tomato soup. Save...more

So hearty and great for fall!

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Fingerling Potatoes and Fennel

Fennel and fingerling potatoes have finally come to the deep South!...more

Great idea instead of plain mashed potatoes

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Crunchy Baked Fennel

Sweet roasted slices of fennel topped with herbed bread crumbs make...more

Great to make ahead of time

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Roasted Potato and Fennel Soup

Vegan Baking & Vegan Cooking

Simple and delicious

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Artichoke and Fennel Caponata

The ingredients in this sweet-and-sour Sicilian side dish are roughly...more

Fantastic for a healthy appetizer alternative

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Fennel and Leek Gratin with Feta

One of the signature flavors of the Mediterranean isn’t used much by...more

The feta really brings this dish together

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Fennel-Crusted Potatoes And Orecchiette With Fennel Pesto

Vegan food blog featuring hundreds of meatless, eggless, deliciously...more

Great vegan recipes!

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