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"Cool" iPhone Apps by Jackie

by Jackie, posted to Tech & Blogging

There are SO many apps out there..her e is a list of "cool" apps that make using your SMARTphone FUN.

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Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more...more

Another fun messaging app. This one is free and is for iPhones and Androids. You can text/voice/picture message with FB friends or your phone contacts. A fun way to message different phone models. This is like a mix of WhatsApp & HeyTell.

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iBaby Buttons

Suggested by Mindy Douglas

This is a fun cause & effect app we made with the help of our youngest daughter. App sales will be donated this weekend 11/18/11 - 11/20/11 to The Bell Center for Early Intervention Programs in honor of her birthday.

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Wake N Shake

Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more...more

I have really REALLY been contemplating buying this one and I think I should because I definitely struggle waking up in the morning so this is looking like it'll be worth the $0.99. Any thoughts?

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Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more...more

A new favorite messenger app that my friend had me download. It's $0.99 for iPhones but free for other phones. I like it because it allows group chat for all different phone types. The features like "share my location" are pretty cool as well.

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♫ Play music from your iTunes library, share your favorites to...more

Might be an interesting music app to try out since it is free. It almosssttt sounds like a free version of Spotify..?

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Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more...more

Very cool app for finding stores nearest you with hours open and distance from you. I have yet to use it but I will definitely download soon and see how it works...definitely could have came in handy when looking for a Halloween costume shop the other day!

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HeyTell is a fun way to leave voice messages that have a text message aspect to it. It allows you to send a short message to a loved one and let them hear your voice at the same time.

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Be a food critic. Take pictures of your meal and help friends find the best sandwiches in town.

Eden Godsoe: I think I am the only one who doesn't get Foodspotting. Personally I don't want to see photos of random people's food. And I barely remember to take photos of my children let alone my meals.

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Mobile Sitter Pals

Book sitters you and your friends know and trust on the go. See who...more

Suggested by Amanda Armstrong

When you realize you need to book a sitter, you don't have to call through a list of sitters, or text and wait. Let Mobile Sitter Pals do the work for you with trusted sitters.

Jackie: This does sound like helpful would probably fit better on the Best iPhone Apps for Moms list though >

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Learn more, read reviews, and download exfm by Extension Entertainment...more

I haven't used this app yet but it sounds like a cool way to share and discover music with friends and others that have similar taste. Check it out & vote on here if it is a must download!

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TuneIn Radio Pro

Learn more, read reviews, and download TuneIn Radio Pro by Synsion...more

Suggested by Glenn Smith

This is *great* for when I'm having a "driveway moment". Listening to NPR in the parking lot and you just gotta hear the rest of that story? Take it with you. This app works better than a couple of other streaming radio apps that I've tried.

Jackie: Cool! I am definitely going to have to try this one out..I could use a good radio app.

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Wizard Spell Book

Have your wand ready! Now you can join the wizarding world and...more

Suggested by Floras Secret

Spells are listed by their category (i.e. attack, defensive, healing) with a written description of their power and result. With a simple flick of your wand (your phone), cast an audible spell like a true witch or wizard. Fun for all ages!

Floras Secret: Great for Harry Potter fans! i love it.

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How often do you find yourself relating to a song? This app lets you to express your mood or just share a song you like with your friends. Add pictures of your choice to the music and follow friends that are also using the app.

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I love this photo app! You are given a number of photo style settings that allow you to "spruce up" an ordinary photo. All of your photos are saved to your camera roll when you are done and are also displayed on your instagram profile. You can follow friends and check also out the many different awesome photos from other users.

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Learn more, read reviews, and download PicFrame by ActiveDevelopment...more

Another fun photo app! A friend just referred it to me this weekend and it is an easy and cute way to collage a few pictures.

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iTriage is a free healthcare app for your iOS or Android mobile...more

Suggested by wingspire

Developed by two emergency physicians, iTriage has the exclusive Symptom-to-Provider pathway that allows users to look up their symptoms, determine possible causes, find the most appropriate level of care and use GPS to find the closest point of care

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Who doesn't love taking photo booth pictures?! This app allows you to take great photo booth pictures with your friends or solo) anytime you want, and it's free!

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Think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard — a place to catalog and...more

Pinterest is a fun site to check out all kinds of photos and create your own "mood boards". My co-worker got me into this site and I just downloaded the app so time to start pinning from my phone!

Brittany: this pinterest app is a major addiction & distraction considering my love and obsession for the site! everyone needs a pinterest.

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Tell the story of your moments creatively and thoughtfully using...more

Suggested by Larissa

My new favorite app/addiction! You can send multiple iPhone pics in one digital postcard - love the themes, easier than creating a photo album and has been a big hit with family and friends.

Jackie: I downloaded the app but still have to use it...I was planning on sending my sister a photogram since its her bday today :)

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Hello Kitty Camera App

When Hello Kitty is the cameraman, half the fun is seeing what type of...more

Suggested by Larissa

This app is cool indeed and way more fun than Instagram, who wouldn't want to skin their pics with Hello Kitty?? As seen on Zooey Deschanel's blog.

Jackie: I was tempted to not promote this for your slander against Instagram (still my favorite photo/sharing app) but I love Zooey Deschanel! So if she approves I approve lol :)

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This app has come in handy many times for me when I've been in an unfamiliar city but wanted to find a coffee shop or bank near by. Very helpful!

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FREE movies on your phone...that explains it all :)

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Learn more, read reviews, and download Wunderlist by 6 Wunderkinder on...more

Great "to-do" list app to use. You can customize the look of your lists, prioritize, set up timed reminders, and add "to-dos" through email.

Fawnda Camarillo: I'll check it out. I'm into finding an easy to use shoppa list.

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Great way to track your moods and share your feelings!

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Share your style. Earn exclusive rewards. All while you shop at your...more

Suggested by Theresa

Great way to keep track of things you discover in stores and get inspired by what other people are finding near you. And you can earn rewards, too!

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SoundHound is instant music search and discovery.

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

Recommended by a friend of mine who knows her apps. So great when you love a tune but have no other way to identify the name or artist.

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