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Turkey Leftovers by 4virtu

by 4virtu, posted to Food & Drink

Chances are that turkey is in the cards not only for Thanksgiving but for the upcoming holidays as well. What to do when the yummy turkey yields leftovers? Transform them into fave family dishes - Happy Eating and Happy Tasty Tuesday!

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Turkey-Sage Chowder

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Thanksgiving Eggs Benedict

Cooking in a Closet Sized Kitchen

Great idea for morning after Thanksgiving

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Turkey-Porcini Tetrazzini

This mushroom and pasta casserole is a great way to use up leftover...more

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Cranberry Tartlets

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Great idea and easy to make!

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Stuffed Mac-n-Cheese

Folding leftover stuffing into freshly made mac-n-cheese isn

Yummy recipe for leftover stuffing- so comforting!

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