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Organizing Resolutions for 2012 by Kristin

by Kristin, posted to Home

What organizing goals do you have for 2012? What is on the top of your list to tackle and get under control?

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Budget Budget Budget

I keep receiving messages from that I haven't updated or logged into our account recently. It really needs to happen and soon. Budgeting and saving money is a huge priority for us this year.

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Tame the Closet

My closet is organized, but I only wear about half of what I have. It is time to go through and donate what I no longer wear. I then need to refrain from purchasing more items and try to keep it simple!

Eden Godsoe: I am right there with you on this. My closet is organized but I am holding onto some things that I don't think I will ever fit into...time to give them away.

Penelope Poet: I think weeding out the old is on everyone's mind. There was literally line of cars waiting to make donations to the Goodwill truck in El Cerrito this afternoon.

Roxanne Napolitano: My daughter shared what I thought was a great idea. I often think that I wear things from my closet - when, in fact, they haven't been worn in quite a while. On January 1st, my daughter turned the "hook" of the hangers in her closet backward on every garment. After she wears a garment, it is to be returned to her closet, hanging the "right way". . By August (when 2 seasons have passed), anything remaining on a "backward hanger" will be donated or sold. I was duly impressed & plan to do the same! :)

Lori Krolik: Only have items that you love, and make you feel good when you wear them. A good rule of thumb: If you have not worn it in over a year, it has stains on it, or the it invokes the reaction, "hWy did I buy this?"--get rid of it.

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Organize Old Recipes and Add New

ZipList has made using new recipes a total breeze. Simply click and download a new recipe to your recipe box and then pull it up at the store for the ingredients. Go to your favorite food blog and start clipping!

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Display And Use Digital Photos

It is so easy to download and save digital photos but we hardly get a chance to enjoy them. Create a few photo books using Snapfish and Shutterfly so that everyone in the family can share memories.

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Calendar Management

Stay consistent with entering items on the calendar and scheduling...more

Keeping a calendar and remembering to take time for yourself will lead to a sane mom and a home in control.

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The Switcheroo

Suggested by serenityyou

A great tip for organizing your closet. every one should do this!

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Log In on Paper Journal Daily

Suggested by Intelligent Skin Sense

It gets rid of small pieces of paper, post it notes, scratch paper, to do lists. Having a daily account of what you want to do and what you actually do is a great way to keep track of almost all daily activities.

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Make A List

Suggested by Paula Rizzo,List Producer

This is the simplest, cheapest way to get more organized! Writing down the things you need to accomplish and getting them out of your head will help you reach your goals.

Kristin: I agree that lists can be an effective tool in helping to organize, but it is really just the first step. it is fine to prioritize and list your action items but the measure of success is if you actually act upon them. Go ahead and make the list, but make certain you've blocked time in your calendar to complete the task(s). As a professional organizer, I might advise my client to make a list but I wouldn't stop there. The important part is having a plan to follow through and make it happen.

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