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"Cool" Tailor-Made Products For YOU by Jackie

by Jackie, posted to Style

I used to work for a custom company and in that time I did research on other mass customization companies. This is a list of my favorite co-creating companies that offer great products, unique customization, and easy usability. I have yet to try ALL of these products but I am definitely going to go ... More »

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Create Your own Wall Art

Suggested by Monica D.

A fun and easy way to create decals for your home. Snap a picture, choose size, colors and transform it into a one of a kind decal for your space. It's wall art reinvented.

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Custom Made Imaginations by Jackie R. S.

I have already created a list of"Cool" Tailor-Made Products which...more

A list of tailor-made products for kids.

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Order custom clothing online that is tailored to fit your body. Design...more

INDI allows its customers to design jeans or men's button-ups & creates them based on your individual body shape/size. They have a perfect fit guarantee which is an awesome aspect of the company. & I can vouch for their comfort since I own a pair (or 2) & love them! By far my favorite jeans!

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Custom Made Men's Clothing

Create custom made men's dress shirts online or schedule an...more

Suggested by Susan

For every man that either lives in a small city/town with limited shopping options, or for the man that simply doesn't have time to shop - we have the SOLUTION. We’ve developed an online e-commerce platform for creating custom made men’s dress shirt...

Jackie: This is also a great gift idea.

Susan: Our traveling tailors also

Susan: Our traveling tailors visit most metropolitan cities. Custom fittings in downtown & suburban locations

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Our Vision: To make you to look and feel your best for any occasion.

For all of the polo lovers out there, this site allows you to customize your own polo shirt.

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Shoes of Prey

Become your own designer. We make it easy to design your own beautiful...more

I have not bought a pair yet, but this is going to be my next custom experience! There is a wide variety of styles & I would love to create my own!

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Laudi Vidni

Build your own Luxury, Italian Leather Custom Purse or Custom Handbag...more

It can be a struggle to find that perfect clutch to go along with that new dress you just why not create your own and have the perfect matching accessory!

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Custom gemstone jewelry. Customize earrings and necklaces online. You...more

This is a great gift idea that adds a little more meaning to buying someone jewelry.

Larissa: Their necklaces are super cute, I still can't decide on the color - might have to order both :).

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Customize your Laptop Sleeve at caseable. Choose any color and add any...more

Just found this company but I think it is pretty cool. Personalizing and customizing a product like this is a fun way to express yourself. Even though I already have a case I think I might have to make one the next time I have a little extra money!

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Villy Customs

Villy Customs is the premiere custom beach cruiser bike design...more

I was planning on buying a bike and this is a very interesting company that allows you to custom design your on "beach cruiser" bicycle. I am going to have save up some money and possibly get my bike from here :)

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Wagner Custom Skis

Wagner Custom is a small US ski factory that helps people find their...more

This is a great product for those who skiing & snow boarding. A wonderful gift to give a loved one who loves the snow sports and goes often because this custom gear is made unique to their needs and ability. Highly recommend checking this company out

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DNA 11

The world's original DNA Art portraits printed on canvas as...more

A very unique and personal way to make your own DNA into art! Turn your DNA, fingerprints, or kiss imprint into canvas artwork. So creative and great for art aficionados or science lovers ;)

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Make My Own Monster

Got creative kids? Kids design the Monster - We Make the Monster -...more

Stumbled across this company the other day & it's such an awesome idea! The company creates stuffed monsters out of children's drawings. A great way to bring a child's illustrative imagination "to life". Make My Own Monster is part of which also gives the option of making stuffed bears and dolls from drawings.

FavePages Team: This is AMAZING! I will definitely be doing this for my kids for this coming Christmas.

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Happy Toy Machine

Come create your own amazing toys at Happy Toy Machine!

This is a bit different from the Make My Own Monster company in that rather than drawing a design for a stuffed buddy, Happy Toy Machine lets the customer pick each part of the stuffed toy & design it given preset parts/colors/designs..Very fun idea!

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Choose your own flavors, mix-ins, packaging, even your own ice cream...more

I LOVE ice cream! There are times where I can't decide which flavor to get, so this is an awesome idea where I can make my own flavors.

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Create your own personalized chocolate bars. Makes the perfect...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

I know some chocolate lovers who would love this!

Jackie: Teddy Grams and marshmallows in a chocolate bar?! Has Claudia seen this??

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Create a customized chocolate bar. Combine premium, fair trade...more

Such a yummy idea I am going to be trying soon!! They allow you to customize your own chocolate if you don't like nuts, don't add them!

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Design a Tea

Design a Tea brings choice to the marketplace. The simple concept of...more

This is great for tea lovers and anyone who would like to create their very own custom tea blend.

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Custom Choice Cereal

Custom Choice Cereal: create your personal gluten-free cereal online...more

For anyone who wants to crate their own, healthy cereal this company allows you to do so and is easy to use.

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RedMoon Custom Pet Food

RedMoon allows you to create a food specific to your pet's individual...more

Whether you love to spoil your pet or your animal needs a special diet - due to sensitivities, etc. - this looks like a great company for creating food specialized to your pet. Great idea for dogs like my mom's who has a sensitive stomach :)

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Put Your Photo On Your iPad Case

Make your iPad a truly personal computer by designing your own case...more

Suggested by Karie

Just upload your favorite photo, artwork or graphics to be faithfully reproduced on durable and easy-to-clean cloth. The Powis iCase can be further personalized with a magnificent foil inscription on the inside cover. The Powis iCase protects your iPad, while making it easier to use, thanks to an integrated adjustable stand. Eco-friendly!

Larissa: Awesome addition Karie, just saw your post on works for me, checked out the cases and came here to suggest it but you already beat me to it :). This is definitely a must-buy, buy local (made in Berkeley) and buy Green (made with 100% recycled materials)!

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Scout Books

Transform your big ideas into tangible tools for marketing,...more

Suggested by CatK

Scout Books allows you to custom design pocket-sized notebooks of varying shapes and sizes with your own artwork. For those creative at heart, you can make a bunch of these to give as gifts.

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Mass Customization - Custom Week 2011

Learn about thousands of customized products from dozens of custom...more

Here is a list of other custom companies you may want to check out.

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Custom Items - Design Your Own

Shop for, design your own, and sell custom items. Learn how and where...more

Suggested by pappajosh

Information about designing your own item using custom printing.

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Me & Goji

Me and Goji is the first company offering organic custom cereal and...more

This is a great way to get the healthy ingredients you want in the perfect mix that you create for your very own cereal. - CLOSED DOWN in AUGUST

Krista: SO awesome to see this on your list - I grew up with Adam Sirois in New Hampshire, and this is an awesome company. Plus, who doesn't love cereal!?

Jackie: Very sad to find out that this company has decided to close down..I wanted to keep it on this list though with an update of this status for anyone who may have been interested in checking them out before :(

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