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Getting Organized: 20 Ways to Organize Shoes by Jennifer Wright

by Jennifer Wright, posted to Home

Are you looking for ways to organize your children's shoes? Here are some great shoe storage solutions.

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Step Stool as Shoe Shelf

A clever way to repurpose an everyday item.

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Rack'em Boot Racks

Store your boots on a wall boot rack to dry and organize them at the...more

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Salvaged Wood Boxes

"Cute shoe storage boxes for kids."

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Bookshelves as Shoe Storage Under Stairs

This is an effective use of under stair space to store shoes on bookshelves.

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Clear Shoe Boxes

Savvy shoe storage

Use clear boxes to store shoes at eye level. As seen on

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Metal Boxes as Shoe Storage

"Line up storage boxes to keep the space clear of clutter and go for...more

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Vintage Style Cabinet as Shoe Storage

"Vintage-style furniture can easily be adapted to create neat shoe...more

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Tame the Shoe using Plate Racks


"If you have more than one person living in your space, I'm betting...more

This plate rack used as a shoe rack is an original solution for shoes (perhaps not muddy boots) in a small entrance space. The smelly and dirty ones should be kept elsewhere:)

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Shoe Cubbies


Build a shoe cubby display to feature adorable children's shoes and keep the muddy dirty ones elsewhere.

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Storage boxes

Make sure you can find your shoes easily by tying photograph labels to...more

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Baskets Below Bench as Shoe Storage

As seen on Remodelista: Steal This Look: Julianne Moore's West Village...more

This is a simple use of baskets to store shoes in a small entryway. Clean looking and budget wise.

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Canvas Shoe Storage Box

I think I can organize the shoes. Our assorted shoeboxes are great for...more

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Pejl shoe storage from perform by Ehlén Johansson


Build a chain, as long as you need, with Pejl for the ultimate storage...more

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Curl Up With A Good Wall Hook

Great way to organize and display children's shoes.

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My Sweet Muffin - Kid's Shoes Rack Blue

Functional, fun kid's shoes rack from Japan.

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Book Shelves as Shoe Storage

Book shelves are the perfect depth for shoe storage and can be found on a tight budget! Adjustable shelves make them ideal for boots and shoes combined.

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Store Shoes in an Antique Cabinet

An antique cabinet as shoe storage adds character to a space and keeps shoes organized.

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a shoe rack

via a DWRhack!

DIY shoe shelf floats above floor using a couple of pieces of wood or metal and a bracket. similar in wood available from etsy.

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Buckets on Shelves for Kids Shoes


These small buckets are ideal for small children's shoes.

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HEMNES Shoe Cabinet

IKEA - HEMNES. Shoe cabinet with 2 compartments.

Keep your shoes organized and save floor space by storing your shoes in a shoe cabinet. The drop-down compartments make the cabinet ideal for narrow spaces.

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Kristin Llamas:

 We just came up with a great solution to keep our girls' shoes organized by snapping them together in storage we are always excited to get feedback if you want to check out the new product at!

Jennifer Wright:

 They do get a bit smelly in a wardrobe and take up so much space.


 Hoping some of these ideas might help my hubby get over his idea that the wardrobe is the only place for shoes!!