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Gift Ideas for Female Bosses by Jessica Goodrich

by Jessica Goodrich, posted to Gifts

Bosses are difficult to buy for. Female bosses may be even more difficult but you can't default to golf things, sports themes or the like. I know because I've had to buy for more than a few women bosses and I've had teams who have given me gifts too. Here are some ideas for your favorite female b... More »

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Portable iPhone Charger

Give your iPhone a boost with this portable battery that'll revive the...more

This portable battery will revive her device for up to 3 hours. Plus it looks so chic. Be sure you know what iPhone she has.

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Kate Spade Business Card Holder

This is sleek and useful. It speaks to business as well as style. I have one and love pulling it out.

stevie: I want one of these!

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Handmade Leather Mousepad


Handmade Leather Mouse pads - Handmade in the USA Spruce up your...more

This pale pink/gold handmade leather mouse pad is beautiful and can replace her company-issued mouse pad.

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Fudge or Anything Chocolate

Made from Mary See's original fudge recipe, we use chocolate liquor,...more

You really can't go wrong with great fudge or chocolates. I'm not talking homemade - buy some from Godiva, See's or another brand that will package them beautifully.

LeslieJ: Message to anyone who works for me: I will gladly accept fudge at any time :)

stevie: Agreed - you really can't go wrong with chocolate.

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Chic Personalized Paperweight

Simple, understated but personal.

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Monogrammed Mug

These mugs are an Anthropologie staple. And they are under $10 so you could couple with something else, like some tea or coffee.

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Leather Journal

Perfect as a gratitude journal or personal diary, this embossed Tree...more

I love this embossed "Tree of Life" one - perfect as a gratitude journal or personal diary.

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Money Tree

Harmonize the five elements within a space; bring good fortune and...more

It brings good fortune - perfect for a boss regardless of gender! Not to mention it will remind your boss of you as it sits on her desk. Grows well in artificial light so won't wither and die like flowers or other plants.

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Housewarm and Tasty Bowl Set

The grand tour of your flat is hardly a hike, but all of the...more

These are so sweet looking. Great for gourmets but can also look smart on her desk holding paper clips and the such. Who knew ModCloth carried such things?!

LeslieJ: These are beautiful. I think they would make great housewarming gifts too.

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Wine Scented Candles

A treat for wine lovers. Handcrafted in Charleston, South Carolina,...more

I found these at West Elm. Only $20 so you can buy a few!

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Champagne Flutes

Taking its inspiration from the Tuscany Vineyards, Lenox has captured...more

One tip on this - don't get her a set of two, get her a set of four. A set of two are great gifts for a wedding or a couple but seem strange for a boss.

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Coby Digital Picture Frame

Colby's 700BLK 7 In. Widescreen Digital Photo Frame displays your...more

She can use in the office or at home.

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