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Kid Spaces: 11 Chalkboard Wall Ideas by Jennifer Wright

by Jennifer Wright, posted to Home

Are you considering a blackboard wall in your home or children's room? Here are some inspiration photos that I have found and love!

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Chalkboard Illustrations at Ladenlokal | decor8

"And I love the idea of beautiful chalk illustrations on walls vs. the...more

Love the painted

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Chalkboard wall in Home Office


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Chalkboard Magnetic Wall

Blackboard Magnetic Wall photographer: Virginia Macdonald, design:...more

I put this blackboard magnetic wall in our laundry room and next to the rumpus room. The kids filled it with photos, art work and drew on the blackboard (it was minimized for the photo shoot). I love to have a place to hang the kid's abundance of art work.

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A Blackboard Wall for Commitmentphobes

Source: A Blackboard Wall For Commitmentphobes. Home decorators...more

CasaSugar suggests, if you are a commitmentphobe, to paint a plywood board as your chalkboard. This allows you the flexibility of having a board without painting an entire wall. Great idea!

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Chalkboard Wall in Child's Bedroom

A lovely accent wall in a bright, light filled bedroom.

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Magnetic, Blackboard and Art Wall

This is a fantastic art, magnet and blackboard wall, if you have a large space. What a great way to organize so many of your family's school work, art work and it looks organized!

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Blackboard Wall with Yellow Bed

An adorable yellow bed is accented by the blackboard wall. What a fantastic combination of colour and simple design for an uplifting children's space.

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Magnetic Blackboard Wall with Art Supplies

A great wall for a playroom or art space. It combines storage for art supplies and a creative art wall.

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Blackboard in Dining Room

This blackboard in a dining room creates a striking accent wall and a creative space for the kids.

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Small kitchen with a blackboard wall

This blackboard wall is great for shopping lists and reminders.

This small kitchen uses a blackboard wall as a backsplash. Great for shopping lists, reminders, notes or art.

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Chalkboard Wall in a Kitchen


This wall in a kitchen can be used for menu planning, art or list making. It is a great way to create contrast in an otherwise white space. Photographed by Dianna Snape and designed by the Comma Group in Australia.

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Chalkboard Wall with Clock

A fantastic use for an awkward wall. A message board, grocery list, creative space and clock all in one.

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Calendar Blackboard Wall

A blackboard wall incorporating a calendar is a great way to keep the family organized. Martha Stewart has a "How-to" section on website.

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