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"Cool" iPhone Games by Jackie

by Jackie, posted to Tech & Blogging

There are so many game apps out there and more are continually being developed, some turn out not being as fun as others. Here is a guide of iPhone games that are fun and are geared for the adult audience.

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Draw Something

Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more...more

I'm kind of currently addicted to this game! My friend recommended it to me and it is hilarious and pretty fun. I do wish that the word choices were larger - I often get multiple choices to draw and guess..but it is fun! I also wish I could comment on the photos after! Love watching my opponent draw their word lol..if you play, find me :) > jacki650

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7 Little Words

Learn more, read reviews, and download 7 Little Words by Blue Ox...more

This is a fun little brain exercise that was recommended to me by a coworker. Check it out if you like word games and puzzles.

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Fruit Ninja

Learn more, read reviews, and download Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick...more

Because who doesn't like ninjas or slicing fruit?!

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Learn more, read reviews, and download ROCK BAND by Electronic Arts on...more

It may not have the same feel as using "instruments" for the real game...but the mobile version is just as fun. What do you think?

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Arcade Hoops Basketball™ Lite

Learn more, read reviews, and download Arcade Hoops Basketball™ Lite...more

This was add through a recommendation. & who can say that arcade basketball is not cool?! But vote for it & let me know if arcade basketball is just as cool in a mobile app!

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Flick Football Super Save

Learn more, read reviews, and download Flick Football Super Save by...more

Another recommended game...I was apparently lacking sports game apps!! I haven't downloaded this one yet but I'll let the votes help me decide if I should :p

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Zombieville USA

Learn more, read reviews, and download Zombieville USA by Mika Mobile...more

Another zombie game...because you could never have too many :p ...My sister recommended this one & it is pretty fun. It is a simple game with not much scenery change but it's entertaining.

Nicole: I could shoot zombies all day!

Jackie: You should definitely play Stupid Zombies then too :)

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The Moron Test

Learn more, read reviews, and download The Moron Test by DistinctDev,...more

One of the first apps I played on an iPhone and it is a lot of fun and pretty addictive.

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Angry Birds

Learn more, read reviews, and download Angry Birds by

This game is almost an automatic obsession for users so I had to add it to this guide.

Eden Godsoe: I resisted for a while then finally got free Angry Birds. So fun & my kids loved it too. We then upgraded to premium Angry Birds & are nowhere near getting bored.

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Stupid Zombies

Learn more, read reviews, and download Stupid Zombies by GameResort...more

Recently stumbled across this game and I think it's a lot of fun. Very similar to Angry Birds only it involves shooting zombies. So it's a bit more violent but it's a fun alternative.

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Words With Friends

Learn more, read reviews, and download Words With Friends by Newtoy...more

This is yet another game that almost EVERYONE has. It is a fun Scrabble concept game.

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Hanging With Friends

Learn more, read reviews, and download Hanging With Friends by Zynga...more

I have not played this but heard it is fun. It is a modern version of hangman.

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Chess With Friends

Learn more, read reviews, and download Chess With Friends Free by...more

Chess is such a classic game that it has to be in this "cool" games guide. There is a free version as well as a paid version.

Eden Godsoe: I have to download this - my 6 YO son is already beating me in regular chess.

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Cut the Rope

Learn more, read reviews, and download Cut the Rope by Chillingo Ltd...more

This is a fun "puzzle" game with a cute little character.

Eden Godsoe: We have this game on our iPad. Good fun for the whole family including me & my 4 & 6 year olds.

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Doodle Jump

Learn more, read reviews, and download Doodle Jump - BE WARNED:...more

This game has been stated by a number sites and sources as being "extremely addictive". It is another fun "time killer" - can't have too many of those, right?

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Oldschool Blocks

Learn more, read reviews, and download Oldschool Blocks by...more

I am a fan of "old school" games. So when my brother downloaded this app to my phone I've caught myself playing it a LOT.

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Learn more, read reviews, and download iBasket by Ideateca on the...more

A fun game if you're bored.

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Plants vs. Zombies

Learn more, read reviews, and download Plants vs. Zombies by PopCap on...more

I have been hearing a LOT about this game and it is apparently a fun one so I figured I'd add it to the list. Vote for it if you think it is a "MUST download"

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Learn more, read reviews, and download iAssociate by Fredrik Wahrman...more

This game was recently referred to me by a friend and it looks very interesting. A fun game that makes you think.

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Drinking Games

Learn more, read reviews, and download Drinking Games FREE by FAR Apps...more

[This is an app for those that are 21+] Who doesn't love a good drinking game? I personally do not know of too many but that is what this app is for. It provides a number of games with instructions so you'll be ready for any party.

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Paper Toss

Learn more, read reviews, and download Paper Toss by Backflip Studios...more

A virtual version of the game that pretty much everyone plays once in awhile when they see a garbage can ;)

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r u drunk

Learn more, read reviews, and download r u drunk by MobilityWare on...more

This app is pretty funny and entertaining. It gives the disclosure in the beginning that this is not an actual sobriety test and is just for fun. Good way to pass time.

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Eww! That's Gross!

Suggested by Angel Manzo

It's a fun, interesting & sometimes very gross app that educates you w/outrageous, albeit, not always lady-like, facts about medical madness, food, body parts, etc. Great for older kids too. A cool way to manipulate them into learning new stuff.

Jackie: This sounds like an interesting (and gross) game lol..thanks for the suggestion :)

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