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Pirate Party - Shark Blood Included! by Jessica

by Jessica, posted to Parenting

Here are some awesome ideas I ran into while planning my sons 2nd birthday. A pirate theme of course!

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Pirate Cookie Cutter

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

You can use these to add some pirate pizzazz to pizza, sandwiches or other food

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Sea Creature Punch ~ Be Different...Act Normal


These are too cute! Great ideas.

Suggested by Krista

A fun alternative to jello - and just as cute!

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MERI MERI Card Store - Pirate

Meri Meri create Award-Winning, High Quality Greeting Cards and...more

Lots of cute pirate party supplies!

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Little Buccaneer Party Supplies

Little Buccaneer Party Supplies

Birthday Express is a one stop shop for all the things you'll need for your pirate party!

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Aaargh! Pirate Birthday Party & Free Printables - BLOG :: Cottage Industrialist - Various and Sundry Things


Free Printables.

Cup cake wrappers, invitations, thank you notes, bunting, and much much more!

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Pirate Ship Birthday Cake Design

Sweet! How to make a pirate ship birthday cake with boxed cake mix....more

Don't waste your money on hiring someone to make a pirate cake. Do it yourself!

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Rice Krispie Pirate Pops!


Rice Krispie Pirate Pops!

Would be a great favor or snack.

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Fish Bowl Gelatin

Get Martha Stewart's Fish Bowl Gelatin recipe. Also browse hundreds...more

You could make individual ones for each child. How cute!

Krista: This is my favorite!!

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Shark's Blood!

Shark's Blood!

Simply put fruit punch in a clear punch bowl. Then add a toy shark!

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Treasure Hunt

Hunt for Jewels in the sand.

Bury "jewels" in the sand. Give each child a card with how many of each they need. When they get them all, give them a prize!

Eden Godsoe: I've seen this done at a couple of my kids' friends' parties and it works very well. So much better than a pinata!

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Shark "Photo booth"

Shark "Photo Booth"

Can serve two purposes! 1. bean bag or water balloon toss and 2. A photobooth! Take a picture of each child, and send it to them in their thank you card.

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Walk the Plank!


Party Game

If your party is in the warmer months, you could set up a "plank" for all the kids to walk.

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