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Great Ways To Support A Cause by Jackie

by Jackie, posted to Career & Money

I am a firm believer in raising awareness, and that being aware is the first step towards helping out a cause. This list provides you with a number of great ideas non-profit organizations are going about raising awareness to different causes. These ideas go beyond volunteering and money donations bu... More »

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The Temporary Tattoo Project


The Temporary Tattoo Project is a creative Givology philanthropic...more

This is a fun idea that supports a great cause and is personalized for the kids the charity supports and displays some great art. Get a temporary tattoo that donates proceeds to charity and doesn't require a permanent commitment to the art on your body.

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Charity Swearbox

A SWEARBOX FOR THE TWITTER AGE Turn every bad word into a good deed...more

This is a pretty interesting concept that I just came across. I do not swear on Twitter but for those of you that do, this is an interesting way to give back to your favorite charities.

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Kickstarter is a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers,...more

Suggested by Glenn Smith

Kickstarter is cool. People describe the project that they want funding for, and we give them our money to make it happen! Sounds simplistic but it is really well done. I have helped along a couple of projects already in my own little way.

Jackie: This is a very cool site! It is great to see smaller projects and to be able to support someone trying to start a career for example. Thanks for the suggestion!

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iBaby Buttons app sales donated 11/18-20

Suggested by Mindy Douglas

This weekend, 11/18 - 11/20, all sales from our daughter's app, iBaby Buttons, will be donated to The Bell Center for Early Childhood Intervention Programs in honor of her birthday.

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Cause marketing and crowdfunding to fund social good projects - just...more

Suggested by Jennifer Iacovelli

Cauzoom is sort of a combo of Kickstarter and Groupon with a community social good aspect to it.

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GoodSearch makes a donation every time you search the internet!

Suggested by JJ Ramberg

Use GoodSearch as your search engine (it's powered by Yahoo) and every time you do a search about a penny goes to your cause!

Jackie: Another cool concept I have never heard of..will definitely check this out. Thanks :)

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Suggested by JJ Ramberg has partnered with more than 2,500 stores (Amazon, Sephora, Toys R Us, Petco, etc..) to donate a percentage of your purchase back to your favorite charity or school. And, GoodShop lists more than 100,000 deals and coupons too!

Jackie: Very cool! I am definitely going to have to check this out further.

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The world's best place to find volunteer opportunities, nonprofit...more

This is a great resource for finding opportunities that you can volunteer, work, intern, organize, hire and connect. Allows you to become active in the change you want to see.

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Sparked | Microvolunteer - microvolunteering by The Extraordinaries

Their tagline: "It's online volunteering...For busy people (like you)". This site is an awesome find because I often feel pressed for time but would still like to volunteer in any way that I can.

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The Social Tattoo Project

Our quest is to take empathy and make it permanent.

Want to support a cause? Get a tattoo! The Social Tattoo Project is a cool idea for making awareness last longer than a week. It becomes permanent for the person w/ the tattoo which then is shared with all others who see it.

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KarmaGoat is a marketplace where you buy and sell items with proceeds...more

I love this idea! Donate items you no longer use, you pick the org. that will receive the proceeds, and you find a buyer. 'Free your stuff, shop from friends, do some good!' It is the charitable version of Craigslist.

Jonathan: Thank you Jackie! Baaa.

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Make a loan to an entrepreneur across the globe for as little as $25....more

This is a great company that allows you to lend your "extra" cash to those that really need it. By helping them get on their feet, there is the promise that your loan will be paid back or you could loan it out again to someone else in need.

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You know those daily deal sites? We're another one of those. But...more

This site likens themselves to discount sites that offer daily deals that you can purchase. In this case, the Philanthroper sends out daily opportunities to donate to particular charities.

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Online fundraising pages at Crowdrise. Raise money online for over 1.5...more

This site allows you to create your fundraiser in a 'fun and easy' manner. A great resource for anyone trying to raise money for any cause they may have - from global to local to personal.

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The Cause Project

The Cause Project connects people and causes. Volunteer on your time,...more

Suggested by Karen

The Cause Project is a volunteer engagement and productivity tool for non-profits. It saves them time and attracts new volunteers to events or fundraisers.

Jackie: This sounds like a great organization. I will definitely look into it further. Thanks for the suggestion :)

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Social Goodies offers daily deals from national and emerging brands at...more

Suggested by Claudia

I just came across this on Twitter and found it really interesting. I like my deals and if my money can be put towards a charity even better!

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Friendly Neighborhood Helpers


FNH was conceived by a bright 1sr grader named Kennedy. She drew a...more

This is a very interesting organization that allows you to upload your child's artwork and buy mugs, shirts, photos w/the printed art on it. Half of the proceeds go to the child's (artist's) school & the other half goes to their charity of choosing.

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Shauns Shades

Buy One Give Sight - Every time you BUY a pair of sunglasses, we GIVE...more

Suggested by Claudia

With the help of one of their sensational giving partners, they identify a region with a shortage of eye health care services and administer an eye test to someone in need. This pair of glasses can make the greatest impact in ones life.

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LIST: Guilt-Free Shopping by Brittany Dixon

Want to take the shame out of shopping? Shop for charity. I have...more

Shop smart! There are a number of companies that have a one-for-one business model or donate a portion of proceeds to non-profits. Support a cause and buy an item you were going to buy anyways. Great gift ideas as well!

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LIST: Ways to Observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month by Hello Ladies | SkinnyScoop

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to the National...more

This is a great list of ideas that anyone can partake in to observe breast cancer awareness month.

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7 Easy Ways to Do Good Online Beyond Donations

Even if you lack spare money and extra time, there are many meaningful...more

This list provides more resources that allow you to do good 'beyond donations'.

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