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Tween Gifts and Fun Gadgets by Robin Wright

by Robin Wright, posted to Gifts

Cool Stuff for Lego & Video Game & Music Loving Tweens

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National Geographic - Forces of Nature

National Geographic presents this insightful documentary examining the...more

Educational with stunning footage that literally kept my tween entranced for hours. Well worth the price to engage my son in science.

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Apple iPod shuffle 1 GB Silver (2nd Generation) OLD MODEL

The world's smallest digital music player, the 1GB iPod shuffle lets...more

Really tiny and useful, as well as customizable (love that part). Inexpensive and good quality sound make it worth while. Only wish the wristband accessory was a bit smaller so my son and I could use one of those. Still, the clip holds the iPod in place really well. Super easy to use and works on our docking speakers, too. The small size makes it easier to sync on the laptop, and to jog with, in my opinion.

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Favorite shoes of my tween son, and I must say as a Mom that they really took some abuse before he outgrew them and we had to get a second pair, although he will probably outgrown this pair, too. I only wish they were a little less spendy, but at least they aren't as expensive as some other cool shoes.

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LEGO Lord of the Rings

Based on The Lord of the Rings motion picture trilogy, LEGO The Lord...more

Great fun and a way to keep busy while waiting for the December release of The Hobbit. My tween son uses his video camera to film while he plays, then recreates them using his great big box of random LEGOS. Non-violent and very funny - I enjoy watching him play sometimes.

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Havoc Web Camera

Cool looking POV camera the size of a mini flashlight. Lightweight, @ $100, made to use and abuse, takes great video, comes boxed with mounts, AC & DC chargers. Son loves it; gets outdoor BMX/skateboard shots, LEGO creations, gaming shots - ALL HANDSFREE from mounts on helmet, handlebars & headband.

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