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Buying XX for Xmas: A Holiday Guide by Honestly Now

by Honestly Now, posted to Gifts

Women do most of the spending (85%). And most of the business launching (70%). This holiday, why not support each other? A quick shout-out to our friends brought back *hundreds* of AMAZING products and services. Every day we're adding more from your suggestions and submissions, so check in often... More »

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Who You Are To Me- Greeting Cards

Give the gift of kind words. Personalize your cards for people you...more

Suggested by Ai Nhan Nguyen

Now on sale at $25, order a box or two of premium designed greetings cards. It's more than thanking people in your life. It's about letting them know that you see them and you value them. Go ahead and make someone's day with Who You Are To Me cards.

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Suggested by heather

What women does not want a FABULOUS handbag to have and to hold to death to us part? Betty Audish creates exotic handbags out of crocodile, python, stingray, lizard and high-end leathers. In a variety of styles and colors these bags will enhance any outfit. Giving or receiving a Betty Audish original will make this holiday one to remember!

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myTab social travel gift card

Suggested by heddi cundle

We're the ONLY social travel gift card where you can gift friends & family between $20 -$1000 towards travel & they redeem this towards a trip on myTab (powered by Expedia, so you know our variety is good!). Shout 'put it on myTab' so everyone sees your message on Facebook & Twitter & gifts you travel cash. Lets get you packing on

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Great kids makeup (all natural)

Suggested by Whoops

Do you find yourself sharing your make-up with the little bunnies in your home? Perfect for any age,make-up sticks come in 5 dazzling colors that can be used on your eyes, cheeks, lips, anywhere! With all natural ingredients like raspberry extract. Mix and match blue, green, purple, orange and pink for a big night out or a fun night in!

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Pearl Concierge Services


Overwhelmed? Searching for a unique gift for someone who has...more

Suggested by lauren

Saving you time, money and a lot of stress! Pearl Concierge services is just a call away. Work.Home.Life...Simplified

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Travel Tabbi

Suggested by Debora Hankinson

Unique vitamin and pill organizer designed specifically for traveling! A one of a kind gift.

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Suggested by Reese

Owned and operated by Nygala Corporation, FLOMO® is a global manufacturer, importer, and distributor that supplies thousands of everyday and seasonal items consumers love to use every year including holiday decorations, gift bags, stationery, school supplies, home decor, photo frames, plush animals, novelties, eco friendly products and more.

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Announcing GREAT prizes for #xx4xmas Twitter Party! December 14th 8pm ET

Announcing FABULOUS prizes you can win during the #xx4xmas Twitter...more

Don't miss the #xx4xmas Twitter party on December 14th at 8pm ET—you MUST RSVP to be eligible to win!

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Women's Bean Project

Women's Bean Project is a nonprofit social enterprise that helps women...more

Suggested by Brittny Wilson

This nonprofit was started by a woman named Jossy Eyre in 1989. For over 20 years, Women's Bean Project has helped women earn a steady paycheck, stabilize their lives and develop solid transferable work skills while producing its products. If you truly want a gift that gives back, choose WBP and give women a hand-up towards self-sufficiency.

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Why Women Should Support Women-Led Companies | Women 2.0

Women wield significant economic might, but this does not translate...more

Great post from founder, Tereza Nemessanyi, that speaks to why women should put their purchase power behind female-led companies.

Stitch Fix: Yes! And not just because we have an all women executive team...take a read.

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Weinberger Law Group

Bari Weinberger, the founding partner of Weinberger Law Group, LLC, is...more

Suggested by lharper

For help surviving the holidays while you are also surviving divorce, turn to a lawyer like Bari Weinberger at Weinberger Law Group. From divorce, separation, and mediation issues, to resolving child custody and parenting conflicts, Weinberger Law Group will guide and support you with absolute professionalism and care.

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HONESTLY, NOW... | How Do You Buy Gifts? A Quick Survey.

How Do You Buy Gifts? A Quick Survey. We’d love your take how we decide on how to spend our holiday money. It takes just a sec and see what everyone else says. Click on a question to cast your vote!

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Suggested by Allie Smith

handmade & adorable dolls with personalized names - homemade - so cute!

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Send gorgeous modern cards, invitations, notes and family photos *from your iPhone*, in seconds, via Red Stamp. Thousands of designs, customizable on the fly and ready to text, email, Tweet or FB. {Heck, they'll even print and mail it for you. It's a post-excuse era.} If you don’t believe us, believe the New York Times, oh-ho.

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eFlirt Online Dating Consultation

eFlirt Expert provides one-on-one online dating consultation with a Certified eFlirter, a dating profile re-write, photo selection, and 3 weeks of first date advice. Learn how to navigate the world of online dating!

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Oh my goodness, what’s that VERY FANCY THING ON YOUR WALL THAT ISN’T A MOVIE POSTER OR ONE OF THOSE MONET PRINTS? Look, it’s ART! But it’s art that you didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg for because you rented it from Artsicle, your starter-arter site. Huzzah! Now with gift cards! Go.

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Jewelry from Stella & Dot

Stella and Dot, an Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Company, is a San...more

Not only was Stella & Dot founded by a woman (Jessica Herrin) but most of the employees - namely the stylists - are women. Plus their jewelry makes great gifts.

Amanda Lane: Thanks for spreading the Stella & Dot love! You can purchase this necklace and many others on my site at

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RAREculture offers rare and extraordinary merchandise. No two products are identical as none of their merchandise is mass produced, or widely distributed. They connect artists and designers with discerning buyers who have a deep appreciation for extraordinary talent and extraordinary products.

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The Glo Bag

This ultimate gym locker backpack keeps everything separate and accessible. It opens from the side and hangs in your locker.

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Subscription to BarkBox

Treat your canine companion to a monthly delivery of hand-selected goodies and essentials.

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Larry Chip:

 Another fun product is the TickleMe Plant Gift Box. With it you can easily grow your own Pet TickleMe Plant and watch how the leaves fold and the branches fall down when you Tickle It! Fun and educational and real! TickleMe Plant