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Buying XX for Xmas: A Holiday Guide by Honestly Now

by Honestly Now, posted to Gifts

Women do most of the spending (85%). And most of the business launching (70%). This holiday, why not support each other? A quick shout-out to our friends brought back *hundreds* of AMAZING products and services. Every day we're adding more from your suggestions and submissions, so check in often... More »

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Who You Are To Me- Greeting Cards

Give the gift of kind words. Personalize your cards for people you...more

Suggested by Ai Nhan Nguyen

Now on sale at $25, order a box or two of premium designed greetings cards. It's more than thanking people in your life. It's about letting them know that you see them and you value them. Go ahead and make someone's day with Who You Are To Me cards.

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Suggested by heather

What women does not want a FABULOUS handbag to have and to hold to death to us part? Betty Audish creates exotic handbags out of crocodile, python, stingray, lizard and high-end leathers. In a variety of styles and colors these bags will enhance any outfit. Giving or receiving a Betty Audish original will make this holiday one to remember!

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myTab social travel gift card

Suggested by heddi cundle

We're the ONLY social travel gift card where you can gift friends & family between $20 -$1000 towards travel & they redeem this towards a trip on myTab (powered by Expedia, so you know our variety is good!). Shout 'put it on myTab' so everyone sees your message on Facebook & Twitter & gifts you travel cash. Lets get you packing on

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Great kids makeup (all natural)

Suggested by Whoops

Do you find yourself sharing your make-up with the little bunnies in your home? Perfect for any age,make-up sticks come in 5 dazzling colors that can be used on your eyes, cheeks, lips, anywhere! With all natural ingredients like raspberry extract. Mix and match blue, green, purple, orange and pink for a big night out or a fun night in!

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Pearl Concierge Services


Overwhelmed? Searching for a unique gift for someone who has...more

Suggested by lauren

Saving you time, money and a lot of stress! Pearl Concierge services is just a call away. Work.Home.Life...Simplified

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Travel Tabbi

Suggested by Debora Hankinson

Unique vitamin and pill organizer designed specifically for traveling! A one of a kind gift.

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Suggested by Reese

Owned and operated by Nygala Corporation, FLOMO® is a global manufacturer, importer, and distributor that supplies thousands of everyday and seasonal items consumers love to use every year including holiday decorations, gift bags, stationery, school supplies, home decor, photo frames, plush animals, novelties, eco friendly products and more.

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Announcing GREAT prizes for #xx4xmas Twitter Party! December 14th 8pm ET

Announcing FABULOUS prizes you can win during the #xx4xmas Twitter...more

Don't miss the #xx4xmas Twitter party on December 14th at 8pm ET—you MUST RSVP to be eligible to win!

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Women's Bean Project

Women's Bean Project is a nonprofit social enterprise that helps women...more

Suggested by Brittny Wilson

This nonprofit was started by a woman named Jossy Eyre in 1989. For over 20 years, Women's Bean Project has helped women earn a steady paycheck, stabilize their lives and develop solid transferable work skills while producing its products. If you truly want a gift that gives back, choose WBP and give women a hand-up towards self-sufficiency.

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Why Women Should Support Women-Led Companies | Women 2.0

Women wield significant economic might, but this does not translate...more

Great post from founder, Tereza Nemessanyi, that speaks to why women should put their purchase power behind female-led companies.

Stitch Fix: Yes! And not just because we have an all women executive team...take a read.

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Weinberger Law Group

Bari Weinberger, the founding partner of Weinberger Law Group, LLC, is...more

Suggested by lharper

For help surviving the holidays while you are also surviving divorce, turn to a lawyer like Bari Weinberger at Weinberger Law Group. From divorce, separation, and mediation issues, to resolving child custody and parenting conflicts, Weinberger Law Group will guide and support you with absolute professionalism and care.

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HONESTLY, NOW... | How Do You Buy Gifts? A Quick Survey.

How Do You Buy Gifts? A Quick Survey. We’d love your take how we decide on how to spend our holiday money. It takes just a sec and see what everyone else says. Click on a question to cast your vote!

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Suggested by Allie Smith

handmade & adorable dolls with personalized names - homemade - so cute!

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Send gorgeous modern cards, invitations, notes and family photos *from your iPhone*, in seconds, via Red Stamp. Thousands of designs, customizable on the fly and ready to text, email, Tweet or FB. {Heck, they'll even print and mail it for you. It's a post-excuse era.} If you don’t believe us, believe the New York Times, oh-ho.

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eFlirt Online Dating Consultation

eFlirt Expert provides one-on-one online dating consultation with a Certified eFlirter, a dating profile re-write, photo selection, and 3 weeks of first date advice. Learn how to navigate the world of online dating!

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Oh my goodness, what’s that VERY FANCY THING ON YOUR WALL THAT ISN’T A MOVIE POSTER OR ONE OF THOSE MONET PRINTS? Look, it’s ART! But it’s art that you didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg for because you rented it from Artsicle, your starter-arter site. Huzzah! Now with gift cards! Go.

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Jewelry from Stella & Dot

Stella and Dot, an Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Company, is a San...more

Not only was Stella & Dot founded by a woman (Jessica Herrin) but most of the employees - namely the stylists - are women. Plus their jewelry makes great gifts.

Amanda Lane: Thanks for spreading the Stella & Dot love! You can purchase this necklace and many others on my site at

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RAREculture offers rare and extraordinary merchandise. No two products are identical as none of their merchandise is mass produced, or widely distributed. They connect artists and designers with discerning buyers who have a deep appreciation for extraordinary talent and extraordinary products.

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The Glo Bag

This ultimate gym locker backpack keeps everything separate and accessible. It opens from the side and hangs in your locker.

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Subscription to BarkBox

Treat your canine companion to a monthly delivery of hand-selected goodies and essentials.

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Tarot reading from Le Tarot

The Tarot creates a powerful personal story that reflects the state of your life currently as well as providing a powerful mirror for you to see your life situations with clarity. From there you are free to make your own decisions with discernment.

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MEG 21 Skincare Regime

Suggested by Meg21

MEG 21 is a unique skin treatment that delivers the compound Supplamine® deep into skin to reduce inflammation and free radicals, allow normal collagen production and reverse cross-linking. The result is younger-looking skin! Clinical trials demonstrated that MEG 21 made skin smoother, softer and moisturized, with improved elasticity andfirmness. ...

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Fun Potions for the Kids from Miss Stephanie's Potions


Miss Stephanie's Potions makes 100% natural, vegan, and green Monster Be Good sprays, Monster Armor Bath products (cover you in armor) and Fairy attraction sprays to bring sweet dreams. These products help kids deal with their nighttime anxieties and fears naturally.

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Well Hung Hangers

Luxury Wooden Hangers for plus and tall women

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Not only is there every type of jewelry you could need - rings, necklaces, bangles, pendants, earrings of every size and type (remember the Cave of Wonders in Aladdin? Pretty much that) - it’s organized by style, and helpfully broken down (if you’re like me, you may know how to *buy* accessories, but you don’t know how to *wear* them).

Krista: I love BaubleBar! Saving this to my list of gifts I'm most excited to give & get this Holiday season right now - so glad you had it on your list to remind me!

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Dealery lets you easily find the bargains you want from deal sites across the web. Search for local deals in cities near you, or find discounts that apply no matter where you are.

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Of A Kind

Every week, Of A Kind spotlights the work of a new designer and offers exclusive goods from them. Find all sorts of "one of a kind" clothing and jewelery!

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Chloe + Isabel

Are you a Chloe, or are you an Isabel? And why should you have to choose anyway, dammit? Rachel didn’t. She got the Multi Strand Retro Glam Torsade Necklace which feels very Chloe and the Rocker Chick Spike Shower Earrings which feel very Isabel. Or is it the reverse? Either way, you’re covered.

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If you like to surround yourself with singular, distinctive objects carefully selected by people with exquisite taste, then you’ll surely find something unique and cool amonst the metal-cage handbags, plush faux-fur scarf or the Love Is Art kit, which brings a whole new meaning to DIY. Rawr.

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What's cuter than a little tushie? An eco-tushie. gDiapers gStyle line takes diapering to a new height of hip. They’re limited edition top and bottom sets that coordinate with each other. AND - they don't sit in landfills for 500+ years. Just sayin'.

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Too busy to trawl the web in search of the best gifts? SheFinds studies the trends and surfs the web for the best items, then passes on the info in newsletters and their blog. They even find online coupon codes and great sales – all you have to do is click.

Stitch Fix: I love SheFinds!!

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Jade & Pearl

unique natural products.

Suggested by Jade & Pearl

Jade & Pearl is female run company specializing in reusable and environmentally friendly menstrual products. Our most popular item is our Sea Pearls Sea Sponge Tampons. We are so proud to offer women the option to make informed choices about their health!

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Virtuarte takes fine arts, crafts, and curios from the developing world and brings them to a global market. Find great, unique gifts, and encourage artists and artisans around the world in traditional craftsmanship.

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ONA Stylish Camera Bags

Fine camera bags and accessories for style-conscious photographers and photography enthusiasts

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TrueBody Facial Soap

An unscented, 100% natural facial cleanser with natural moisturizers. It's a great way to keep your body clean of both dirt and artificial chemicals.

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Shoe Bag from Sacsies

Sacsies shoe bags are both a shoe storage bag for use in your closet as well as a travel shoe bag, or shoe tote.

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Vinnibag from Fathom Way To Go

Got a traveler in your life? This Vinnibag inflatable wine bag is almost weightless and renders the wine inside it indestructible.

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Noble Pig Wine

Noble Pig, a family winery in the heart of the Oregon Wine Country. We're in the the McMinnville AVA and produce Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.

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Cyberoptix Ties

Handmade with high-quality inks and fabrics, these snappy ties are both durable and fashionable

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Supporting fair trade and natural ingredients, sweetriot uses cacao from South America to create delicious, tasty treats.

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Baby clothes from L'oved Baby

Home of the Nursing Shawl that does it all, and the softest, sweetest baby clothes.

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Unique gifts from Indigo Root

Products that offer that special something that can help light up a room in your home, add the perfect touch at your next get-together, or be that truly one-of-a kind gift.

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Liga Masiva Tasting Box

Direct Trade coffee from small-scale farmers in the Dominican Republic. The Tasting Box includes 8 oz. bags of all three of Liga Masiva's delicious, organic roasts

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Author Norah Marler

Norah is not only an author, but a recognized women's rights activist...more

Suggested by lharper

A great how-to guide for dating. Insightful and to-the-point, Marler explains what a "pig" is and how to spot him, while clearly defining behaviors that separate the good guys from the bad guys. A great read... funny but seriously good advice!

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Adina Reyter Jewelry

A great pair of hoops, a classic set of bangles, a fabulous necklace that you never want to take off — Adina Reyter creates those forever pieces that push the boundaries of design, but remain contemporary and sophisticated.

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Custom bust-size shirt from Carissa Rose

A clothing line that offered various bust proportions in high-quality fabrics and clean and tailored styles that fit the female form.

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Handcrafted jewelry from Erica Sara Designs

Handcrafted custom jewelry line that is both stunning and affordable.

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Design Your Own Clothes from FashionPlaytes

The fun design your own clothes destination for girls ages 5-12. Create and order custom fashion, play dress-up games and find unique gifts for girls!

Justine Bassett: My daughter loves FashionPlaytes! She spends hours designing...It's a great gift.

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Kids clothes from Lucky Puppy

Adorable onesies, hoodies and T's for the dog lover child in your life. A percentage of sales is donated to select dog organizations to help make every doggie a Lucky Puppy.

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Luna & Stella | Modern Birthstone Jewelry

Luna & Stella means “moon and star” in Italian. Like the relationship between moon and star, their modern birthstone jewelry conveys the connections between ourselves and those we love.

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Fickle Face Shirts

Shirts for children with detachable face and body parts

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Smart Seat chair covers


Great looking dining room chair protectors. The SmartSeat chair protector is a waterproof, stain resistant, and machine washable cover made from soft-to-the-touch, toxin-free fabric.

Jennifer Harrison Koutouras: So great for the holidays!

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Yarn Pop knitting bag

Be more eco-friendly, and keep your skeins organized and clean with hand-made knitting project bags.

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The Hip Event

The Hip Event is a full service boutique agency specializing in public...more

Suggested by giselle

Provides both local and national clients expertise and experience in public relations, marketing, special events and online communication management.

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Gift Card from Something Borrowed NY


For the bride in your life, get her a gift card to help her RENT her bridal accessories for her big day!

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Leather Sandals from Sseko Designs

Every sandal has a story. Sseko \say-ko\ leather sandals are made by Ugandan women, and help to fund and continue their education.

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Create plates or place mats and choose from a wide variety of colors, fonts and patterns that can be personalized just for your kids!

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Keyboard/Laptop Riser from Standing Fit

Standing FIt offers a Stylish & Cost-Effective alternative for you to improve your Health & Fitness while working on your computer at home or at work.

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La Vie Celeste Trio from Truth in Aging

Gorgeous skincare made with natural ingredients and leading edge anti-aging peptides. Cleanser, eye cream and rich moisturizer with a special holiday saving of $24

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Soap Sampler Pack from Metropolis Soap Company

Metropolis Soap Co. is not only vegan-friendly, but eco-conscious, too! Their products contain no palm oil, which contributes to deforestation and causes many orang utans to become homeless! Metropolis Soap Co. takes a strong stand against animal cruelty. Thier products are NEVER tested on animals…just Mr. Metropolis!

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MC Jewelry APP from MakerCraft

Mobile app that lets you design your own jewelry. User accounts and gift cards will be out soon, as well as a facebook app.

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Slip-on Dancers

Made for dance fitness enthusiasts, Slip-On Dancers fit over your...more

Suggested by OnlyT

The traction on gym shoes grip the surface and restrict your movement and can cause painful stress on your knees and joints and in some instances even injury. Slip-On Dancers work on surfaces such as Carpet, Wood Floors and Smooth Concrete. Slip-On Dancers come in a variety of fun and stylish designs.

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Christian Louboutin Pumps from I-ELLA

I-ELLA is more than an e-commerce haven. Every time you shop with us, you give. Each month, the I-ELLA team picks three charities to partner with running the gamut from funding for the arts in NYC to health initiatives in countries all across the world.

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Jewelry from Gioielli

Sophisticated yet whimsical, simultaneously delicate and strong, Gioielli by Nikki Baker is versatile, timeless and inimitably luxurious.

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MAKE THINGS! Probably your cutest holiday gift-giving option, littleBits is a must for any curious, handy kid you’ve got hanging around. Or grownups. They’re basically little bits of circuit boards that snap together to build, you know, bigger circuit boards. Per the website: “The time is ripe to create the pipe cleaner and the popsicle stick of th...

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Butterfly Tattoo Tights from Wanelo

Transform your legs with these transparent tights, and give your outfit an exotic flair.

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Gift Subscription to A Story Before Bed

A Story Before Bed is the first and only service that lets you record a children's book online with audio and video. Kids can play back the recording as often as they like on an iPad, iPhone, Mac, or PC.

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20x200 Prints

Making it easy for artists to connect with buyers, 20x200 puts out new prints every week in the size of your choice. A great source for quality, unique art.

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"Gifts and Burdens" by Holly Figueroa O'Reilly

A Grammy© Nominated record by an independent female artist, "Gifts and Burdens" is an Americana folk album chronicling the grief and melancholy of a divorce.

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Suits Your Belly Maternity Wear

Get professional and comfortable maternity clothes, including pants that will expand with you over the course of your pregnancy, and make you look and feel fabulous.

Crystal Jessup Miller: These suits are so fabulous, fit perfect throughout all stages of pregnancy... amazing feat to make that happen! so glad I found them!

Jade M Miller: I loved the feel of these pants when I was pregnant! It's like buying four pairs of pants in one.

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The Original Words Workout Towel

Witty workout towels that inspire sweat! A great way to stay motivated in your workouts!

Jackie: I've seen this recently and they are pretty cute...great workout towels!

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Raise Your Voice Coffee & Candle from Prosperity Candle

This product unites efforts from two charitable organizations to help stop violence against women around the world. The Equal Exchange coffee goes to support victims of sexual violence in the Congo, and the Amnesty International 50th Anniversary Candle is made by refugee women fleeing violent areas.

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Huggrz boot wraps

Change the lookof your boots with HUGGRZ boot wraps. Wear them scrunched down on short boots, pulled up on tall boots, or pulled up on your legs to make your short boots look tall! HUGGRZ boot wraps are proudly made in the U.S.A. and all of the fur is 100% acrylic.

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Kris Nations Jewelry

Sisters Kris and Kim Nations collaborate to produce original, awesome jewelry with a West Coast flair.

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Lollihop Gift Subscription

Lollihop is a monthly, 6-, or 12-month membership to the best of healthy eating delivered to your doorstep. Along with a box filled with a diverse selection of wonderful snacks, you'll also get tips and articles from a nutritionist to explain how to best incorporate the snacks into your day and feel better about how you eat everyday.

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Avani Pashmina & Wild Silk Scarf from Tilonia

Tilonia is a mission-driven, social enterprise developing the entrepreneurial skills and business capacity of artisan enterprises managed and owned by rural artisans. The Tilonia artisan collection features home textiles, women’s accessories and gifts suitable for contemporary decorative styles while still reflective of Indian craft traditions.

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Umba Box

Starting at $26/month, Umba Box is a unique monthly subscription service that curates the best handmade products available and delivers them to subscribers' mail boxes each month.

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LARK Wristband

Be the most considerate, on-time person ever! The LARK wristwatch wakes up the wearer silently, without disturbing their slumbering partner. Even better, buy it as a gift.

Stitch Fix: Have you tried this? Does it work? My husband doesn't get up until much later than me and I'm always waking him up and driving him nuts.

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Hot Bread Kitchen

Mmm. Hot bread. That sounds so much better than just “bread.” Local if you’re NYC, but with some gifting options including granola from the founder’s secret Canadian heritage. Maple flavored? Not unlikely.

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Radical Homemaker Pantry Bucks

Give the gift of good food. Radical Homemaker Pantry Bucks are a great...more

Suggested by Natural Contents

Pantry Bucks is a gift you can feel good about giving.

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Delicious, all-natural treats that support a cause you choose

Eden Godsoe: Baking for Good is awesome. I included them on my list of "Anti-White Elephant Gifts" - great things for office or other gift exchanges -

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Michelle's Miracle Cherry Pills

Stocking stuffer organic cherry vitamins that are a natural source of melatonin (sleep deprivation cure), and can treat arthritis and other ailments

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Quincy Apparel

Designed by professional women for professional women, Quincy suits are comfortable, attractive, and well-priced.

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Hoseanna, hey zanna, zanna zanna oh, zanna ho zanna hey zanna…hey lady, lady, you need hosiery? Go with Hoseanna, hey, superstar! Either you get that or you don’t, and I won’t hold it against you. If you’re going to hold something else against you - namely a dude, sans clothes - they’ve also got you covered.

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Baby Dipper Bowl

Parents can use their free hand to clean or entertain baby, or to keep baby’s hands out of the bowl while feeding baby. Toddlers can see through the transparent sides of the bowl and concentrate on getting the food onto their spoons and into their mouths.

Jen: My daughter loves this bowl! Won't eat cereal without it.

ibgrami: I love it!

daddynew: At last an engineered baby bowl.

Christine Self Krogue: love t

See all 4 comments

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Handmade Quilt from Anchal

Anchal quilts are made from six layers of 100% recycled cotton saris, sewn together by a simple running stitch. By purchasing a quilt you provide work and income for a woman in need.

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100% wool dryer balls

Suggested by Melinda Allen

Eco friendly wool dryer balls are an eco friendly option for anyone or any family to use. They bounce in your dryer and reduce dry time and keep laundry soft all naturally.

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Handy Hold All by Simply Sarah

The Simply Sarah Handy Hold All is at long last a stylish solution to the problem of efficiently storing handbags, baseball caps, and scarves.

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SheMakes Holiday Festival

On December 3rd, come celebrate and encourage women-led companies, and meet the people behind them!

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Minted Personalized Notebooks & Journals

Customers can choose from over 140 unique journal designs, all customizable. Cover designs range from those including photos to those with beautiful patterns or illustrations. All designs have been executed with the quality that the Minted brand has become known for.

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Baking for Good

Baking for Good is an online bakery that supports great causes. Order cookie gifts, party favors, and treats for yourself for delivery nationwide, and 15% of the net proceeds from your purchase will be donated to a charity you choose.

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Rose pump from The Odd Slipper

Shimmering shoes are in every fashion magazine this fall and we want to offer them to petite feet as well. Rose is a glamorous open toe pump with off-center bow.

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The Life Tie

Selling more than a fashion statement, the Life Tie Project donates 25% of its proceeds to cancer research.

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Awesome makeup. Awesome how-to. Awesome gift idea. And EASY. They’ve got Birchbox Man, too, if you’re into the power of suggestion.

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Talkatoo: Voice Recordable Charms & Necklaces

Welcome, oh fab little button recorder. Designed for kids (yet hip for parents), it comes as a necklace or as a clip-on charm for backpacks, lunchboxes, purses or even belt loops. Just press the little button to record a message, then the big one to hear it back (repeat as desired). Fun to wear, fun to share. From silly to sentimental, it's perfect...

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RuMe Bags

Why recycle, when you can use something you love, over and over. Trick your eco-holdout friends + fam into going green with photo-customized bags that tug at their heartstrings. Go the full mile by wrapping 'em in RuMe re-usable gift-wrap. Buh-bye, trash.

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LittleCollector Prints

LittleCollector specializes in accessible art to inspire young minds. Colorful and exciting, these prints will be sure to bring a smile to any child's face.

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Welcome your favorite Type-A mom into the 21st century by uploading her critical family documents and photos into the CLOUD. An annual subscription to means they'll be accessible anytime, anywhere, via laptop, phone, wherever. Cutting-edge AND super-simple. Oh, wait. Did we mention she earns nuts? BOOM. Done.

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Brainathon Emporium

All kinds of brain-teasing games and puzzles for kids. Learning can be fun too!

Cindy Powers: Free shipping with $79 purchase for the holidays - 55 brainteasing stocking stuffers under $16. Use coupon code XX4XMAS and get a Family Fun Game Pack with any order (value $5)

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Maternity Bodysuits from Bashful Bump

These cute maternity tops give you peace of mind. Never again will you...more

Maternity bodysuits were created by a California mom who was tired of tugging at her own maternity shirts. Go ahead and reach up high for that cereal box or bend over for that dropped pacifier. You're not only stylish, you're covered!

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Relax Missy Folding Flats

Folding flats for women when your feet need a break.

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Fleece Footy Pajamas for Men & Women

Feel like a kid again in cozy fleece footy pajama just for adults. Sweet soft pink one piece pajama in warm micro-polar fleece fabric.

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Milani Hair

Milani Hair is made out of 100% super premium Remy human hair samples....more

Suggested by Milani Hair

They’re a snap to put in – literally! In just a few minutes, you can go from blah to bombshell while adding volume, length and even a little color. No pain, no mess and no damage to your hair. Now Hollywood hair is within everyone’s reach – try Milani Hair today and see for yourself!

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Cookies & Other Goodies from Crumb

A San Francisco bakery sweetening the world one crumb at a time. We...more

This boutique SF bakery is owned by a hard working mom who employs other hard working moms. Cookies are sophisticated in taste, demure in size and bold in flavor. We think they're worthy of a taste!

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Family Game from Lawsuit Game

LAWSUIT!™ is unique--it's the first legal game for the entire...more

LAWSUIT!™ was invented by an attorney mom as a Father's Day gift to teach her kids what it's like to be a lawyer and run a small business. The game has since won 5 "Game of the Year" awards in family education.

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White Rabbit England: Rabbit Lamp

This beautiful china nightlamp isn't just adorable; it bathes the room in an even, soft glow. A great solution for kids who are afraid of the dark.

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Make-up, Baby Care & More from Arbonne

Amazing nutrition and weight loss aren't the only thing you can get at Arbonne! All organic make-up, wholesome baby care, delightful candles, perfume, aromatherapy, and more - all using Pure, Safe, & Beneficial ingredients that you can trust! Let me help you get a great deal on all your holiday shopping! ~micheline 925-872-7938 or mkirse@me...

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Kid Moves™ introduces movement to children in a fun and interesting...more

Easy and fun, the developmentally appropriate moves encourage activity, build strength, increase flexibility and promote relaxation. And brain research shows better development when movement is combined with learning.

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Colette Kids is a mom-owned unisex kids clothing line (0-6 yrs) created in San Francisco, CA. We strive to offer today's modern parents fresh, age-appropriate pieces that are fun, non-gender specific and can be shared amongst siblings! Made in USA. Enter coupon code COLETTE10 for 10% OFF at checkout.

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Baby Bibs from Moxie Bibs

Soft and comfortable bibs with ribbed collar and cuffs to keep food...more

Because it works great! See our testimonials here:' target='_blank'> And see us in b.a.b.y. magazine on page 14 - they picked the Moxie Bib as one of their 'Things We Like!"

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The Desk Set is two boutiques in San Francisco, owned by a mom! We...more

We are a woman owned and operated company specializing in small vendors as much as possible!

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Get some help with your holiday shopping from the Mom Shopper. We are...more

The Mom Shopper is a mom-owned business that empowers moms to earn extra money by shopping for others.

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Kids' hands-on activities - including arts, crafts, science -...more

Kiwi Crate is relatively new. For $19.95/mo, they mail you the materials & instructions for 1 craft. I like the idea of having crafts to do with my kids. Just got my first kit so will let you know how it goes!

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We are a weekly home chef service. Whether you are a household of 1...more

The Culinistas bring delicious home cooking to your kitchen. Great gift to give a busy person or yourself! Started by Jill Donenfeld when she was just 25.

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Buy that authentic nearly new, vintage, and limited edition Louis...more

Fashionphile is the largest and most trusted specialist in vintage, rare, limited-edition and discontinued luxury bags. At Fashionphile, we only sell your favorite, most coveted high end designer brands (think Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, and Banlenciaga).

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Children's Food Game from Crunch a Color

Created by a mom, Crunch a Color™ is a game that gets kids to eat...more

Designed with the help of kids, parents, teachers and nutritionists. Kids have fun learning to choose nutritious foods for themselves. Named one of the top 100 Children's Products of 2011 and Top 10 Socially Responsible Products by Dr. Toy.

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I started barley & birch to make a difference. I wanted to give...more

Shirts, onesies, pants and hats made in the USA using 100% certified organic cotton and water-based inks.

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Beautiful Stationary from Canopy Cards

Bay Area mom of 4, Jennifer P is the genius behind Canopy Cards. The entire collection is unique, fun, and thoughtful.

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Bags & Accessories from FEED Projects

FEED began in 2006 when acclaimed model and activist Lauren Bush...more

Social good shopping from Lauren Bush. You help fund projects worldwide and the bags & accessories look great.

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Buy all natural organic wooden toys from Little Sapling Toys. We...more

Started & run by husband wife team who have 3 children themselves. Each toy is handmade in their workshop (which is in transition right now between Boise, Utah and Minnesota).

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Confidence Beads

These beads are made to remind us to be confident in ourselves, to inspire and support us. A portion of each purchase is also donated to ovarian cancer research and the prevention of domestic violence against women.

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Children's Clothing from Tea Collection

Tea is a globally inspired children’s apparel company founded in San Francisco by Emily Meyer and Leigh Rawdon. Each season they travel to a new country and are influenced by the people, culture, and overall beauty when designing their clothing line...

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Unique Jewelry from Penelope Poet

Savvy fashion designers know how to pair alluring colors and designs...more

Per Penelope: I love how jewelry can reflect our moods and the way women's jewelry uses colors to elevate spirits along with shapes and textures that comfort.

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Customized Books from Blurb

Blurb was started and is still run by Eileen Gittins, a big supporter of female entrepreneurs. Use Blurb to create a keepsake book. It can focus on a person, an event, a place, whatever is meaningful to the recipient.

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Homeopathy For Your Family

As states the Chinese proverb: Give a man a fish and you feed him for...more

This is a unique and affordable opportunity to receive a remedy kit, a reference book and MP3 friendly instructions, along with all pertinent handouts. This gift will last you for a lifetime.

fresh wholesome baby food delivery to the south bay area, ca including...more

its fresh - the only baby food delivery in the south bay area - economical , bliss for working moms, right start for babies

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Cooking Naked After 40 Cookbook | Sleeping Naked After 40

CREATE. CONCOCT. COOK. This cookbook / workbook is a collection of...more

This workbook will help build your cooking skills, improve your kitchen confidence and inspire you to experiment with and enjoy your delicious new style of eating. Women across the country (USA) are loving eating healthy & transforming their bodies!

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Shop in YOUR colors with Purple Jane

Purple Jane helps you find online the clothes that make you look your...more

You'll learn about yourself via a fun quiz and be an expert at finding what suits you within minutes. Download the app in the Chrome web store -make sure you download the Chrome browser first- and start shopping the colors that make you shine!

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Pre-registration for next Fall 2012 will start during this Open house, good to know!

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Inspire Fitness Bootcamps gift certificates


voted as one of the female entrepreneurs in the East bay, Inspire Fitness is much more than a womens' only bootcamp. It is a sisterhood that reaches well beyond the fitness with women supporting other women.

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iMovie creation from still images

Are you looking to organize your photos into a meaningful movie to...more

A unique and personalized gift and/or keepsake.

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"Le Chic Cocoon" 7 Steps to creating your Selfish Space

Every woman needs to claim her selfish and create her own Le Chic Cocoon. This book shows you how to connect to your inner woman, why being selfish is so important and how it can not only empower you, but everyone in your life. It helps you pull your own Le Chic Cocoon together in less than a day.

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Suggested by splendipity

Parents can rest easy when taking baby outdoors this winter knowing they can provide a safe, comfortable, UV free environment. The Ultra-Soft Cotton Technology fabric provides a touchably soft environment, keeps snow, sleet and winter UV rays from baby's delicate skin. Universal (7 products in 1) & ALL weather. We've got Parents Covered this Winter

splendipity: No need for 7 different products & it costs the same price for just 1 of the products--Its a STEAL!!!

Amanda Peek Seidel: great mom product - and what's better than the original 7-n-1? Love this.

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Lightweight, streamlined problem-solving accessories keep small...more

Suggested by Kendra Kroll

if you ever need a phone, ID, cash, cards, keys, lipstick, tampon, medical device, etc (especially while wearing a dress, skirt or pocket-less pants)...this is SO for you! Helps us gals lose the worry...not our stuff. Use solo or even WITH a purse to keep vital items closer. Makes life easier; brings peace of mind. Featured on TODAY. ♥ it!

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Accessory Connectz™

Suggested by Monica Wreede

Accessory Connectz™ are the new, inexpensive and simple way to accessorize flip flops, headbands and pet collars! After selling flip flops and headbands for many years with attached acessories I knew this product would be the perfect solution for moms on a budget! While our Connectz™ straps are comfy, they are also multi-purpose and functional. Onc...

splendipity: A multi-functional product---LOVE it!!! LOVE IT!!!! It is a must-have!!!

NOBLO umbrella Buddy: great stocking stuffer!

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Inspirational Tutu T's by Tutu Pour Mon Deux

Suggested by Tutu Pour Mon Deux

Tutu Pour Mon Deux offers DIY (design it yourself) tutus t's. We are an inspirational apparel company dedicated to making a difference and giving back - in hopes of spreading awareness about congenital heart defects in newborns. One-third of our proceeds is donated to Children's Hospital Boston

Grill Charms™ are dime-sized solid stainless steel charms that are...more

Suggested by Leslie Wombwell Haywood

Grill Charms™ offer an entirely new concept in outdoor entertaining.There are four "hot" collections to choose from this holiday season which come in a sleek gift box set of six, perfect for those stockings hung by the chimney with care. Featured on The Today, Shark Tank seasons I and II as well as Everyday with Rachael Ray and Inc magazine

Monica Wreede: Great product! Great idea;-)

Jennifer Harrison Koutouras: Love it!

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Your family's secret weapon against pain! Buzzy relieves sharp pain on...more

Suggested by jmctipping

Want shots to hurt less? Try Buzzy, an adorable vibrating bee with frozen wings that reduces sharp pain associated with needle procedures. Buzzy is an inexpensive, hand-held, reusable device that naturally minimizes needle pain on contact. Use Buzzy at home for first aid or bring him with you to the doctor's office for a stress-free visit.

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Suggested by abby

Rhonda Spero, a female entrepreneur, invented the Z-connector after her son's smartphone was stolen. It's easy to use, fashionable, and has a huge demographic area, as it's perfect for women in any profession!

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Noblo Umbrella Buddy

Noblo is a different, simple, easy to use beach umbrella anchor. ...more

Suggested by NOBLO umbrella Buddy

Invented by two moms who are concerned about the safety of people on the beach when beach umbrellas are flying. It is a great looking bag to fill with sand, velcro to the umbrella pole above the spokes and enjoy the day at the beach. At the end of the day simply dump the sand and fold as small as a hand.

Monica Wreede: Perfect gift for the ultimate beach lovers!

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This paper is embedded with seeds, and will grow wildflowers. All you...more

Suggested by PlantablePaper

Seed paper gifts that grow wildflowers when planted! Botanical PaperWorks has a wide range of plantable stationery - everything from journals to greeting cards, notepads and more - with free shipping for the holidays, too. What an eco-friendly and thoughful way of gifting - flowers and stationery in one. Great for everyone on your list!

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Suggested by InspiringMom

A personalized ornament is a Christmas gift, when hung on the tree, that helps the bereaved feel close to and enjoy fond memories.of a loved one during the holiday season. On an ornament stand, they inspire all year long. Give a beautiful one-of-a-kind Christmas gift that honors the deceased, comforts the bereaved and shows your thoughtfulness.

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Predator vs. Prey Mittens

Suggested by SkinnyScoop Member

The only mittens that come as predator and prey animal pairs! Wolf vs. Sheep, Owl vs. Mouse, Cat vs. Dog, Frog vs. Fly, Whale vs. Fish and Lion vs. Gazelle. Take fate into your hands with these super fun, warm and conversation starting mittens! One size fits most adults.

Christine Self Krogue: Write a comment

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Inspirational Gift Gallery

Suggested by InspiringMom

Beautiful Christian inspirational gifts that inspire the Lord's love, comfort and joy. Over 500 inspirational gifts including jewelry, collectibles, keepsakes, and home and garden decor. Three pages of Christmas gifts that portray the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas Angel Gifts, Nativity Scene Gifts and Unique Christmas gifts.

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Christmas in Hollywood Skin Care Gift Set

These gift baskets are inspired by the 25 lucky Hollywood stars that...more

Suggested by Teresa Villaruz

Botanolution provided these uniquely-designed organic skin care gift sets to 25 lucky Hollywood celebrities including Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Paris Hilton, Justin Timberlake, Demi Moore, Ginnifer Goodwin, and more. Give your loved ones the Hollywood treatment this holiday season and get them a "Christmas in Hollywood Gift Set".

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Botanolution - A Revolution In Skin Care

All-natural & organic skin care company offering wide range of...more

Suggested by Teresa Villaruz

Botanolution is an online boutique company specializing in all-natural, organic beauty and skin care products. We have received rave reviews from satisfied clients as our products have helped improve their skin conditions, especially those with highly sensitive skin that reacts negatively to synthetic ingredients.

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Henna necklace

Fair trade necklace; color: gold. material: brass...more

Suggested by Mata Traders

Mata Traders is a fair trade apparel and jewelry company, women-owned and run. Our products are handcrafted in India and Nepal by women's cooperatives and artisan groups. No sweatshop production, no exploitation. Rather, our products support a way out of poverty for the producers.

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Leaf cuff gold

Fair trade bracelet; color: gold; dimensions: 6 3/4" circumference,...more

Suggested by Mata Traders

Mata Traders is a fair trade apparel and jewelry company. Our products are handcrafted in India and Nepal by women's cooperatives and artisan groups. No sweatshop production, no exploitation. Rather, our products support a way out of poverty for the producers.

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Bed runner grey orbits - Home Decor

Limited edition fair trade bed runner, doubles as a table runner; 100%...more

Suggested by Mata Traders

Fair Trade production in India by women's cooperatives.

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Rendezvous skirt red

Add whimsy to your wardrobe with our timeless hand-woven ikat skirt. ...more

Suggested by Mata Traders

Fair trade production by women's cooperative in India. Mata Traders is an independent, women-owned and run clothing label.

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Facebook Ads for Moms

Suggested by Maytal Tal

We'll help you make the most of the holiday season by teaching you how to effectively reach moms (or any other target audience in fact) on Facebook. Contact us and mention SkinnyScoopfor for a special discount!

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ElectroLast At Home Facial


Suggested by Intelligent Skin Sense

Celebrities like Brad Pitt and Madonna rave about micro-current facials. ElectroLast is the Red Carpet Facial you can do at home. Gentle and safe micro current lifts the facial muscles. In just one use, the face appears firmer. This device exercises facial muscles easily in 5-10 minutes. Battery operated (half dollar size) made to travel with you.

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Dr. Doormat

After becoming a mom in 2002, Debbie Greenspan, a lifetime allergy and...more

Suggested by benita

The first antimicrobial doormat for home use is a great way to keep your home healthy. Perfect for the allergy sufferers, new moms, pet owners and germophobes in your life.

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Gift Cards from Lower East Side Ecology Center

Fun, well designed gift cards from the Lower East Side Ecology Center;...more

Suggested by Christine Rico

Well designed gift cards, perfect for anyone who cares more about the giving than the "stuff". On recycled paper, naturally.

Pop-up, e-commerce, fashion, style, trends, accessories, handbags,...more

Suggested by euphoric_rythms

Ahead of the trend IT brands, great prices!

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Suggested by Jennifer Harrison Koutouras

This ultimate gym locker organizer keep everything handy, and when you are in a hurry, it is a must at the gym! It hangs or stands in most gym lockers and provides easy access baby!

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Spiffy Kids : Home

Kids love to see their names in print and with cool colors and...more

Suggested by amy

Spiffy Kids’ story started in 1979, and is now a second-generation, woman-led business. Spiffy Kids provides quality personalized products but with cool designs for today's consumers. The preferences of our spiffy kids inspire each design assuring that your kids will like them too.

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Suggested by charlie

The first-of-its-kind Scandle Shimmering Lotion Candle is a candle that burns at 2 degrees above body temperature to produce a shimmering, fragrant lotion to give your skin a healthy, sexy & flawless glow. Created by Christine White for women to pamper at home or at one of more than 200 retailers and spas which carry Scandle Body Candles.

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The Highchair Organizer is a mommy must have


The Highchair Organizer conveniently attaches to your child's...more

Suggested by allansmom

The Highchair Organizer store everything I need to feed my little one at mealtime. No more searching for a spoon, bib, bottle, or sippy cup. The Highchair Organizer stores all mealtime items neatly at the back of my son's highchair. My life is so much easier and more organized because of it. It even store diapers and baby wipes.

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Suggested by Amanda Peek Seidel

Kidzies is a children's boutique, featuring Huggerz, the original drink insulator for kids, Off-the-Wall Artwork & many other unique, artist-rendered products. If it's not unique enough or doesn't enhance my kiddo's life, it certainly does not become a Kidzies product! *Personalization available on most products.

splendipity: I've been Huggerz--have you??? I use mine for everything from sippy's to large water bottles to theme park cups! We've taken ours to World's of Fun & back!

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Job Satisfaction in the New Year


Whether it's finding work you love, landing a new job, transitioning...more

Suggested by Angela-career coach

DEFINING SUCCESS COACHING uses proven techniques to help people make a great living doing work they love and specifically coaches and consults people in creative jobs so they can see themselves get the recognition they deserve, hear about themselves in their industry and finally feel satisfied even when they have previously felt stuck.

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The Four Pals children's book series!


This Award Winning Series contains 4 books that take children on fun...more

Suggested by personalitypro

The highly animated books are awesome for showing kids they we each have a unique personality type and it is okay to be different from your friends. They are written for children ages 3-9 and are endorsed by the Duggar family from TLC's "19 Kids and Counting". They are in the process of being turned into a live traveling show across North America!

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The Four Pals children's book series!


This Award Winning Series contains 4 books that take children on fun...more

Suggested by personalitypro

The highly animated books are awesome for showing kids they we each have a unique personality type and it is okay to be different from your friends. They are written for children ages 3-9 and are endorsed by the Duggar family from TLC's "19 Kids and Counting". They are in the process of being turned into a live traveling show across North America!


This quick read teaches you how to recognize personality types in less...more

Suggested by personalitypro

Not only is the Author a mom of 4 and a military spouse, but she gives us a pratical and easy guide to improving every relationship in our lives. From business to personal interactions, this book is a gold mine of insights into every personality type and what makes them tick! A must read for everyone! Get the power of profiling at your finger tips!

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Bee-Stractors® DistrACTION Cards

These travel-sized, durable, fun cards go anywhere! Each set is 5...more

Suggested by jmctipping

Designed by a pediatrician, these cards have interactive, age-focused questions with temper-taming distraction-action + proven pain relief for medical procedures. Each set of 5 collectible distraction cards has over 40 counting and finding games, offering 2 solid hours of distraction! Carry them everywhere. In English or Spanish. Made in USA.

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Products that support charities and causes hosts a wide variety of charities and causes that...more

Suggested by is an online shopping mall that only sells products that benefit charities and causes. When an item is bought, a portion of the purchase price benefits the charity or cause that is directly linked to the product.

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Ritual Cleanse Reset and Daily Juice

Suggested by Amanda

Ritual Cleanse provides a cold-pressed, 100% certified organic fruit and veggie juice cleanse. Simple enough for busy people to integrate into their everyday lives, the 3-day Reset cleanse gently cleanses and heals your body without harsh “detox” symptoms. The Shred component provides enough nutrition to add fuel for workout regimens.

Amanda: On Day 2 of my cleanse right now and feeling AMAZING!

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Weekend Rum Cakes

Weekend Rum Cakes specialize in mini gourmet cakes in several flavors....more

Suggested by Weekend Rum Cakes

These cakes are moist and delicious and come in a variety of flavors. They are small, so they make the perfect gift for teachers, doctors, friends, family and anyone else you have in mind. Prices are competitive and reasonable. Weekend Rum Cakes will ship anywhere in the US.

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Just Movie Posters.Com

The place where you can purchase all sorts of movie posters for your...more

Suggested by info

Movie posters makes any space from an apartment to a media room, look cool and hip. Of course, who wants to search all over the Internet for a cool and hip movie poster? So, instead of surfing all over the net, just go to Just Movie Posters.Com to find the movie poster of your dreams.

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Knock out! Smart Panties

Knock out!® is a first-of-its-kind collection of performance thongs,...more

Suggested by elizabeth

Think lace, think lingerie, think high tech with a twist. This season's hottest gift is one that "keeps you cool" - Knock out! Smart Panties - whether running through the mall, working out or dolling up for a big date, this is the secret weapon that every women needs to make sweat and odor disappear. Sexy, natural and Made in the USA - A MUST TRY!

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Suggested by turk

Whitening Lightning's at home professional teeth whitening products are brightening up the world one smile at a time. Stop paying for expensive in-office teeth whitening services. With Jennifer Gerard's Whitening Lightning products you can have whiter looking teeth in as little at 20 minutes without breaking the bank!

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Baby and Toddler Personalized Sleep Consultation Services

All of our personalized sleep consultation packages are designed to...more

Suggested by BabySleepSite

Whether a family is struggling with a baby who won’t fall asleep at night or a toddler who just doesn’t want to nap, The Baby Sleep Site tailors every approach with individuality in mind. They never offers one-size-fits-all advice or passes judgment on individual parenting philosophies.

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Undercover Mama

Suggested by TKSJ

Salt Lake City mom and savvy business owner Elisa Op't Hof knows what new mothers want when it comes to caring for their child, and launched a business with less than a thousand dollars to bring her invention nationwide. Elisa’s successful business is based on the idea that moms who are nursing should feel fashionable and comfortable in public with...

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Feel great about shopping! A collection of the most stylish eco...more

Suggested by Maria Olson Goins

LivLuna is a woman owned sustainable small business, and all the stylish sweatshop free eco fashion is 30-50% off for the holidays!

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Smoky View Cottages is a Maggie Valley NC Cabin Rentals in the Smoky...more

Suggested by smokyviewcottages

Owned and ran by a team of ladies... a beautiful place to go

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Passion 4 Life Liquid Vitamins & Minerals


Great tasting liquid multi vitamin & mineral with 135 high grade...more

Suggested by Linda Beversluis Schwartz

Give the gift of good health this holiday to those you love.We are all busy, stressed, need extra energy & support for our immune system so we fight off getting sick.This product does all that & more.Just take 1 ounce a day. Also this company has great heart for helping children with their charity - another reason t...

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Nanda Home creators of Clocky, the alarm clock that runs away.

Nanda Home. We make time move.

Suggested by Gwen Passmore

Ever seen an alarm clock move like this?

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Body Glo Lotion

This lotion is for him. It's been formulated into a luxurious lotion....more

Suggested by Gwen Passmore

It's the best lotion for men. They need to lotion up as well.

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Artisan Scents

Artisan Scents specializes in bath and body products that are made by...more

Suggested by Artisan Scents

Artisan Scents is your source for handmade bath and body products from Northern California. Products include lotions, massage oils, shower gels, and more. Artisan Scents even has a doggie shampoo. Products are made using true essential oils and products make great gifts for any occasion.

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Natural Bath and Body Product-Body Glo

The original Body Glo Cream is cult favorite natural bath and body...more

Suggested by Gwen Passmore

It's the only one of its kind. It's all natural, and it leaves skin with a youthful glo. What else can do that naturally?

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Suggested by Haralee

Cool Garments for Hot Women. Why be robbed from another night sleep because of night sweats? Stay Cool and only Look Hot! Great for Travel too!

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A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts: Stories to Warm Your Heart and Tips to Simplify Your Holiday

Suggested by Cathy Turner Messecar

Written by the Word Quilters, a group of six savvy women, this sparkly, full color, Christmas gift book is filled with "first" stories experienced at Christmastime, Cookie Canister recipes, ideas for family celebrations, scriptures about Jesus' birth, history of Christmas traditions, and gardening tips for the holidays, plus much more.

As the first fair-trade organic extra virgin coconut oil on the...more

Suggested by Kelapo

Since opening for business, Kelapo has focused on providing the market’s highest quality extra virgin coconut oil. Each of our products is a direct reflection of our commitment to wholesome, sustainable living.

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Suggested by lori

Custom clothing straight out of brooklyn. America's original custom clothing company.

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Suggested by lori

Custom clothing straight out of brooklyn. America's original custom clothing company.

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Suggested by Christine Self Krogue

Baby Undersocksa are an award-winning baby undergarment, designed to keep their feet and legs warm in winter. Keeps socks on baby's feet and cozy too. Covers gap between pants and socks so no skin gets exposed to cold air. Great for baby boys or girls. Made of soft, breathable bamboo thermal fabric, more comfy and less restricting than tights.

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Suggested by Corissa McClay

We want everyone to get exactly what they want, so we've made MakerCraft Jewelry; an iPad app that lets you design and then buy your own handmade jewelry. Then we work with Goodwill's job program to assemble the jewelry and ship it out. The app download is free too, so you can play with it until you make that perfect piece!

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Mummy's Tummy: Natural Maternity Skin Care

Suggested by Mummy's Tummy

Mummy’s Tummy is a natural maternity skin care collection that is perfect for the eco-chic mom-to-be. With nourishing stretch mark creams, soothing foot soaks, luxurious gift sets and other earth-friendly goodies, Mummy’s Tummy offers a full line of natural and certified organic skin care that is safe for mom and baby!

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Connecticut Cookie Company, llc

Quick fix

Suggested by ctcookieco

Toffee with graham cracker bottom, almonds, dark chocolate and a hint of sea salt. Try to eat just one bite!

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Nanas' Lemon Loaf and Lemon Curd

No matter what, grandmas have a way of making things better. And its...more

Suggested by The 9 Nanas

The 9 Nanas' cakes and curds have a way of taking you back in time when you were knee high to a grasshopper in your own Nana's kitchen. You couldn't help but smile because she gave the best hugs and baked the best cakes.

Annalee: Being from the south, pound cake is a Sunday given...but not all pound cakes are created equally. The nanas' recipes have managed to put them in a class all by themselves. We each have a favorite. My husband prefers the vanilla bean, mine is lime and the girls absolutely love the lemon.

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Jack Webster

Fantastic and original gifts for Travel, Food & Wine, and...more

Suggested by AllieT

Started by a pregnant former fashion designer, Jack Webster is run by a 'mompreneuer' with (now) 2 toddlers who hires out other 'mom' friends when she needs the help...making sure to pay the support of women forward any chance there is!

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Designed by Janet Street, an artist in Northampton, MA. She developed...more

Suggested by Dennis Caraher

Unable to find an eco-friendly US manufacturer to make these toys, Janet has developed her own innovative process and materials for manufacturing. The look and feel of the toys is welcoming and friendly. There's intentionally no back story provided, allowing the child to create their own. Easy Keepers inspire inventive, imaginative play!

Savvycents designs, manufactures, and sells the best wallet organizer...more

Suggested by Melinda Bridwell Claudepierre

Every woman wants to be organized but you still want to carry something fashionable. The Savvycents wallet is the perfect combination. This is a great gift for any woman for the holidays. For under $30 you can get a Savvycents wallet in black, red or pink. It can also help you stay orgainzied in the hustle and bustle of shopping!

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Huggrz Boot Wraps are the original boot covers. Wrap your favorite...more

Suggested by Diane Danielson

These boot wraps are a fabulous holiday gift because they go with every kind of boot, have lots of styles, and are one-size-fits-all. Don't want to commit to a trend? Gift this inexpensive alternative. In addition, the founder of Huggrz Boot Wraps has created 30 jobs many of them in manufacturing in Michigan and Mass.

debM: These actually look like PART of the boot when you put them on. Beautiful quality and made in the USA. What a great combination. So many styles to choose from, plus accessories. LOVE it.

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ThankThank Notes

ThankThank Notes helps busy people send handwritten notes/cards to...more

Suggested by antmorales

I love sending hand-written notes and thank yous but I don't always have the time, or stationery, or stamps. ThankThank Notes makes sending a card a snap. Now I send them more often!

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Discovering Shapes


Suggested by Amanda West

Discovering Shapes is a new twist in toddler room decor called Educational Art. 1. DECORATE your child's room with stylish art 2. It is inteneded to be taken off of the wall and used with your child to TEACH the shapes by using the included Activity Guide 3. You hang it back on the wall to REINFORCE what your child has learned!

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Juju Band Newborn Baby Gift Set

Suggested by InNashville Mag

The Juju Band Gift Set is the perfect gift for expectant parents at Xmas time or for baby showers. Gift Set A contains: blanket, comforter, bib, baby band, onesie, socks, cap, and mittens. The band is used for 2 different purposes. First, it is used on the newborn as a shield to protect the navel from constant contact of diapers and clothing. Thi...

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With over 40 designs you'll find one for everyone on your list! The...more

Suggested by Peggy S. Vincent

Glow in the Dark isn't JUST for kids! Comfy Cozy offers many designs with inspiring and motivational designs that help you get up in the morning and relax at night with positive mantras! Tell me you don't know a woman that couldn't use that:)

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The House of Bachelorette


Suggested by Alison Storm Lowry

After getting laid off in 2009, Stephanie Storm-Robertson decided to use her 22 years of retail experience and launch her own bachelorette party supply company. In a short amount of time has been a part of thousands of bachelorette parties, showers and more. She even launched an exclusive line of rhinestone party sashes!

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Portraits Drawn/Painted From Your Photo

Simply upload a photo, pick an art style (oil, watercolor, sketch...more

Suggested by leslie

This is one of the most unique and personal gifts around. Whether it is a oil painting of grandma with grand-kids, a watercolor of a dog lover with her dog, or a sketch a couple or their kids, or even of their home - this gift captures personal memories in a beautiful way for all to see.

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Invitation Consultants


Suggested by kaity

We create fabulous designs with impeccable quality, offer competitive pricing and focus on the customer experience. Our highly-trained consultants assist customers in selecting, ordering and personalizing invitations, stationery and gifts. We feature over 9,000 products designed by our talented in-house designers, community of Guest Designers and t...

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The Traveling Journal


Suggested by Alison Storm Lowry

A decade ago five Iowa friends launched their own Traveling Journal to stay connected after moving to 5 different states. Realizing the impact the shared journal had on their friendship, they launched with hopes of inspiring other long distance friends to start Traveling Journals. Buy handmade journals,accessories and more!

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SmartSeat Chair Protector


Waterproof seat covers for dining room and kitchen chairs. Protect...more

Suggested by Rebecca

Perfect for busy moms! Protects chairs from stains and spills. Makes for easy clean up. And looks great!

Shelley Woods Straitiff: You have to feel these covers to see how gorgeous they really are - super high quality, stylish and functional!

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The Camiband

"The Ultimate Wardrobe Extender" as seen on the TODAY Show. This...more

Suggested by Holly Grutman Xerri

This unique layering accessory works 3 ways! Create a cami under those low cut V-necks, extend a too short shirts or even over swim bottoms for extra skirted coverage

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Suggested by In My Book

Recyclable greeting cards that perforate to become sturdy bookmarks! Send your book-loving friends "you're novel", "you're voluminous" or "you're the happy ending".

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Chocolate Twist

Small batch, house made confections

Suggested by chocolatetwist

Chocolate Twist's candy is handmade in small batches, reasonably priced, and unforgettably delicious - in short, the perfect holiday gift for friends, family, and colleagues. The Epic Sea Salt Caramels are aptly named as their reputation precedes them. You will rarely find something this exceptional. Stay small, stay woman owned.

Suggested by bottledupdesigns

Bottled Up Designs is a remarkable line of jewelry handmade in the Pennsylvania Amish Country from antique glass and bottles reclaimed from wooded habitats in an effort to help the local environment and wildlife! Pieces include antique depression glass, mason jars, Noxzema bottles and many more! Each piece includes it's own "Story of the Glass"!

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Suggested by Mike Simmons

Look Great and Shoot Straight! Handgun instruction gently combined with spa services in the comfort of the ranch lodge. A great Get Away for four to eight BFF's! The ranch is owned and operated by Kathy Dietert...who is also the handgun instructor, med spa owner, RN, and a GREAT cook! The ranch also organizes hunting trips...designed for women!


Made by Hands of Britain - The Home of British Contemporary and...more

Suggested by Gillian

The place to find the most beautiful, unique and skilfully handcrafted British arts, crafts, produce, products and services. The ultimate resource for those who are looking for the best in British handmade. Buy once and buy well!

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Suggested by Shelley Woods Straitiff

Mompact brings products invented by moms all to one place where moms can make purchases and support one another. Mompact also helps moms develop their own home businesses selling products invented by moms.

Shelley Woods Straitiff: If you are a mom with a retail-ready product, tell us about it!

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"Purple Leaves, Red Cherries: A Gift for Mothers with Short Stories,...more

Suggested by Tania Elfersy

Written, designed and published by moms, Purple Leaves, Red Cherries guides and supports women through the disruptive wonder of motherhood. It includes: • 48 inspiring and thought-provoking short stories • Beautiful and guided journaling space • Practical tips and self-development exercises • Stunning illustrations throughout It's a perfect gift!

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Suggested by Rita Tennyson

Family run company started by a boomer daughter for her aging mother to make outings easier

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Yarn Pop

Suggested by lorib100

Great knitting bags for keeping yarn and projects organized. Perfect for working on projects while traveling. Contemporary and modern prints and big zippers make them stylish.

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The Gratitude Book by Soulful Journals

Suggested by Jodi

Feeling and expressing gratitude on a regular basis can lead to a happier, healthier life. The Gratitude Book can help! It includes 50 prompts and questions that encourage you to express your gratitude in a fun way!

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The Toni Top

The Toni Top is designed for all stages of a busy mom or mom-to-be's...more

Suggested by Wendy Armbruster Bell

The Toni Top gives you quadruple bang for your buck as you wear it during pregnancy, nursing, pumping and beyond weaning and you will WANT to wear it beyond weaning because it is so stunning... promise!

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Meal Delivery Service by NutriFit

Since 1987, NutriFit has been Southern California's leading gourmet...more

Suggested by Jackie Keller

NutriFit’s meal service is the ultimate timesaving, convenient choice; designed to satisfy your nutrition and health needs with extraordinary cuisine. With 2400+ recipes, using the finest and freshest local ingredients, nutritionally balanced meals are freshly prepared, individually tailored to your health goals, food preferences & schedule.

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Culinary Twist Gourmet Sauces

Inspired by Exotic travel destinations, this collection of...more

Suggested by Lynn Milos

Not only is Culinary Twist woman owned, the sauces recently won awards for their fabulous flavors. If you want to impress your friends with a great dinner or a great gift, check these out. The labels are reminiscent of travel posters: colorful and fun. The flavor profiles are layered like a fine wine. Lots of easy recipes available or get creative!

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Bersatu Designs

Handmade jewelry made using natural materials in Bali, Indonesia....more

Suggested by Bersatu Designs

Bersatu is the Bahasa Indonesian word for “united.” Bersatu was founded in 2011. All products are hand made by Indonesians using locally available materials. Bersatu seeks to provide income generating activities for Indonesians through the creation of simple, chic, Bali-inspired jewelry and accessories.

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Tray Vous

Suggested by Tray Vous

Created by a busy mom, Tray Vous® is the first full sized tray accessory for the BUGABOO FROG™ and BUGABOO CAMELEON™ strollers. Tray Vous provides more benefits than just snack and sippy cup holding. Toddlers can also use the tray as their very own “workplace” for coloring, reading books and playing with toys.

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Gold drop earrings

Suggested by euphoric_rythms

Great price and sexy

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Golly Gee-pers! Table Manners Cards

A fun meal time game that will have the whole family "ready-to-dine...more

Suggested by gollygee_pers

It's new and just won Dr. Toy awards for Best New Products and Best Socially Responsible Products for Children, 2011 and it works!

Suggested by Jeanette Chasworth

I help you uncover the hidden beauty and potential in your home—and then transform it into a space that is uniquely you. Best of all, I offer powerful solutions for all budgets. And I do so in a clear and easy to understand way that helps eliminate stress, worry or confusion with starting a home project or interior design!

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Helliemae's Handcrafted Caramels

Suggested by ellen

Super intense small batch caramels finished with sea salt - what's not to love? Also salted caramel sauce!

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Helliemae's Handcrafted Caramels

Suggested by ellen

Super intense small batch caramels finished with sea salt - what's not to love? Also salted caramel sauce!

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SugarSync Cloud Service

Keep your files, photos and music in sync between all of your devices...more

Suggested by Laura Yecies

With all of the different devices in our lives and the explosion of data we need a solution to keep it all in sync! SugarSync is easy to use, fast and fun.

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The stuff you want from the people you know. GiftSimple is a social...more

Suggested by GiftSimple

Many people find it difficult to save up for a large ticket item and receiving contributions towards that purchase would really help; but organizing a group gift offline can be hassle. At the same time, we all get presents that we don’t want. GiftSimple solves all of these problems.

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Black Patent Leather Bijoux Wow Cuff with Personalized Initial


You will love this piece! Your initial is in the spotlight. The...more

Suggested by Bijoux Wow

If you're looking for a personalized gift for a fashionable, stylish woman you can't go wrong with a Bijoux Wow Leather Cuff.

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Lion'esque Style

Suggested by Lion'esque Style

Give the gift of #InspiredBuy. Virtually meet the designers behind the hottest new brands and shop within each content-driven collection page. Be the fashion forward conversation leader at your next party.. Looking like everyone else is SO last season!

Eliza Rodriguez: Don't want to be last season!

MeganKsionda: Write a comment

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GoPillow! by Simply Necessary, Incorporated

Uses include: Breast feeding pillow with built-in nursing cover-up;...more

Suggested by Tangela Walker-Craft

The GoPillow! is a portable solution for discreet public breastfeeding because of its built-in nursing cover-up which tucks inside the pillow. The GoPillow! is wearable, making cradling a child more comfortable. Swaddling babies is easy with the attached blanket. The multipurpose GoPillow! is perfect travel gear for a baby or child of any age.

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Apparel & accessories for animal lovers. Not only will you look good,...more

Suggested by Elaine Warner Sanfilippo

Finally, apparel for a good cause that I actually WANT to wear. Super soft tees that fit a woman's body (yes they have men's too) with witty sayings about our love for our pets? Yes please!

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Lucky Puppy is nothing but cute!

Suggested by sandi

Lucky Puppy is a line of adorable onesies, hoodies and tees for infants and toddlers (plus a few things for women and doggies) We team with select animal organizations by donating a percentage of sales to help make every doggie a Lucky Puppy!

Jennifer Harrison Koutouras: Adorable, and for a GREAT cause!

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BonBon by Micah Yancey Jewels


Handmade jewelry in 14kt gold fill metal, sterling silver, and vintage...more

Suggested by Whitney Fields

Micah believes that jewelry should be simple, clean,well-made, sophisticated and aligned with current fashion trends. These are the principles on which she based her BonBon jewelry line. She has a deep appreciation for beautiful and unique semi-precious stones and she carefully chooses each stone for her handmade pieces. No two pieces are alike.

Whitney Fields: Handmade for the holidays! Each piece is delicate handcrafted and made in the USA!

Suggested by

Stress? Insomnia? Here's soothing, award-winning, drug-free relief from stress, sleeplessness, depression, pain. Listeners include The Mayo Clinic, Sloan-Kettering, Canyon Ranch (#1 Spa). With a voice described as "liquid," stress relief expert Susie Mantell's exquisite relaxation CD soothes, replenishes! ("BEST AUDIOS AWARD"-Publishers Weekly)

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Bajalia is a fashion-based, fair-trade company that works closely with...more

Suggested by major

Purchasing handmade products from Bajalia assists women in third-world countries such as China, India and Afghanistan by providing sustainable wages, stability and social benefits to hundreds of women impacted by human trafficking, poverty, hunger and other social issues impacting the world.

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Check out more

Suggested by Kelly McCloskey Daugherty

Launched in March 2011, Smashing is 100% women owned and 100% USA made. This is the only golf & tennis brand that slims and shapes. The secret is a hidden inner layer of compression. As Seen In Shape Magazine, Golf Digest, More Mag, WBBM and countless blogs. This is fashion that performs.

Jayne Drew: Love their stuff!

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CasaQ Fine Glass Ornaments

Suggested by Darlene

The CasaQ Ornament Collection includes exclusive designs such as Our Lady of Guadalupe, Frida Kahlo, La Catrina, Star Piñata, and many more symbolic treasures that celebrate the Latino culture.

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Suggested by Peggy S. Vincent

A unique gift item that is "fun & functional"! Can be PERSONALIZED & no worries on what size to buy:) Designs for ALL ages - both Whimsical & Inspirational. FREE SHIPPING on orders placed thru December 16th PLUS select designs at $9.99:)

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Memory Catcher Video Biographies

Memory Catcher’s personal video biographies combine live interviews...more

Suggested by Memory Catcher

You’ve seen biographies on A & E or the history channel - that’s what we do for regular people! Your love, your time - and your story - are the most valuable gifts you can give your family. We help you celebrate your life now and pass along your stories as living legacies for future generations. Everyone has a story. It's time to capture yours.

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Pure Illumination

Lanolin based, LED-Lit lip glosses, mascaras, and a 2n1 lip therapy...more

Suggested by Erica McArthur Allison

A chronic chapped lip sufferer, Miranda began experimenting with lanolin, an ointment primarily used by breastfeeding women, to soothe her dry lips. Through trial and error on her kitchen stovetop, Miranda literally cooked up a winning lip balm. 5 years later, Pure Illumination offers an array of light up lip glosses, mascara, and beauty.

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For the wine lover who has everything... except this!

"Cork" ball cap with leaf/corkscrew/cork design

Suggested by nancyn

A unique gift idea for the wine lover in your life that already has every wine related gift ever made. He (or she) will not have this yet! Sold only through Wine Cellar Specialists. Impress the wine lover in your life. Made from REAL CORK. Find pricing and how to order at

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Hot Joe Jacket®

The Insulating, Eco-Chic, Beverage Wrap!

Suggested by Hot Joe Jacket

Style up that coffee gift card with a gift that’s sure to please! Hot Joe Jackets make adorable hostess, holiday or any occasion gifts. These trendy beverage wraps are akin to accessorizing a coat with the perfect scarf and the stylish packaging will delight any eco-conscious fashionista. Add some bling to your beverage with a Hot Joe Jacket!

Christine Self Krogue: makes a great gift.

Christine Self Krogue: makes a great gift.

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We work with homeowners, contractors, restaurants, hotels and more to...more

Suggested by nancyn

One of the few woman owned Custom Wine Cellar companies in the nation. We pride ourselves in working with the customer to plan your wine cellar to fit both YOUR dreams and YOUR budget.

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Choose from over 100 iconic affordable maps, each customizable in a...more

Suggested by Cartoloji

With the purchase of each print, customers give back to the countries they love – 10% of the sales price is automatically donated to charity projects specific to the map of the country purchased, through the non-profit organization, GlobalGiving.

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Suggested by ClearCause

USA Book News Award Winning finalist. This book, helps soothe grief with evidence of life after death. Help someone you love unfurl from a fog of grief so thick that light and love cannot penetrate.

ClearCause: Proceeds from Walking on Sunshine benefit ClearCause Foundation. Your purchase is tax deductible.

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Suggested by Sue at Orca PR

Allyson Del Vecchio and Billie Tarascio are outstanding female attorneys who have an innovative approach to how they do business. They offer pay as you go, without retainers and have a very low hourly rate. They truly care about those who cannot afford to be represented. 480 818 6953.

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Amy Chace also known to Etsy as Spitfaced has an interesting mix of...more

Suggested by Amy Chace

Amy offers unique handmade products that are made both carefully and creatively and also sells them a bare bones prices. She creates because she is compelled to and therefore sells in order to be able to afford to create MORE.

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Aromatherapy Mood Freshening Sprays

Suggested by Heidi Rettig

All-natural sprayable aromatherapy blends to combat bad moods - yours or others! Scent is subtle enough for work or home and can also be used as a natural air freshener. Blends include: anti-Apathy; Passive/Aggressive and the Antidote for Ego. $14.99 with free shipping through the holidays.

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Cream for a ClearCause

Suggested by ClearCause

Cream for a Cause is helping our Clear Cause - Keeping America's Children & Students Safe on Programs Abroad in a $17 Billion and Growing Federally Unregulated Industry. Find out more at These products are scrumptuous - not your every day fundraiser. High quality, botanical nurturing. Love your skin - for causes.

ClearCause: You can buy many gifts - but how many protect children?

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Pump-a-Pair Hands-Free Pumping Accessory

Pump-a-Pair is a new, fast, easy and affordable ($12.95!) hands-free...more

Suggested by lj

Pump-a-Pair is a great gift for a new mom because it is affordable and because it is one size fits all working with any breast pump and top-hook nursing bra or tank!

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Taylor Cork Wallet

The Taylor wallet is not only strikingly beautiful, but will neatly...more

Suggested by Cortizza

Made from eco-friendly, leather-like cork fabric. Great gift for the gal that has everything - choose your favorite cork pattern. Personalize it, if you like!