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What to Wear: 18 Tips for Working Moms by Hello Ladies

by Hello Ladies, posted to Career & Money

Figuring out what to wear everyday can require almost as much finesse, strategic thinking and fortitude as managing a career and a family. That’s because the middle-of-the-market designers seem to have forgotten the middle-of-her-life woman and the doesn’t-quite-have-a-middle-anymore-figure. Her... More »

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Hire a personal stylist/shopper. Save time and money!!!

Suggested by rosey style

A personal stylist can make outfits out of what you already have at home in your on closet! You never know what's hiding in there. Also, she can shop with you and for you. Making the most of your time and money.

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Own a wrap dress.

Own a wrap dress. They really do look good on every body type. If you can afford a DVF, go for it. If not, most department stories carry a variety of brands and price points.

Eden Godsoe: Agreed. Wrap dresses are the best. In fact I need to invest in another one!

Krista: I second the idea of investing in a well made dress, like those by DVF. I have one that's nearly four years old and still wears well. It's definitely saved me money in the long run.

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Rethink the statement necklace.

Let your necklace double as your business card. Twitter handle necklaces from look good and increase your Klout.

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Wear a uniform.

Remember how simple life was when you wore Garanimals? Versatile items like long open cardigans can accomplish the same thing. Wear them with pencil skirts, jeans, dresses, you name it. Find a style you love and make it your uniform.

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Put your money where your money is.

Invest in the best bag you can afford. It will hold up to the wear and tear of your busy life. We like green purses and wallets because we think the color attracts money.

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Consider vintage.

If your budget won't cover a Max Mara cashmere coat, consider vintage. You'll get the same quality and timeless style at a fraction of the price.

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Pull yourself up by the bootstraps.

Boots add instant style to any look - from jeans to dresses.

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Shine at work.

These Swarovski/Philips USB necklaces are a few seasons old, but they are still pretty and practical. And you can find them on EBay for a steal.

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Remember the basics.

The basic black suit is your wardrobe workhorse. It works for family functions, work meetings and dress up.

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Add some color.

We've never met a working mother that wasn't tired. Brighten up your day, and those dark circles under your eyes, with color. J. Crew is a great place to find bright hues.

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Shop consignment.

Consignment stores are a great way to find high end items at reasonable prices. And unless you work on Seventh Avenue, you probably don't need to wear off-the-runway looks.

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Buy ballet flats.

Let's be clear. Sneakers are for sweating; not for style. Ballet flats are for weekends - they work for running errands, walking to the park and going out to lunch. Bluefly always has a great collection ranging in price from $26 to $600.

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Cover up.

Find a beach cover up that doubles as a dress and packing for vacations will be simple.

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Shop online.

Shop online to save time - and money. One stop at and you can get clothes for the kids, office essentials from Banana Republic, workout gear form Athleta, fun accessories from Piperlime, and, earn reward points on all of it.

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Mix fashion and function.

Never lose a thumb drive again. Never fumble through your overstuffed bag looking for a USB while your client waits. Wear your technology. Look good and save time.

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Design your own look.

Open Runway, customized women's fashion.

Yes you're busy, but you need to have a little fun. And you can't forget to let your unique personality shine through. Sites like let you create custom shoes and bags in mere minutes.

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Work it out.

Invest in a great pair of sneakers - because a 30 minute workout can fuel an 18 hour day.

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Build a support system.

As working mothers, we understand the importance of building support systems. We have mentors for work and back-up babysitters for home. Don't forget to cultivate the network of drycleaners, tailors and cobblers who can help you out in a fashion emergency.

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Be prepared.

Who doesn't need superhero powers to get through the day? We wear our Wonder Woman Bracelet from Kryptonite Kollectibles everyday.

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