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Phone Case Designs by Joan

by Joan, posted to Tech & Blogging

Show your personality with these phone cases I've designed and have listed on Society 6. Do you have a phone case that shows your personality? Suggest one below.

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Drumbeat iPhone Case by Joan McLemore | Society6

This design might pair up with a pair of jeans and boots........

It is an iPhone case for the boots and jeans personality.

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Damask in Orange iPhone Case by Joan McLemore | Society6

When you want to show your vivacious personality, this orange phone...more

Just because orange is fun!

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Monarch iPhone Case by Joan McLemore | Society6

This iphone case is for the nature lover.

To share personality in phone cases.

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Patina Blossoms iPhone Case by Joan McLemore | Society6

This phone case brings to mind a black tie affair or a candle lit...more

This list is to show how a phone case can reflect personality.

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Jungle Blossoms iPhone Case by Joan McLemore | Society6

For the woman that enjoys flowers.

An iPhone case for the romantic at heart.

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Boho Flair Art Print by Joan McLemore | Society6

The paisley design is also printed on fabric at Spoonflower. Here is...more

For a the downtown girl with a bit of bohemian style. Joan McLemore designed an iPhone case to suit a free-spirited heart.

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Technicolor Southwest Chevron iPhone by Joan McLemore

iPhone case by Joan McLemore

For the fashion conscious, that would like to have a trendy iPhone case.

Joan: Not sure why, but the URL is not bring in the image into the thumbnail. To view the design, simply follow the link.

Larissa: Hi Joan, I pasted the URL in the 'item field' and was able to add the item successfully with image. Can you try again? If it doesn't work, please provide the browser you're using so we can troubleshoot.

Joan: Got it!............I was dragging and dropping. So I copied and pasted instead. Not sure if that was it. Maybe I had missed a step in there somewhere. Thank You!

Larissa: yay, you're very welcome. you may want to update your question too and encourage your readers to suggest their favorite phone case designs.

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Tribal Chevron iPhone Case by designer Joan McLemore

Tribal Chevron iPhone Case

This phone case design fits right in with today's popularity for chevron designs. Just as any girl wants that stylish bag or shoes, the Tribal Chevron phone case extends that accessorized look to your phone case as well.

Claudia: Loving this case! Would love to see more suggestions to your list :)

Joan: Ah; just have gotten a minute to work up a few others. Add a favorite, if you have one and THANKS for the complementary review!

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Technicolor Southwest Chevron Art Print by Joan McLemore

Fine art print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag,...more

Suggested by Larissa

Love this design.

Joan: Thank you Larissa!

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Nomad iPhone Case

Suggested by SkinnyScoop Member

This one's my favorite, love the turquoise and orange!

Joan: Thank you Kate!

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