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Just Be Friends-Your Ultimate Friendship Guide by justbefriends

by justbefriends, posted to Relationships

I offer advice and guidance to navigate the friendship waters.My background is Psychology where I studied the relationship between self-esteem and positive/healthy relationships. The foundation of all relationships is the strength of your core and how yo... More »

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How Do You Define Yourself

How we define ourself ultimately affects the types of friendships we...more

Well help you think about yourself differently..

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Just Be Friends Video

Gives a background to what Just Be Friends is about, enjoy!

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The Skinny of Friendship

Have you ever heard that friendships are good for your health? In...more

New spin on why friendships are vital to your health and should not be put on the back burner.

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Strong background in creating, inspiring and encouraging positive and healthy friendships. Researched the relationship between our self-esteem and positive friendships. Creating positive, healthy friendships are fundamental to your life!

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