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Homemade cleaning solutions. by Jessica

by Jessica, posted to Home

What's an awesome way to save money? Stop buying all your cleaning supplies and make them instead!

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Homemade Beauty: Make your own moisturizer

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Suggested by Claudia

Another way to be "green" and its all natural for your face.

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25 DIY Green Cleaning Recipes | Apartment Therapy

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Suggested by Eden Godsoe

Great list of ingredients and recipes to create your own green cleaning supplies.

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Lavender spray water

Suggested by Darya Mead

I bought a purple spray bottle at Ikea and add a few drops of lavender to water and since I have two boys --who play a lot of sports-- I spray it all over the house, on the bed linens in the car et. --just to have a fresh smelling house --much less toxic than fabreze:)

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Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

Isn’t it fun to get things sparkling clean?! There is nothing I...more

I use this recipe for my main household cleaner.

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DIY Citrus Vinegar Cleaning Solution

Homemade cleaner using oranges, lemon, vinegar, and water.

Love this. Cheap and smells great!

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Weed Killers: 8 Natural Methods

Suggested by Larissa

I couldn't resist sharing this one, had no idea you can use cornmeal, newspapers, salt to kill weeds?? So cool!! Thanks for starting this Jessica, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your list.

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Homemade Dishwasher Detergent


Cheap and easy!

Great for hard water. I currently use this recipe now.

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Homemade Windex

This reader shares her Grandfather's natural window-cleaning solution:...more

Suggested by Larissa

"The vinegar gets anything off the window," he beamed, proud of his homemade window cleaner. "But it's that little bit of cornstarch that really gives it the shine!"

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Clean Green – design finch

Cleaning Solutions.

Great website with lots of "recipes". Also includes free printable labels!

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Real Simple: 66 All-Natural Cleaning Solutions

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Suggested by Larissa

Love your list Jessica, here are 66 more solutions!!

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Homemade Laundry Detergent

Very simple. Not too long ago I only used the Fels-Nappa to get out stains. Now I use it to wash all of my clothing!

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Homemade OxyClean | Creatively Domestic


Works great on my toddlers clothing!

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Homemade Febreeze

Make your own febreeze for a fraction of the cost!

I love this idea.

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Super Simple Homemade Air Freshener


Homemade Air Freshener

This is great for a bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere really. And you can use any essential oils that you love!

Eden Godsoe: Jessica - what a great list. Thank you for sharing! Definitely going to try some of these.

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Cleaning Products | Green Works

Find a wide selection of green cleaning products, tips, and ideas from...more

Of course there are times where you just want to buy something that is safe for your family! Along with these products I also use Greenworks products. I've used them for years now and love that I am not endangering my family with all those chemicals!

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