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Stocking Stuffers for Men or Women by Kimy

by Kimy, posted to Gifts

Here are some fun stocking stuffer ideas meant for adults in your lives. The beauty products are geared more towards women but I think the rest of the items will be popular amongst both sexes. These should also work well for older teens. All the items listed are under $30.

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AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with zippered nylon tote bag and an Extra 350 Micro Filters (700 Total)

The AeroPress is an entirely new way to make coffee, American style or...more

My co-workers and I are hooked on coffee. When the coffee vendor changed to a less-than-stellar coffee we all wanted to make our own cup. I love this idea and clean-up seems so easy.

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Goldie CableKeep Light Blue

CableKeepsTM give your dull white transformer some personality and...more

Cute way to keep your cord organized for your iphone and it can also act as a charging pedestal.

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Jelly Lens Wide Angle Fish Eye for Camera Cell Phone


Know someone that loves snapping photos with their cell phone? Jelly lens provides different filters for their camera. This one is a wide-angle lens.

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BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer, Portable Keyring Breath Alcohol Detector

The BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer is a revolutionary portable...more

Help keep your loved ones safe with this breathalyzer keychain.

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Schylling Sock Monkey Baby Brown.

Who wouldn't love that face?

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HIPSTRIPES - Read My Hips!

Hipstripes is an irresistibly sexy new line of underwear for men and...more

Suggested by Hipstripes

Great stocking stuffer! Delivered in hipstripes striking packaging, ready to go as a great gift. Holiday Special 25% off all orders plus FREE shipping.

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Scrabble Magnetic Refrigerator Tiles

Know a Scrabble lover? These are the perfect things for their fridge.

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Tumble Trivet, Set of 8

A fun, space-saving way to keep your hot pots and pans off your table.

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WorkDarts Pushpins

Fun pushpins that look like darts. Love the bright, yellow color.

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8 GB Ninja Shape USB Flash Memory Drive

Your own little army of data ninjas.

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Mini Emergency Kit for Her

What it is:A 16-piece must-have beauty, fashion, and personal care...more

Emergency kit for her comes in this cute little bag with things like pain-reliever, mini sewing kit, clear nail polish and more. Perfect kit for weddings too.

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BDG Convertible Glove Awesome stuff for you & your space

I find convertible gloves fun. Takes me back to being a kid.

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Matryoshka Madness Ninja

Matryoshka Madness! Set of six nesting Ninjas! Don't mess with these...more

Everyone has a little ninja in them.

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Hue Womens Textured Diamond Tights

With the colder weather tights are a must to pair with your dresses. I like dark, sheer diamond tights because they add a little bit of flair but are still conservative enough to wear into the office.

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Toro Botlle Opener

I love that the corkscrew is the tail.

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Lucky Beggar Greek Coffee Cup Coin Purse Wallet

This is quite funny and I'm sure folks that love NYC will love it too!

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Kikkerland Photo and Card Holder with 8 Magnets

Let your photographer shine and have a personal photo gallery on...more

Cute way to display your photos in your office or cube.

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3D Puzzle Car

There's other cool puzzle as well like a biplane, a Japanese castle, and an elephant.

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Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones is the best choice for chilling a drink without ice. It...more

Perfect for the whiskey lover that doesn't want to dilute their whiskey with ice.

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Haiku Page Flags

Set of 375 Haiku Page Flags - Not-to-be-missed page flags mark...more

Very stylish and zen-like page flags!

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