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5 Favorite Fitness Classes by Kristine Fretwell

by Kristine Fretwell, posted to Health & Fitness

New to group fitness? Curious which class you should try? These are 5 of my favorites, add yours!

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Barre Classes

Suggested by Jessica Boscarini

Barre classes focus on doing small, concentrated movements to really work deep into the muscle. You definitely know that you got a good workout when you leave, mainly due to the shaking you feel in your quads as you walk out the door!

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Zumba Fitness 2

Suggested by Beatriz Sandoval

Love the Zumba Wii ! Gives you the total body workout you need.

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Two of our team members have joined this bootcamp and love attending...more

Bootcamp classes are never boring. It can be done indoor or outdoors, and every class is different. Great if you tend to get bored.

Jackie: I agree! It is a great way to stay motivated too because you are in a class with other people headed for the same healthy goal! Fit for Life Solutions is an especially awesome bootcamp class with amazing trainers and fun yet challenging classes.

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Indoor Cycling

A high intensity workout, yet you can go at your own pace. You're guaranteed a good workout, all you have to do is show up to class!

Claudia: This is my new favorite workout!

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TRX Suspension Training

The TRX System Professional, developed by former US Navy SEALs, is a...more

You can get the kit for at home, but these classes are popping up everywhere at gyms and rec centers. I love it!

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Good for the mind, body and soul!

Reduces stress, improves flexibility and get a great workout at the same time? That's the beauty of yoga...

Claudia: Love love love how I feel when I get out of this class!

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Kettlebell training has takes the fitness world by storm. In just a...more

Kettlebell classes are also gaining in popularity. Great way to build lean muscle and there is something fun about swinging a kettlebell around!

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