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Trimming the Fat Off of Fat Tuesday by Jessica Boscarini

by Jessica Boscarini, posted to Food & Drink

Mardi Gras, literally meaning “Fat Tuesday” in French, is here and celebrations all over the world have begun! While today is supposed to be all about “stocking up” on foods that you won’t be eating for the next 40 days, it doesn’t mean that all of your self-control and healthy inhibitio... More »

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No More Mayo

Use Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream or mayonnaise.

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Bake Instead of Fry

Bake instead of deep-fry.

FavePages Team: I need to put more effort into this. I love how baked eggplant taste.

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Healthy Roux

Make a healthy roux (click here for the recipe).

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Brown Rice

Use brown rice instead of white.

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Whole Wheat Bread

Use whole-wheat bread instead of white.

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Use Organic Chicken

Use Organic chicken breast meat instead of dark meat in recipes.

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Lighten Up the Sausage

Use Organic turkey or chicken sausage (vegetarian would still be the best bet here), instead of using other varieties.

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Reduce the Butter

Reduce the amount of butter in recipes (you never need as much as a recipe states). Or better yet, cut it out completely and substitute with coconut or olive oil.

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Almond Milk

Use almond milk instead of cow’s milk in recipes.

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Start with a Salad

Eat a salad before indulging in other foods – this will help to fill you up so you won’t eat as much of the unhealthier options.

FavePages Team: Can I say that I just love ALL your lists! Awesome tips on this one. I def celebrated with ice cream on Fat Tuesday since I'm giving up sweets for lent :)

Jessica Boscarini: You guys are so sweet! Thank you!!

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