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Where to go in So Cal when you've got the kids with you by Patty SFbaka

by Patty SFbaka, posted to Parenting

Traveling to So Cal with the family for a vacation? Here's some great places to visit that you may not know about.

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Flower FIelds in Carlsbad


Take an open-air wagon ride through the flower fields of Carlsbad in an antique tracktor and listen to an audio tour.

Krista: I'd love to these! I need to start a bucket list.

mishshell: Oh my! color overload and I love it!! I need a bucket list too!

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Autry Museum in Griffith Park Los Angeles


Kids can pan for gold, complete an art project in the workshop, all the while learning about intercultural history of the West

Eden Godsoe: Wow - what a great list. Makes me want to head to So Cal immediately. My son's uncles are taking him on a special trip for his 7th bday that needs to be on the west coast. We are in San Francisco so were thinking Las Vegas or Seattle but now I'm swinging more towards So Cal.

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California Wolf Center - Julian (outside San DIego)


Take a tour to see packs of gray wolves, and maybe some endangered Mexican gray wolves....

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Santa Barbara Sailing Center


Take the family on a cruise or a guided kayak tour. If your timing is right, maybe you'll see some whales (Feb to May).

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K1 Speed - Orange


Rev those engines, and have a family go kart race

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Sawdust Factory - Upland


Turn your kids and their creative plans loose! The sawdust factory supplies the wood, embellishments, and paint, and the kids (and their parents -- as desired) create a one of a kind masterpiece.

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Columbia Memorial Space Center - Downey


Kids can build their own rocket and watch it take off! (They might learn something about science, too!)

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