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Mod Podge Madness by JunkerNewbieSteph

by JunkerNewbieSteph, posted to Home

Feeling crafty? Looking for gift ideas? Want an easy low budget craft? Check out Mod Podge Madness!

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Junker Newbie: The Five Dollar Table

$5 table redo!

This table received a complete makeover with paint, sheet music and mod podge!

Eden Godsoe: This is amazing. My question - I am not a crafty person. Can I do something like this? I have a white table that has been destroyed by my kids (they do art work on it & it now has marker & pen all over it.) I've been looking for an idea to bring it back to life.

JunkerNewbieSteph: @Eden - yes! It's basically just gluing. The hardest part is making sure no bubbles are in it...I used old sheet music which is fairly thick and it worked great.

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Mod Podge Pumpkins

Easy mod podge pumpkins! perfect for your Fall decor

custom pumpkins using mod podge

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Easy Decorative Vases


Turn inexpensive glasses into beautiful, handmade vases in 60 seconds!

Custom vases using mod podge

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Photo frame mat covered in fabric.

Transforming a simply mat into something custom!

customizing with mod podge

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Mod Podge Mannequin

Want a fun project? Mod Podge something fun like a mini paper mache...more

Easy cool project, perhaps a great gift

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Mod Podged Lyrics

A great inexpensive way to create art with mod podge!

Mod podging lyrics

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DIY Tray by Prudent Baby

Get a customized tray just by using paper & mod podge!

mod podge for an easy project

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Sew Can Do: Quilted Cupcake's Mod Podge Suitcase Project

Got an old suitcase? Revamp it with mod podge!

Easy makeover using mod podge

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Transfer with Mod Podge


An easy technique using mod podge to transfer an image onto canvas!

All you need is canvas, mod podge and a free graphic!

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