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Sleek & Chic iPhone Cases by Jackie

by Jackie, posted to Tech & Blogging

There are a ton of lists on iPhone cases, but I wanted to create a cheat sheet of the best iPhone cases for women who are looking for sleek & chic rather than bulky & pink. A few of my favorites are the "faded jade" by J.Cre w and the Tory Burch collections! ... More »

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Like Yesterday | iphone case

Feminine, shabby chic flowers in soft pastels of pinks and aqua

Suggested by Sylvia Cook

carry your flowers everywhere you go, and always feel like summer

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Old Hollywood iPhone Case by CMcDonald | Society6


Suggested by Katy McDonald

Hollywood, baby!

Jackie: this is really cute!

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Society6 | Thru the Kaleidoscope by Love2Snap

Abstract Art Flowers Pink Protect for your iPhone with a one-piece,...more

I love the colors and photo "tricks" used to create this picture..such a fun iPhone case!

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Society6 | Peacock Feather by Love2Snap

Rich jewel tones to love! Also available as an iphone case/skin!! :) ...more

Peacock feathers have a beautiful design and this art by Love2Snap makes a great iPhone case!

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Biscotti & Vanilla - Beige Chevron iPhone Case by CMcDonald | Society6

Color Inspiration: Soothing moments with cappuccino & biscotti ...more

Suggested by Katy McDonald

Trendy, but classic. Goes with everything.

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Soft Chevron iPhone Case by The Velvet Owl Design Studio | Society6

Soft Chevron Pattern in Peach, Turquoise, Grey. Protect for your...more

Suggested by Krista

I love this peach colored chevron case!

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Society6 | Tribal Chevron by Joan McLemore

Tribal Chevron iPhone Case

Suggested by Joan

This phone case design fits right in with today's popularity for chevron designs. Just as any girl wants that stylish bag or shoes, the Tribal Chevron phone case extends that accessorized look to your phone case as well.

Jackie: Super cute! I really like the design and all of the colors :) thanks for the suggestions Joan!

Joan: Thank you so much Jackie! It has been very popular!

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J.Crew | Red Hearts

Our very own PDA protection plan in this season's essential prints. In...more

This is pretty adorable!

Ticlr: Perfect for Vday

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J.Crew | Faded Jade

Our very own PDA protection plan in this season's essential colors. In...more

I'm kind of obsessing over the J.Crew phone cases. Especially this "faded jade" one! But I'm kinda thinking I want all 3! The colors are nice and bright :) & it's thermoplastic polyurethane - rubbery and less likely to break.

Ticlr: J.Crew can do no wrong, and this color is great

Beatriz Sandoval: Def. a Spring color ! Love it.

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J.Crew | Cheetah Print

Our very own PDA protection plan in this season's essential prints. In...more

Suggested by Krista

Cheetah print! I have to have this!

Jackie: This one is really cute! I have leaned more towards the solid color cases but leopard print might be a must-have.

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Tory Burch | Golden Logo

Splashes of color ignite a rigid iPhone case styled with logo...more

Suggested by Beatriz Sandoval

I'm just a Tory Burch fan.

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Tory Burch | Blue Lucio

A rigid iPhone case styled with logo detailing and cool contemporary...more

I love this pattern! I found a great red and gold one for iPads too.

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Tory Burch | Leopard Print

A rigid leopard-print iPhone case styled with logo detailing is...more

Suggested by Beatriz Sandoval

If you love Tory Burch this is definitely for you! super cute and trendy.

Beatriz Sandoval: Love it !!

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Kate Spade | Florence Broadhurst Octagonal

go graphic with our newest case, created exclusively for the iphone 4....more

Too cute.

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Kate Spade | Japanese Floral

Blooming flowers burst across a durable resin case designed to protect...more

This is a fun design by Kate Spade.

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Kate Spade | Contour Design Fairmont Stripe

Fairmont Stripe iPhone 4 Clip the Showcase face out or face in, and...more

Suggested by Larissa

This Kate Spade case is soooo fetch, I'm so tempted to buy a second case!!

Jackie: OoOOoh I like this one! Kind of subtle/classy with the hint of color...cute :)

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Kate Spade | Designer iPhone Cases

Dress for success with designer cell phone cases, laptop cases and...more

Kate Spade has a pretty wide variety of iPhone cases at Apple and in their online collection for women. They look a bit bulky, but they have adorable designs like this Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired design.

Krista: Omigosh, didn't even see this. I'm (now) definitely switching to the iPhone (it's been such a debate) from the Droid, and this is my excuse!!

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Kate Spade | All Eyes

you're sure to draw eyes when you dress up your smartphone in this...more

Suggested by Larissa

Thought you might like this one ;).

Jackie: Thanks! I do like it :)

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Rebecca Minkoff | Snake-Stamped Faux Leather

Snake-stamped faux leather snaps onto your iPhone® for a stylish...more

Suggested by Larissa

Ohh la la, this is as SLEEK & CHIC as it gets!!

Larissa: This one is super nice, but too bad it's getting terrible reviews.

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MARC BY MARC JACOBS | Metallic Stardust

Playful logo cutouts pattern a rigid cover designed to protect the...more

Suggested by Larissa

The NEW Marc Jacobs are super cute and come in all sorts of fun colors.

Krista: Saw these on Net-A-Porter a bit them!

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Diane von Furstenberg | Love is Life

Vintage pop art graphics style a rigid case designed to protect the...more

Love is life...cute!

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Diane von Furstenberg | Lip-print iPhone 4 case

White plastic, red, pink and black lip-printBlack designer stamp at...more

Suggested by Krista

This kissy print DVF case is so much fun! Ahh! <3

Jackie: Cute! did you get an iPhone?

Krista: Not yet...I keep putting it off like I did with my laptop. I'm the worst, keeping my devices until they die!

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Society6 | Tribal stripes by Valentina

Protect for your iPhone with a one-piece, impact resistant, flexible...more

Cute! I like that these tribal stripes are a bit "girly" with flowers in the pattern.

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Society6 | My Heart by Amelia Kay Photography

Protect for your iPhone with a one-piece, impact resistant, flexible...more

I simply love hearts. I really like the bokeh heart effect of the photo used for this case...I think I may just end up buying this one :)

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Society6 | Spectra iPhone Case by Leilani Joy

"Spectra" by Leilani Joy. Video of her creation: more

Suggested by Leilani Joy

Stand out with this gorgeous iphone case featuring the original art work of Leilani Joy.

Jackie: I love your work Leilani Joy! I did not realize that you had the "I left my heart in SF" painting as an iPhone cover too!! I need that one on this list as well :) Thanks for adding!

Ceejyweejy143: I want hair like that! But after reading that commet Jackie, I want the "I left my heart in San Francisco" one!!! Is that the postcard you sent me? It's beautiful!

Jackie: That would be an awesome hairstyle! And yuppp it's the postcard I sent :) You should get that one! I have to add more of the Leilani Joy cases onto this list.

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Society6 | Pattern iPhone Case by Madi

Protect for your iPhone with a one-piece, impact resistant, flexible...more

This is cute and simple.

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Society6 | Winter Stripe No.1 by Alice Rebecca Potter

Protect for your iPhone with a one-piece, impact resistant, flexible...more

Suggested by Larissa

Another fun design from Society6

Jackie: Cute! I like :)

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Society6 | With My Own Eyes by Jacqueline Maldonado

Oil pastel on paper Protect for your iPhone with a one-piece, impact...more

I really like this pastel paint design. Simple and cute.

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Society6 | Wish I Could Be by Brianna

Protect for your iPhone with a one-piece, impact resistant, flexible...more

Society6 has some great designs done by different artists that all seem to be made on CaseMate covers. I am a Little Mermaid fan so I had to add this to the list!

Larissa: LIttle Mermaid isn't my thing but love their other designs - there are soooo many to choose from and it's cool how their designs are also available on tshirts, hoodies and stretched canvas - what a great find!

Amanda Davis: I LOVE this site! I just got my iphone and have been trolling for a new case. This site is amazing... thanks! xox

Jackie: Make sure to let me know which case you end up getting :)

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Society6 | Red Flowers Only by Christine Hall

click to zoom

I obviously like flowers..this is a nice photo and cute case.

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GelaSkins | Peacock by Tanya Kartesheva

GelaSkins are removable art skins and cases designed to personalize...more

Love the soft blue color and the design is fun.

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GelaSkins | Sea Garden by Cosmo Cricket

GelaSkins are removable vinyl skins for protecting and customizing...more

I like this design. Cute colors and the pattern reminds me of a 70's funky style :)

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Piimism | Artistic flowers

visit my shop for more items : more

I really like this pattern and this case is made by printed tissue paper and coated with lacquer..very unique!

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Melissa Felderman | Handmade Lace

Lace iPhone case for the iPhone 4 and 4S, fits all carriers. Lace...more

Suggested by Larissa

Only $30, handmade and gorgeous!!

Jackie: Fancy!

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NapPage | Colorful Apple Logo

Thank you for visit my shop : ) Our Decoupage case are available for...more

I love the colors of this case...and I had to add this pic because of the puppy :)

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Rory Beca | Alice Air Jacket

Set includes 1 Rory Beca designer air jacket Protects iPhone 4/4S from...more

I seen this case on this blogger's page ( and I think it's adorable!

Added to Your List | heart

white plastic iphone 4 case with red heart

Suggested by Krista

So cute, and only $25!

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Erin Condren | Favorite Things

Erin Condren : istylize: iphone cases -favorite things [IPH02] -

This is a very cute, personalized iPhone case. It's called "Favorite Things" because the colorful words on the case are all of your favorite things that you list before ordering your case. Great for list lovers ;)

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Make Your iPhone Case from your Instagram photos

This is really cool...Casetagram allows you to use your Instagram photos to design your own iPhone case. What better way to display your iPhone photo art?! & the pricing isn't too bad ($34.95)

Larissa: This is so cool, I want to create one NOW!!

Claudia: I LOVE this idea...looks like I will need to start taking more pictures!

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This website lets you upload pics or designs to personalize any...more

Suggested by Brittany Dixon

my friend had a case made for her mom -- she had a picture of her & her brother put onto the case! it was such a good idea and a great gift!

Jackie: Uncommon also has some nice pre-designed cases as well. But custom is always a bit more fun.

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Leese Design | Cross Stitch Case

Technology and craft meet in this ingenious kit! This cross stitch kit...more

Suggested by Krista

For the DIY or vintage enthusiast - cross stitch your own iPhone case!

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Trunket | American Rosewood - Violet

With all the heady allure of a fine vintage wine, this piece's violet...more

I love the little elephant on the back and there are different shades of wood offered through Trunket. I especially like this American Rosewood.

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Grove Made | Tree (i4/4S) by Grove

Laser Engraved Bamboo iPhone 4 Cases. The tree pattern is shown here,...more

Suggested by Anna Lefler

I love my bamboo iPhone case! It's so nice to offset all that plastic and metal with a natural material. And the case comes with a complimentary bamboo photo frame that is a side-product of the manufacturing process - cool!

Jackie: Very awesome case! They have some great designs as well. Thanks for the addition Anna :) & the complimentary frame = super cool!

Larissa: What an awesome find, love this one, it's TRES cool!

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Trexta | Nature Series Snap-On Case

Touch and feel the unique laser engraves bringing you and the nature...more

A cute and simple snap on case. Great if you want to keep with the white of your white iPhone.

Larissa: Ooh, are these new? I haven't this one, so simple and tres chic!

Jackie: Yup it's a new one :) I got a little Apple inspiration last night when I went to the Genius bar..I noticed they had some new cases in and I really liked this one. But I still haven't ordered my new case yet lol

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Gold Sparkles Case

A fun and sparkly case is always nice accessory.

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Replicase | Light Blue

Very beautiful case for VERIZON and AT&T iPhone 4!

I like how discrete this case looks. It's not too bulky but still looks like it'll be very protective. I also love the light blue color.

Larissa: This case is soooo cute, how is in only $2.65?? Wonder how the quality is...

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Cath Kidston | Red Rose Red Rose Plastic Hard Back Case Cover for iPhone 4:...more

This one is pretty girly but I love florals :) It's hard plastic and looks similar to the slim Incase snap case.

Added to Your List | Japanese Vintage Birds

This one-of-a-kind "bird" Case-Mate iPhone case was created by a very...more

Suggested by Michelle Hutchison

So pretty

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Elago | Coral Blue

Keep the iPhone 4 safe & protected in style with the S4 Slim Fit...more

Suggested by Claudia

Just ordered this off Amazon and love it! I've had a black Incase for over a year but the edges are breaking and I knew it was time for a change. I had to find a case that would still allow for my AUX cord to fit. The design on this case is sleek and fun!

Larissa: I just ordered one too!! I can't believe it's only $10 -- it looks better in person and I love that it's not too bulky. Thanks for the great find. Yay, we'll have matching cases.

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elago S4 BREATHE

Elago Design S4 BREATHE for iPhone 4, Carefully designed and...more

Suggested by Larissa

Just saw this one on a friend's phone and I MUST have it! It looks even better in person - it's very "Apple", has a nice grip and best of all it's only $8 on Amazon.

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Incase | Metallic Raspberry

The Metallic Snap Case for iPhone 4 attaches easily and securely,...more

I like the snap cases from Incase. They aren't bulky and provide enough protection. I have the clear case right now but I really like this color.

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Case-Mate | Tough

Molded, double-injection silicon creates a durable case designed to...more

Suggested by Larissa

Case-mate makes the best cases - they're not too bulky, but protect your phones and how cute is this honey bear design?!!

Jackie: I do like that this case is not bulky but I'm not sure I'd personally rock this case...those honey bears are pretty cute though! lol

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CaseCrown | Polycarbonate Glider Case

Protect your iPhone 4 and 4S with this CaseCrown iPhone 4 and 4S...more

Suggested by Larissa

Got this one for my 4s based on the Amazon reviews, price ($20), design - it's not too bulky but protects my phone, the color is feminine but not too girly and I love the feel of it - looks like metal, but has a rubbery finish for a better grip.

Jackie: That's a really good price for the quality...I like the way it feels. I've always preferred the cases that are "full body" but this one is a 2 piece that clips in together and I kind of like it...keep me posted on how it treats you :)

FavePages Team: I might buy this one. I have a snap "incase" one that I got for free when I bought my iphone from At&t and love it. It's great because my AUX cord fits on top. I'll have to see if this one fits.

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Dabney Lee | Personalized Case

Dabney Lee's energetic vibe and blazing colors make everyday items...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

You can customize these cases with your signature and choose from various patterns and font colors. Savvy Sassy Mom did a good write-up on them here -

Shop Confections: Another great place for personalized iPhone cases is cute and absolutely protects your phone!

Eden Godsoe: Shop Confections - those are great personalized iPhone cases. Are they already on this list? If not, do add to this list so they can be officially listed & people can click through to see your selection!

Jackie: Nice suggestion! I like personalized cases. And yes Shop Confessions, please do suggest your cases :)

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Conniption Prints | Custom Covers

Limited Editions || iPhone 4/4S 3G/GS || blackberry || iPod4G || iPad2...more

Suggested by Tory

Case-Mate design Personalized

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Daninotes | Personalized Greek Key Cases

Personalized greek key iphone case Available for the iphone 4 or 3g...more

Suggested by Krista

I love these personalized iPhone cases by Daninotes. A new Etsy favorite!

Jackie: These are pretty adorable. Great gift idea too :)

Krista: So true!! Must scoop to my "Gifts to Give and Get" list!

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Buy Now! Revolutionary Material Rice farming by-products, usually...more

For the more eco conscious, this is a pretty cool iPhone case. It is made from 100% recycled materials and allows some space to place credit cards or your ID securely in the case.

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ibattz | Mojo Removable Battery Case

The Mojo Removable Battery case extends your iPhone 4/4S talk time to...more

Suggested by Claudia

Very sleek design and lightweight. Love this case!

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Suggested by Larissa

This veil protects the back of your phone and is ultra-hip and cool, click the link to get a close's gorgeous!!

Jackie: Nice & simple.

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Gelaskin | New York City

GelaSkins are removable vinyl skins for protecting and customizing...more

Suggested by Larissa

These vinyl skins won't protect your phone if you drop it, but they sure are gorgeous!! Maybe worth sacrificing function for a beautiful design?

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Tory Burch | Roslyn iPhone Pull Pouch

Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it...more

This is a cute sleeve for your phone. Great for the all around protection if you prefer these type of cases over the shells.

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CalypsoCrystal | CalypsoCase

Gadget and Accessory Reviews

For anyone looking for a sleeve-type case for their iPhone, this one is very stylish as well as protective. The link sends you to a review on this case by GadgetMac.

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Miu Miu | Crocodile-stamped patent-leather iPhone sleeve

Miu Miu iPhone sleeve: purple-pink crocodile-stamped patent-leather,...more

This is a trendy iPhone sleeve for the woman that does not want to cover her iPhone but still wants it to be safe from scratches or accidental dials.

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Michael Kors | Essential Zip Wallet

The Michael Kors Essential Zip smartly combines an iPhone case with a...more

Suggested by Claudia

This wallet not only looks super stylish but is incredibly functional. It's very spacious making it great for everyday use.

Jackie: I really like this one and think you should get it. Wristlets are so functional when you are going out and helps you keep to your essentials - iPhone, ID, credit card (or 2), money, and even some lipstick and eyeliner would fit in it!

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Orla Kiely | Multi Stem Folio Case

Compatible with iPhone 4/4S/3G/3G S

Looks a bit bulky but if you want a folio case for your phone then it's expected. The pattern is adorable and the inside allows a place for you to hold your ID.

Larissa: LOVE her bags and designs, another perfect find for people looking for a folio case.

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Trexta | Rotating Folio Burgundy

Compatible with iPhone 4/4S on Verizon and AT&T

This is an interesting case...the folio flap allows for the case to become a stand and you can rotate the phone (hard to explain check out site). Plus it has the slots for your ID/credit card.

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iPhone 4S case & wallet

This top notch unique designed iPhone case & wallet is made of quality...more

Suggested by Mario Esq

Really nice cow hide leather.

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ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD iPhone 4/4S

Scratch proof your Apple iPhone 4/4S with the invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG....more

Suggested by Claudia

This is a great screen protector to invest in. I've been through 3 protectors before buying this one and I wish I would have initially bought this. Best of all it has a lifetime warranty!

Jackie: I've gone through as many screen protectors as I have iPhone cases and this one is definitely worth the extra money with it's life time guarantee.

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RELATED ARTICLE: Gadget Mac's Top 10 Best Girly Cases for iPhone 4

With Valentine's Day fast approching I thought it would be a good time...more

Suggested by Larissa

Some decent picks here, but what's up with all the pink?

Jackie: There are some clunky looking cases on here but a lot of brands that I haven't heard of yet...a good resource to check out before choosing a case.

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Whether you're the proud owner of a brand-spankin'-new iPhone 4S, or...more

Suggested by Krista

A great feature with 15 more stylish choices!

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Loop Attachment Mummy Case

Balancing expression and functionality, the Loop Mummy case for the...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

Comes in many colors. Love how it looks and also easy to grab from your purse or bag.

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