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2011 Heroines and Ignorant Legislators Year in Review by Hello Ladies

by Hello Ladies, posted to Career & Money

Throughout the year, Hello Ladies features Heroines of the Week - women making headlines for all the right reason, and the Ignorant Legislators - our elected officials who are getting it all wrong. Here's who made the lists in 2011.

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Ignorant Legislator: Russell Fitzgerald

The chair of the Abington, Mass. school committee apparently starts all of his board meetings with a trick. He made the list when he performed a trick that made it appear he and a teacher ripped the bra off another school committee member.

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Heroine: Senfronia Thompson

Displeased with the attitudes of her fellow lawmakers with regards to women, this senior lawmaker told the Texas House, ”I am really disgusted, and I’m really ashamed, that there’s nothing better for some organizations than kicking women,” and she added, ““Men, if you don’t stand up for us today, you don’t walk in this chamber tomorrow!”

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Ignorant Legislator: Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Bachmann introduced legislation that would require abortion providers to perform an ultrasound on a woman and “make the heartbeat of the unborn child visible and audible to its mother” prior to performing an abortion. Bachmann claims to value life but has shown no leadership with regards to infant mortality rates and maternal death rates in the US.

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Heroine: Senator Noreen Evans

Senator Evans (D-Santa Rosa) introduced the Maternity Coverage Availability Act, requiring health insurance plans to provide maternity coverage as part of their individual health insurance policies.

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Ignorant Legislator: Governor Bobby Jindal

Jindal compared women who seeking abortions to criminals, saying, “Now if we’re giving criminals their basic rights and they have to be informed of those rights,it seems to me only common sense we would have to do the same thing for women before they make the choice about whether to get an abortion.”

Penelope Poet: Seriously? So much for compassionate southern hospitality.

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Heroine: Afrykayn Moon

Afrykayn Moon held her ground when a SMART bus driver in Detroit ordered her to either cover up or get off the bus because Moon was breastfeeding her child on the public transit.

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Ignorant Legislator: Rep. John LaBruzzo

LaBruzzo wanted to make performing an abortion illegal in Louisiana even in cases involving incest or rape. He said “Now the opponents in the opposition argue that whether we make it illegal or not, people are going to get abortions. Well, we’ve illegalized murder and drugs for a long long time, and yet those crimes continue to take place.”

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